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Course reviews
Thursday. 5.1.08 12:43 pm
It's the time of the year to do course reviews. WOo.

They've decided to put them all online, which I find to be annoying. Sure it saves trees, but damnit, it's so much easier to do when they give you a sheet of paper.

So you have three surveys to fill out, they only let you fill out one at a time.

You can't have all three running, so you can tab back and forth between them and "compare them to other classes you've taken at Va Tech", as they like to put it, no.

You go through all the bullshit of filling out one of the simultaneously open reviews, get to the end and WHOA! ERROR! so the 10 minutes you just spent filling out a damn survey are wasted. There isn't even a "don't try filling out more than one at a time" warning. What crap.

Now that I'm done bitching about the administration of the surveys, I'm going to bitch about the surveys.

It always annoys me that they ask you to label your gender and ethnicity. I assume this is because it is more often than not that I am the only black female (african american, as they like to say, UGH) in a majority of my classes. So even though the surveys are "anonymous", should the race/gender statistics be given along with the answers, then it's totally fucking obvious who I am. WTF. I need to find someone to complain to about that, as every year I have griped about it.

Either I'm the only girl or the only "african american" or combo of the two, more often than not I am the "quota meeter", the minority minority.

I guess I'm taking it too personally, but for any girl in the department, and generally any minority... it's obvious. Girl in fields, they'll know who she is. Mas, they'll know who she is. VLSI, ok, there was me and Alina, a little bit more difficult. Except maybe not.

You know I'm annoyed when I am pulling out the "ZOMG I'M CALLING THE DIVERSITY GROUP!", but seriously. What is the point of an "anonymous" review if you put identifying information on it?! Sheesh. Why don't I just email the teachers and tell them what I think point-blank?!

The reply: "
It is not a requirement or necessary that one complete the demographic information on the survey; therefore, you could just leave that section blank.".

No. I can't leave the section blank. The dropdowns either day "Male/Female" or "African-American/Hispanic/Not hispanic white/other/???". There is no option to leave it blank. You can default to an african-american male (yes, that won't be obvious at all, an african american male? Maybe the girl just checked the wrong one)...

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Wednesday. 4.30.08 1:28 am
So I'm going to be "old" soon. Not break-my-hip or here's-your-pills-and-applesauce/pudding old. Not even mortgage-$8k-debt-2.1-kids-white-picket-fence-dog. Almost 9a-5p-daily-grind-stop-mooching-off-of-your-parents-old. Definitely creaky-snappy-droopy old. :(

This bothers me.

I don't need wrinkle creams, if anything I need acne cream. I don't ne-ok, maybe I could use a few extra joints. My back aches, and I make all sorts of crazy noises.

My cholesterol, I should watch that. My Blood pressure, thank heavens, no.


I find myself wondering what to do fashion-wise. I am not "young" and teen-y anymore, but I am not "old" and .. whateverly either. I guess technically, I would be a "miss", but most shops either have "junior"/"teen" or "women's"/"adult or perhaps very large female, depending".

I've realized that I could wear so much more than black shirts and jeans/pants (but not quite shorts), but now I feel rather silly wanting to go out to buy clothes. The internets show people in a similar age bracket, fashioned up, buying their fashions from everywhere. I would *love* a hot-topic-tacular skirt. Yes, I don't shop at hot topic any more. There are better ways to spend my (or my parents') money.

I also figure, even though I love that style of skirts/pants (I'm a pocket-whore, the more the better), something says to me "you're not in high school anymore, don't buy it". There's also the "You're going to be a 'real' adult soon, you'll 'real' adult clothes. None of this fancy chain-y goth-y rave-y cargotacular stuff" thoughts going through my head. Not to mention that I generally dislike hot topic nowadays, except to look at the discount rack and grumble that everything is made for teenytiny teenytinies.

I'd love to go shopping in fancy little stores or so, and perhaps buy a pair of this and one of that... I would love a pair of trouser jeans/pants. I'd feel ridiculous going to buy them. :( It doesn't help that I'm built weirdly for almost anything. I want cutesy "not-old"/"in style" clothes, I am too round. I want boring old... boring clothes, perhaps I am not round enough.

Maybe I should be the next Hitler. I remember there being a story about his moustache, how one of his advisers said "but it's not the style, people will make fun of you!" To which Hitler replies: "When I am Führer, it will be the style!" I can't find any reference to such a story, but I love it. I could make my own damn style, then.

What do I do? My mom was never that ... fashion-foward. Maybe I'll continue wearing black shirts and pants/skirts. Oh well, maybe I will just shop in whatever section strikes my fancy and flatters me.

I could only shop at thrift stores, where there is only "womens" and "childrens", and not "juniors"/"misses"/"women's"/"large women's", and help the community. It'd also be more wallet-friendly.

Maybe I'll wait for the recession to seriously set in, so it will be the style to be fat. I'm sure by that point, I could wear all of the "zomg I am totally rich" castoffs.

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WHOA! Chemistry.com!
Sunday. 4.27.08 11:20 pm
Ok, I'm watching Bravo, Law & order ci is on. It's better than working on fields.

Then, of course, being TV, there are commercials. Not just any commercial, a totally gay-riffic match-making commercial!

Chemistry.com, making fun of people and their irrationalities with cilantro, you rock. Irrationalities with "normal" foods, pandering to homosexuals... totally awesome.

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Sunday. 4.27.08 2:00 pm
The ghetto, it improves!

There is going to be laser tag and a rock-climbing wall!

Though, being the area it is, they're only updating the food court, and not taking out all of the redundant stores that all same the exact same shoes and hats and clothes. It's a small mall, so there's no need for 6 stores that sell the same thing. :(

Also, what with the area its in... they're gonna have to watch out for the shiftless so and sos that will probably ruin it.

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Saturday. 4.26.08 11:19 pm
I went shopping today, because I needed more cups of fruit and such.

I decided I wanted some nuts. I don't like to get anything with peanuts, because peanuts always ruin a nut mix. Stupid filler peanuts.

I found this crazy nut-rition digestive health mix, with granolas and dried cranberries and cherries. It's too damn tasty, I'll have to keep buying it. Maybe. I don't like that the granolas are HFCS-tastic, I prefer my nuts and such to be nutty ... maybe with some honey. It's like eating cereal that they got the proportions wrong in, where there are more nuts and berries than there are granolas. It might go pretty well with some yogurt.

There are 3g fiber in a serving, I think almonds by themselves have 5gfiber... Ok, maybe not, calorie count says 1 serving of almonds has about 4g fiber. Oh well.

But before that, I found sparkling green tea ginger ale, so I bought it. I hate buying soda nowadays, because I realized that it never really made me feel all that great, and again with the HFCS bullshit, either way I realized that bottled drinks are generally too sugary, so I buy a soda, take a sip, and make the most entertaining faces ever. Either way, I buy the soda, maybe take two cups worth of it, and the rest either goes to someone else or sits around forever and a day.

It's very green tea-y, not like the lipton bottled green tea I used to drink. Then it's ginger ale-y. It's not bad, Dave thinks it would be better cold, I like it as is. Oh well.

And what with this rice rationing, I should probably have gone to buy rice two weeks ago. Pretty soon it will be vogue to be fat, and here I've lost around 1/4 of myself, I will have to go find it, so I can be fashionable. Darnit.

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Friday. 4.25.08 11:34 pm
I have a sudden urge to do something with my hair, which currently looks like this.

I need to get the ends trimmed, but I don't want it straightened. I'd like some sort of braid-y style.

I wouldn't mind feed-in cornrows or a kinky twist, or even Senegalese twist(is hair in Senegal really like that?), but I had pixie/box braids, and the Senegalese and kinky are a bit too similar. I think I just want some good old-fashioned cornrows, but I don't want the back to look like this. I also don't want to pay 70-80 dollars for the feed-ins, and have them look like the thing from that movie... alien v predator? i don't know. Not to say anything bad about this lady and her hairstyle, but that's what I feel like when there's a bit of side projection of braids from my head.

I thought about yarn twist, but again, that's almost too close to the box braids I had. I guess I'd go with the Senegalese, but my hair... doesn't bend for anyone, so any style I buy won't last more than 2 weeks... :/ I guess I could get something done tomorrow and scrape until after robot galaxy... I don't want to pay 80 dollars for two weeks of hair.

I broke my broken comb today, I buy at least one a month. It's $3USD a comb, and sure, it's three dollars a month, but damnit that adds up. Can't they make a sturdier comb? I really like the comb, it isn't harsh in my hair, and when it's not broken (or breaking), it makes combing a breeze, wet or dry. It is totally better than those damn 25 cent combs that are "unbreakable", but you can play Mary Had a Little Lamb on, because they are so darn stiff, or the ones that just bend. It won't break, but it certainly won't get through my hair. I wrote them a slightly sad email, the are supposed to send me a complementary replacement product, but like my necklace, it has not gotten here yet. And I ordered the matching shirt on the same day payment went through for the necklace, and the shirt got here 4 days later and came from CA! Grrr. If the mailperson has stolen them, I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe I should file a complaint, these would make the fourth or fifth thing I've expected and not received in a year, and damn if one of the things I actually paid for!

I went short shopping today, tried on some delightfully garish shorts in both green and pink, the pink were hideous, the green reminded me of my Aunt. Not sure why, go figure. I tried on normal shorts, but zomg they were totally way too short, and my legs! oh god my legs looked sooo creepy. :( So I bought uber-preppy polo shirts instead. I'd love a maxi dress, but they're cut moreso for people who can go without feminine shaping and support products. Stupid tiny no-boob people.

Dear god, I need This shirt. Now. It is the most delightful and awesome shade of purple EVER.

If I had a Afghan Hound, it could get a matching style...

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