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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Kore ga!
Friday. 8.29.08 10:09 am
I don't quite remember how I found this... but it is creepy and hilarious. Hypnotizing, too.

Donald McDonald... made seizurey, and for those who didn't know... he is indeed Donald in Japan (it's under localisation (or with a z... I don't know. I get Bri'ish spellings and Murkin spellings confused... :( )) If you click on the link, at the very bottom of the page is a play-button, you can download the song by clicking on it.


Dave and I went to Red Robin last night, because Olive Garden was PACKED like a minivan full of Mexicans (I'll have to tell this story next). It was some kids birthday, and they had the Red Robin bird, and some people sing Happy Birthday to the kid in the tune of Alouette, which last I knew was a song about eating a sparrow. According to wikipedia, it's about plucking a skylark, but the crazy intent towards birds is still there. That bothered me a bit.

So, the minivan full of Mexicans story:
In my high school Spanish class, our teacher was from Colombia. For some reason or other, we would joke about the Mexicans in a minivan phenomenon, where you would look over while you were driving, and see a regular minivan crammed to the hilt with Mexicans. Our Spanish teacher never quite got this analogy, since we used it in place of "packed like sardines".

One day, he walks into class, and exclaims something along the lines of "I saw what you were talking about! I didn't believe it, but yes, I was driving next to a minivan FULL of Mexicans! I have no clue how they all managed to fit!" Of course, the class fell over laughing.

Also, the electric company stopped by today, because some guy in a house across the way is also having the same problems we are having. Wonder if his toilet flushes on its own too.

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Tuesday. 8.26.08 9:06 am
So, my electricity has been flickering wildly for the past ... two days. It wasn't doing that before. It'll be fine, and then it will drop, low enough to set off the UPS alarm.

Beep! Beeep! Beepbeep! Beebeep! ... Five minutes later: BEEP!

So we've unplugged the UPS. The power doesn't ease down into being low, it just goes, and then it suddenly drops.

There's also a lot of crows outside. CAW CAW CAW CAW. Because they're crows, you know. CAW! They like to fly at the window and pull up at the last second, scaring me. Mean ol' crows.

But! yesterday, I came back from class, and my toilet is flushing. There's no one inside, just me, but the toilet is flushing. Not constantly running like a leak, I lifted the lid and watched the tank refill.

I mentioned this to one of my friends, I told him about the crows this morning. He totally thinks that maybe my house is possessed or something.

There are also squirrels that like to sit outside and yell (now with examply goodness!). What about, I don't know.

Imagine if I could control both the crows and squirrels... I'd be unstoppable!

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Monday. 8.25.08 4:21 pm
So we have moved. We need to finish unpacking and buy a dining table-thing.There is this fancy schmancy dining set at Kmart that I absolutely love. They don't have a picture of it in black on the website, though.

I really want to buy it, but not for 199.99. Definitely not 250.00. It seems really sturdy, though, so maybe this weekend I will see if I am fully unpacked.

I am checking Sear's, what with my gift card and all, and they have a chair that costs more than the table! Sheesh.

My mom is trying to talk me into getting crazy expensive furniture, but she really likes the Kmart table as well. Someone mentioned Labor Day sales, so maybe it will go down to 175 or 150. If it does, I'm totally buying it.

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We're back to this again, it seems.
Monday. 8.25.08 10:31 am
So, between then and now, more people of questionable scruples have been joining NuTang and stirring up the poo with a broom handle.

It's sparked a ton of entries, this great comic by randomjunk (I love the dangling eyeball), more guidelines for noobs, a forum post on things we consider NuEtiqutte... and so on.

Firstly, I'd like to suggest that we go back to these entries, and tag them with something. Important Info, Good things to know, catatonicloki, lykfe, whatever.

Back in this entry, I enumerated a bit of the NuTOS.

Apparently, on Nuttz's entryWanna know what happened?, she goes into the most recent drama/poop-stirring, and at some point states that the broom-handled noob le_battement (shame!) said the following:

"I also don't understand why providing anime/manga links is such a big deal. They're still bringing in traffic, regardless if it's from posting boring blog entries about their life or selling heroin."

Well, I will say, having been on NuTang for a little more than five years, it upsets me to see people not respect communities. It upsets me when people figure that the rules don't apply to them, so they will completely violate the TOS, and when people begin to call them out on it, they whine. Not "oops, sorry", but "weh ur jelus" or "weh stfu" or "Go back to blogging about your cats and your first kiss and your lunch. All of these threats and this whining is getting pretty damn annoying." (says the whiner).

You know, I don't like it when NuTang is down. I don't like when NuTang is down because people are trying to scam it. I don't like it when NuTang is down because someone decides the rules don't apply to them, and end up abusing the awesomeness that is NuTang.

And in the end, when it comes to "hosting" anime/manga? Sure, they could be bringing traffic, but we ALL know what a great country the US is, and I for one don't want to see NuTang go away because some whiny person who doesn't understand that rules are around for a reason ticked off the feds.

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Saturday. 8.16.08 1:05 am
I woke up this morning feeling like ass. Boohoo-emo-time-of-month-my-goldfish-died-right-when-my-bff-told-me-to-gtfo-girl ass.

I went to see my advisor, and realized that I like rainy days when I'm feeling like ass, no one knows if you are crying. Well, if your eyes turn red when you cry... but otherwise, they don't know.

Then after dinner, Dave was watching something about UFOs and Area 51. It went off, and I turned to the local news. I realized that it was the exact same news I'd seen before, everywhere else.

I like to watch the news whenever I travel, to see what is going on where I'm staying. I stopped watching the local news, so it's almost like I was on a trip, watching the news of this foreign place. Then I realized: IT'S THE SAME NEWS!

Everywhere I go, a dog was trapped in a sewer, someone got stabbed, someone did something and local citizens expressed their outrage, someone asked the town vagrant his or her opinion, ooh, the weather and a few bad puns. Maybe some blurbs on "the war on turrism". Either way, everywhere I've been, the news has been the same.

Black woman, white male. Black male, white woman. Maybe some combo of Asian woman and non-Asian male (Asian including the whole continent, not just eastern). The woman could be any ethnicity, but her hair has to be VERY stiff. The men are pretty cookie-cutter too. It's pretty weird.

Interesting. Inspired by randomjunk to look for my page of hatred, I found Math homework.
Apparently I also have a tripod account. I think my page of hatred is in another angelfire acct, somewhere...

Ooh! How to make a PB&J assignment from 9th grade! I remember doing this, I had 37 steps by the end of class, and showed up the next day with this. Poor Mr. Richardson, shook his head and didn't know what to do.



Aww, DBFOS is gone. T.T Apparently bullets from the late 90s do not work in the late 00s. Go figure. Man. This page screams, yells, ululates "I am an angsty 13 year old! Grr!" Ok, 15/16, I'm talking about a class my sophomore year.

Oh god, the little blood gif? Totally 1998. I hate people who kill bugs. Interesting.

Somehow this hate-page was last edited in April 2002. Odd. I would have been... oh, 16 then. Just about to turn 17, in my junior year. I don't remember having this much hatred when I was 17. I really can't. 13, maybe. 8th and 9th grade were pretty rough. But after that, I thought it was a general "ugh, I hate people", and getting on with what I had to do...

I'm reading it and totally feeling the anger/hatred (or lividity, as I seemed to have enjoyed using) bubbling up, towards all of these people that I haven't seen in years, haven't thought about... But instead of wanting to punch things, I want to laugh. It seems like I thought it was totally super important, that there were these people that I couldn't stand, and wanted awful things to happen to. Ok, I had to see them every day except the weekends, they wouldn't leave me alone, even though I kept to myself, and damnit, I did hope that a plague would befall them.

I was totally the sort of kid that now-me would have said "Hun! calm down! it's not that big a deal, get over it. they'll end up dead/pregnant/bad off, and you'll forget all about them." That one chick who sat behind me, totally got shot... But this doesn't make sense, wait, yes it does. I was annoyed that everyone was trying to make her out to be a saint, and refused to remove my disdain towards her. 2001 means that this page has to be at least from 2000, because DBFOS was around with Madame Za Za's sex toy emporium...

Oh, how I wish DBFOS was still up.

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Code Spam.
Sunday. 8.10.08 8:02 pm
I received a spam with the following as the subject.

Subj:broth yakima alibi alterate patagonia

pinwheel blouse hibernia? crime, tier camp.
pinwheel polyglot processor scrupulosity osteoporosis vegetarian, marlowe
vegetarian credible regression gop jude.

microscopy arctangent midas

pharmacology marlowe blouse? catalyst, hex diatom.
processor regression gop jude martensite broth, camp
recuperate arctangent pharmacology involution folio.

recuperate microscopy scrupulosity

marlowe alterate osteoporosis? processor, pharmacology inhabitation.

spavin martensite.

Maybe it's a code? I don't know.

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