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This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Mister, can you tell me where my love has gone?
Wednesday. 4.23.08 1:22 am
So there is this song called Japanese Boy by Aneka.

It's been stuck in my head, prompting a trip to the Tubes of You.

The dancing with the parasols... ZOMG it is totally awesome!

Though, fake-Japanese woman you TOTALLY know that would stir up shit these days. :(

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Turn off your computer for (random reason)
Sunday. 4.20.08 12:25 pm
Along with the pretentiousness of "non-commercial" coffee-drinkers, there's the overlapping pretentiousness of people who are all 'zomg teh environments I am totally better than you because I buy carbon offsets and don't shop at walmartsez".

I notice more and more that there are "turn off your computer for a day" campaigns.
If I weren't in school and had my own place/job/etc, I'm pretty sure my computer wouldn't be on for a day more often than not. My telly would probably be off as well, since people OBVIOUSLY need to turn off the tellys and go outside since, as everyone knows, Americans are fucking humongous because zomg we are lardasses. :( (maybe the feds should take 15 dollars from the stimulus checks and buy every citizen this)

Oh noes, it's earth day! Turn off your computars! Yes, I will turn it off and fail my classes. Thanks.

The dining hall on campus is doing away with trays this week as a "we want to see if people waste less food, so it's better for the environment" shill. I almost rather understand that, and I guess it's better than those damn creepy carrot signs, but if they've already paid for the trays, what are they going to do, auction them off? Are they going to take the trays out of everywhere on campus? Or just in one of them, because it is all you can eat. Hrm. It seems fishy, but probably because I am very distrusting of the school. I guess it makes sense to be in the all you can eat place, because you're only paying for going in, and not the amount of food you are eating...but if you get something and don't like it (as I do often), that's just another unwieldy plate to balance on the way back.

Maybe they're trying to train us all to be like those wait-persons that balance 15 plates across their body.

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Today I've learned
Friday. 4.18.08 9:27 pm
that drinking Starbucks coffee, regardless of not you actually like the COFFEE, makes you a corporate whore. Even though the coffee is 7-11 coffee, there apparently isn't much difference between being a Starbucks-coffee-drinking-corporate-whore and a 7-11-coffee-drinking-corporate-whore. Go figure. I'll have to go to the yardsale and buy the espresso machine and the 4 cup manual brewer... so I won't be so darn copro-tacular. (yes, I do mean the prefix Copro-.) Then I can grow my own free-range 10,000,000% organic not-harvested-by-small-children-or-animals-or-illegal-immigrants free-trade(can't forget that!) no-preservatives-added roasted-5-femtoseconds-before-brewing-in-a-uselessly-expensive-roaster-and-then-ground-for-10-femtoseconds-in-a-uselessly-expensive-grinder coffee. Or better yet, I can go to one of the MANY local shops that are totally full of themselves, and get a cup of coffee there. Yes, that is what I will do.

Instead of asserting my pretention by going to 7-11 because it is closer and their coffee is cheap-ish and not half bad, or going to Starbucks and paying 2.15 for not 2.15 worth of coffee, I will start walking to all of the far away-local-indie-stuck up-superiority complex-ZOMGAH CORPORATIONS ARE EVILE-tacular shops. The kind where I need to be wearing something made of hemp to get in, and have a combo of at least 15 anti-(bush/war/corporation) pro-band save-the-pandas salvar-la-bahia bumperstickers on my super-duper gas-guzzling heap from the 1960s.

Also, some people have fucking obnoxious laughter.

I'm 99% sure that after this semester, when most everyone has graduated, I will probably just disappear. It'll be like high school all over again. I'm fucking tired of "zomg I am better than you"/"zomg it is not really like that"/"zomg i am sooooo awesome(and not in the healthy self-esteem sort of way)" bullshit. I'm really tired of just rolling my eyes and not saying anything. Though, now that I think about it, I'll still have my nutang... that I plan to keep, so if people cared enough, they could stalk me... but I probably wouldn't reply. Oh well.

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Confessions of Someone who Confesses things.
Friday. 4.18.08 3:31 pm
I figure now is an opportune time to use this title, it's been swimming about for a while.

The rampant "popularity" of these "n Confessions of a (profession) worker" sorts of post-things were interesting at first, and now they are just old and played out. :( I don't care what Bob down at "John's boobie shack" has to confess about the mammography industry.

So here is a confession that is more of a gripe.

It always annoys/bothers me when I see people, and they are all "zomg you has weight loss?"

There's something always so... disturbing about it. I'm not sure if it's that people are paying attention to me and my person, or that there's always this eerie congratulatory vibe under it... I don't know, but I'm not fond of it.

Maybe I got too used to my mom going on about how I was fat and blahblahblah.

Anyway. No matter who does it, it bothers me. Sure, from two years ago I am markedly smaller. From recently, no. Most people have seen me in more recent times than two years ago, so my size shouldn't be a topic of discussion. (another thing that bothers me, the usage of "did you lose/gain?" I don't know, did I? What am I losing/gaining? There's something terribly cultish about that form of speech.)

I think I'm going to start answering whenever someone asks if I've lost weight I'm going to answer with either taking off something like a bag or such "why yes, yes I have" or answering "well, yesterday I was n, today I am n+/-1, so yes/no, yes I have/no I haven't". Maybe I'll reply with "yes, I've been looking for it, do you know where it managed to get off to?"

I mean, people like to get into "zomg you are looking good" was I looking bad before? Was this weight that has somehow gone missing making me hideous? It confuses me. :(

It's like all of the people who were telling me that my mom was insane, judging my value as a person by my weight, but then they are doing the same thing... blah.

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Veggie cakes!*
Thursday. 4.17.08 9:11 pm
I saw an ad advertising veggie cakes by morningstar farms.

Veggie cakes, odd. Are they highly processed carrots and beets and such made into a confection, with tons of added chemicals? Do they come in flavors other than chocolate? What is this veggie cake?!

So I click on the link. Veggie cakes are not at all a confection, but everything American companies think of as "asian cooking" (or southwestern, but the ginger teriyaki sounded tastier for now, and kroger didn't sell the southwestern ones) tossed into a patty. Well, everything "asian" except for broccoli, sugar snaps, and cauliflower. Sticky rice, garlic, edamame, ginger, teriyaki, bok choy... water chestnuts...oh, and red peppers, if there's anything Asians like more than broccoli, it's red peppers... the capsicum kind, not the chili kind.

I spent most of today fretting over whether or not kroger sells these damn veggie cakes that are something I could probably make myself.

They did, and I bought them. I used my skillet, which now has a slightly burned bottom :( because the kitchen is disgusting. :(( They were rather small and looked like veggie burgers, but ricier.

After 15 minutes, it was done. No fragrant smells of teriyaki or ginger, sadly enough. Just... a plop of "Asian". It's like I walked up to random or Yan and sliced off a chunk and put it on a plate. >.<

It's bland... I really think I could make something better, especially if I used fresh ginger and more water chestnuts and more teriyaki. I'll have to try my hand at it. It'll be like a pan-fried-ish onigiri. I don't see what's stopping me, other than needing to go buy a new bag of rice.

I totally want a rice dispenser for my house.

Oh well, time to clean the skillet-pan.

OOooh I forgot I got a bike today. Bright yellow, it has a bell and a light and a book rack, and my feet touch the ground so it is perfectly safe for me! It was only 5 dollars. I'm probably going to ride it around town when I am bored. WHEEEE*dingding*

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Woohoop!(or, I am a Tool)
Wednesday. 4.16.08 10:01 pm
So I went outside and hula hooped.

I was blowing bubbles, but people glared at me.

Hula hooping got a much friendlier reception. Some guy on a bike wanted to take my picture, and eventually, a Roanoke Times reporter came by and talked to me for a bit. I figured why not, he was coming off campus to avoid the craziness, and seemed like a decent guy. So I didn't yell at him. I figured the media could use some pictures of people "prevailing".

The picture. BTW, it's not my house, it's Dave's...

Hey mas, it didn't get spun! :D

It was a very nice day, I've spent the past year remembering, there's nothing special about today comparatively aside from being a year. Yup, time to go out, get dolled up in my "We will prevail" gear, and boohoo and sob like I am totally super affected. I mean, I watched so many people come and go, and it looked like they were just doing what was expected of them. Ok, something bad happened a year ago, let's go act like we are still totally torn up and such, put on some "we will prevail"/vt colored orange and maroon shirts. The same people who pull the "well, I'm buying the shirt because it's related, and I'm wearing it because I"m out of laundry..." (hypatia shirts? :D) Like I said in my last entry, most of the people I know who are one or two degrees away from a someone are staying away from most everything. Why people think shirts and candles and craziness are needed "to remember", I'll never know.

I'd really like a shirt that says "I'm prevailing, go away". This "we will prevail" business makes it sound like the whole school is in a funk and won't ever come out of it. Ok, maybe there is still some funk, it's a year later, no one knows anything, people still aren't really stepping up and saying "yeah, our bad"(even though I hate the phrase "<-pronoun-> bad"), and people are still attempting to demonize Cho and his family. Just recently there was a CT article that seemed surprised that NIU wasn't facing any lawsuits. Perhaps I'm odd, but there's a difference between a "oh shit guy stopped taking meds and suddenly did this" and "oh shit we totally let this guy slip through the system unchecked, and failed to act efficiently when there was 'fair' notice". Stupid CT.

April 16 in Blacksburg shouldn't turn into a day of shutting down/oh shit/wehhhhh, but it shouldn't turn into something like memorial day... hey! people died, let's grill! Though, this early afterwards, it seems the thing to do, just to stay away from the bullshit. Especially on a nice day. There's only but so much mourning to be done, and then it falls into reflection and such. When you're done mourning, you're done mourning. I should have told silly floral design girl that.

Also, I started to feel bad that the picture was "lookit me I am having fun!" but then there are girls tanning on a roof down the street. Then again, what better way to say "I am prevailing" than enjoying the day. Ok, at least the tanning girls have a ribbon... I don't even have that. I'm awful. :(

Sometimes I feel a bit tooly going on about "zomg it happened get over it move on", but at the same time, I'm not saying "zomg forget about it, don't remember", but "zomg don't let it hold you back, don't let it happen again". Like I said earlier, you're done mourning when you're done mourning, that's not going to change. Now that I think about it, I don't feel tooly about today. WTF TOURISTS!? MEDIA?! WHY?! I don't think tourists are needed because it's the anniversary of something awful... sheesh. Tourists. Now I'm annoyed. Tourists!!! ...GAH! This is really bothering me. I think this explains why I am so distrusting of people regarding this whole... set of events. Fucking tourists.

Today's shit list is short, as I have avoided most media. On my list is MSNBC for having a "how much do you remember?!" quiz, WTF (Dave told me about it, I refuse(d) to even look at it, I'm never reading MSNBC again), and floral design girl.

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