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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Velveeta... ewww
Thursday. 2.11.10 3:28 pm
There is currently a velveeta convo in the chatfoodbox.

A misreading inspired me to look for velveeta ice cream.

No luck...

Not really...

Not velveeta, but still special.

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Saturday. 1.30.10 4:50 pm
Here is the fucking weather at my house.

There is a crapton of snow out, so I decided that this time I would make snow cream.


Snow cream:

My milk had gone bad, so I used yogurt and hot chocolate mix...

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More crazy fuckers in Va. (plus comments!)
Wednesday. 1.20.10 7:04 am
I don't know if it's made the news, but there's another crazy fucker running around shooting people.

So I'm reading this, and thinking "Oh I wonder if this guy is in any way associated with Va Tech, especially after Fort Hood guy..." and lo, there is a blurb that says "The shooting come just under two years after Virginia was rocked by the fatal shooting of 32 people at Virginia Tech by gunman Seung-Hui Cho.", which, to my knowledge, has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this event. Also, it is under three years... Shootings were 2007, not 2008.


So the local news station has the following as comments:

Posted by rnkfarlow on January 19, 2010 at 10:36 pm

I know Chris Speight, I used to work with him. He has always been a bit unstable, but apparently has gone off the deep end. He has extensive tactical training, and lots of weaponry. I know this isnít going to turn out well for anyone involved, but I pray for the families of those he killed. And a pray God has mercy on his soul.

Posted by rnkfarlow on January 19, 2010 at 11:22 pm

I know whenever a situation like this occurs, when the person knows the suspect, they always say they canít believe what happened. I kind of can. Chris was always paranoid of the government. He used to work as a security officer in Lynchburg. Iím stunned more than anything else. But I know this man, and I know heís not going down without a fight. He needs to be stopped before he can hurt anyone else.

I like this rnkfarlow guy.

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Friday. 1.15.10 1:03 pm
Is it so hard to call and make a hair appointment?
I am dreading it, and I don't know why.
I washed my hair for it, I've got to give it a good oiling tomorrow, and remember not to scratch.

So I'm good, I just need to make the damn phone call!

Maybe it's because I haven't been in two? months. Almost three.
Maybe it's that I've got a good inch of nap that needs to be handled.
Maybe it's that I feel bad that the guy who I make appointments with is softspoken, so I can hardly hear him.

I don't know. What a bother. It's really irksome that I am flipping out over this. You'd think I was some tween calling that guy she's got a crush on for the math homework.

Also. Vote for barbie to be a computer engineer! Don't forget!

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How nice!
Monday. 1.11.10 7:25 pm
But first: Vote for Barbie to be a Computer Engineer! Do it!

So at my mom's, there is a cat, Foot.

She's been there for quite some time. She stays outside, because she won't come in, unless you pick her up and bring her in. When she first showed up, we tried to feed her cat food. Wet, dry, cheap, pricey, she wouldn't eat it. We bought her a dish, we tried a plate... she would not eat the cat food.

So we didn't bother buying her cat food or kitty treats, and since she stayed outside, we just put a new flea/tick collar on her, and she goes on her way.

My brother called me one day last week, telling me that someone had bought Foot some Friskies, and she was eating it. We couldn't figure out when she decided cat food was edible, or who had left her food and a new dish. I figured it was my crazy aunt; my mom figured it was my grandpa's lady-friend.

Mom calls me today, and in between giving me grief about my brother's college applications, she tells me that the plumber that is re-piping her house bought the food and the bowl for Foot. They enjoy her friendliness, so they figured they would bring her something.

In sad news, at this point in time I probably no longer have a drunken uncle. :( Mum says that they probably took him off of ALS around 4p. st:

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Why I don't visit home often.
Friday. 1.8.10 2:45 pm
Back to the tales of our favoritest person!

So she calls today, about my brother's SAT scores and starts RATTLING numbers at me, and what she should do about them, is it better than last time, blahblahblah

And apparently, replying "I'm not a walking calculator" is fucking offensive. Because you just rattled a shit ton of numbers at me, and the only way to compare them is to add them, and it is rude of me to tell you that you are moving too quickly, let me get to a pencil/paper or calculator.

Because I am in the looking for a job, I should not stay in my house, but theirs, so I can do all of their cleaning and errands and bitch work. Because we KNOW how healthy it is for me to stay there for an extended period of time. The week I did spend there was surprisingly smooth, and I am not trying to push my luck.

Because I am in the looking for a job, it is somehow MY responsibility to make sure my brother is applying/has applied/knows when to apply for college. I'm supposed to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, and if not, go find it out. They have computers with internet access, so why am I responsible for doing their research?

Because she "bent over backwards" for me. I'm not saying that she didn't fund my craziness, but I certainly took care of most of my own paperwork/admissions/etc, and really only needed her for funding. And so it is rude for me to be annoyed with her for calling and rattling off numbers and demanding to know what they mean.

And of course, because I am looking for a job (my brussels sprouts smell very much so like fart... yuck), I get to get guilted. Oh she thought I'd have a job and be helping her with my brother and blah blah blah. Wait, doesn't my brother have a dad? Oh wait, he spends his time whining. (Most of it, anyway. She wonders why I don't like to ask him for anything.)

Now I am supposed to fill out financial aid forms and applications for my brother. Because she filled them out for me. (Right, if by fill out you mean harass her for made up numbers from her 8-year-unfiled taxes... such a pain! I guess I can't complain, I have no loans or anything looming over my head, other than the need to get a job.)

Another thing, while I am venting. She calls me, and then has a conversation on the side with someone. I'm not on hold, she's just talking to this other person, like she's not on the phone. Then when she *does* put me on hold, it's for quite some time. I mean, it's not like I'm paying for the phone, but still. She can call me and bitch that I'm annoyed because she flings a crapload of numbers at me, but if I were to get annoyed with her for this, I'd be a horrible person.

And again, I'm being sent to gather information. She is sitting in front of a computer same as me (ok, I'll admit that admin rules can be a bitch), but seriously.

Then she suggests the local religious school. Oy. There is NO way I can say "no, don't send him there!" other than "I think that is stifling".

Then she won't let you finish talking. I dare you to do the same to her.

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