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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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A post!
Sunday. 6.23.13 1:19 pm
I am not continuing with the challenge for this post, I have exciting news!

Back in February, I took a fall while snowboarding. I thought that perhaps I'd sprained my wrist, because it was sore for a week or three, and then it was alright. I'd been doing everything I normally did, but in the meanwhile I'd occasionally have some pain/stiffness.

I decided I should get it checked out.

So the doctor was all "well everything feels normal, maybe you sprain/strained it, and the tendons are still irritated... we'll send you to someone so you can get some injections to help calm things down so it can heal".

Then she came back 20 minutes later. "You should come see this... we'll set up an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon".

Apparently, I broke the fucker. There's a nice little bit of bone where there shouldn't be, so I guess I'll have to get it shorn off or something. We'll see.

Good thing Dave's blown through our deductible this year.

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Facebook != NuTang
Saturday. 5.4.13 12:14 pm
So I will make a post here.

I was at stretching yesterday and noticed I was bleeding. So I went to Walmart to buy some bandages. I bought My Little Pony bandages, because they came in a tin and with 122 stickers. How could I say no?

I am not a brony. I watched three? episodes of MLP and found myself annoyed.

The first bandage I chose was for the one character I didn't like at all. Harrumph.

Today I sped angrily toward breakfast. It was 10.20, the breakfast was over at 11, and it was 20 minutes away.

We got there at 10.40, after I sped and cursed and cut people off to get to breakfast.

I don't want to eat for a while. T.T

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Monday. 4.29.13 8:41 pm
So I went to make birthday dinner reservations at Texas de Brazil.

My birthday, being so well timed, is smack dab between Cinco de Mayo and Mother's day. My chances of getting reservations are usually small.

Their website said no reservations.

So I called.

Oh, Oh, Oh. I got. Reservations!

I made some curry mashed potatoes w/ veggies. They are tasty.

Boss is on the path to be replaced with new-boss, I'm a bit sad. New boss is a great guy, and I'm not sure why I'm sad by old-boss leaving.

Since new boss is becoming new boss, now I get to do hardware too. Hopefully it's better training than software...

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Monday. 3.25.13 10:04 pm
I've been watching TV, and the past two nights there have been shows about swinging.

Now, I'm not saying swinging is not okay, that's fine and dandy. I just liked the closing to the episode.

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Saturday. 3.16.13 9:43 am
Anyone who knows me knows I like food. Except food.

This food page makes me think of randomjunk. I think it's the fruit leathers.

Right now I am at the snow mountain. I am tired of all these people going "I am in snow boots so I need to STOMP STOMP STOMP ALL HOURS OF THE DAY AND NIGHT!". Learn to walk, twats. Ugh.

These progressive commercials are getting creepy. Also, call me terrible, but for some reason I figured Flo would be smaller. LIke the local news-ladies. I have been poorly influenced by the media.

So yesterday, the satellite radio station was all "zomg Lil Wayne is circling the drain!". My knee-jerk response was "well I guess someone beat that pussy like Emmett Till..."

Oh! I found all three of the fancy Lay's. Then I found a lady giving out all sorts of samples, but she only had the spicy chips left, some Ranch Hotwing Doritos and Sriracha Lay's. So far, the Lay's are good.

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Oh boy
Sunday. 3.3.13 10:12 am
Those jokes in the comments were killer.

That's why I couldn't post yesterday.

I'm trying to clean my house, by removing all of the giant boxes.

My cats won't let me. :/ My house is destined to be dirty. And smell like poop. Thanks cats.

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