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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Worst. Essay. Ever.
Friday. 11.12.10 6:31 pm
So maybe a month ago, my brother wrote an essay for his psychology class.

He was convinced that they didn't read the essays, and just gave 100s for meeting the requirements.

I bet him a collectible if he got an A on it. He bet me dinner if he got an F.

The paper

I owe my brother a collectible. Yes, that is a link (in the paper, not above), which would be clickable had I uploaded the .doc file instead of the .pdf. I added the picture at the end, the grade which was awaiting my arrival to my phone.

Here is a clearer image of the grade.


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Saturday. 10.16.10 9:30 am
I'm still working on that 100 things. I hit a bit of a road bump.

The Jerks (fka Beasts) decided to break into the office and sabotage my computer.

So I got all sorts of excited, woohoo new laptop! Then I was cheap, and didn't want to spend 1200 on the setup I wanted. :( I couldn't find any better coupons. (Doesn't randomjunk's dad work for hp? Can he ... uh... get me a deal? :P)

Someone decides to tell me that I should probably buy health insurance before I buy a new laptop. Insurance will run me about 4k before any *true* benefit, 2100 for premiums + 1000 OOP + 1000 deductible...laptop runs me 1200 and two weeks of waiting.

I was going to buy it and then try to fix Fuhrer, but then decided to start by fixing Fuhrer.

I ripped apart Fuhrer, and realized I was going to need thermal compound, so I bought some.

I applied the compound, put Fuhrer back together, and now he works. I think he just reached the 25hr burn-in time for the compound.

Oh well, so much for new computer. Time to get back to working on my list.

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Oh dear.
Friday. 10.1.10 9:52 pm
So I was browsing reddit.

I found this gif while listening to

this song.

The following was made.

Mute the right for maximum effect.

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Thursday. 9.9.10 6:49 pm
So a while ago I said I wanted a marinara fountain at my wedding.

While I was complaining with my brother about my mom, I found a ranch fountain!

I can't have this at my wedding, lest she drain it dry.

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An attempt at unneglecting
Monday. 9.6.10 1:12 pm
I have been quite the slackass when it comes to making posts. So here is another.

The beasts have gotten large. Charlie was a runt but now he's really just a jerk. Jazz Hands has lost most of her white fluff. Ah well.

Yesterday they were napping in the chair, and Charlie was dreaming. He's there, so far asleep his eyes have rolled open, twitching, and I'm worried he may be seizing. So he does this for a while, and suddenly he starts growling. While asleep. What an indoor kitten has to growl about while dreaming, I'm not quite sure. Maybe he still thinks he's the runt and wants to beat up Jazz Hands, even though she's smaller now.

We watched Inglourious Basterds yesterday, it was alright. However. I will include someone's parody of the Menu Screen from the DVD, as the music was damn catchy and made me do a jig. Sadly, the Nazis in the movie were not like the pretty-Nazis in the WWII movies shown on AMC. Ah well.

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Saturday. 9.4.10 1:33 pm

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