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Friday. 5.26.06 7:25 pm
Donald Trump and Stinkerella have been munching on my cereal.

Sily kittens, honey bunches of oats with strawberries is for humans!

Sheesh. And then stinkerella licks the bowl. Greedy punk.

I love how people seem to think I know everything.

And when I haven't done anything at all, they ask how much they owe me. If I've known them forever, and I'm sure they've done all sortsa things, why should they owe me something?

Like my neighbor. He had some odd stack overflow issue. A few reboots and it was gone. He asked what he owed, and I'm like, wtf? why do you owe me anything? As much as I stayed over here and ate all of your food when I was younger, you don't owe me anything.

Donald Trump is terribly cute.

I do believe I'm going to head up to teh Joisey, I remember my parents being all "if you're going to dash away (as I am known for doing), to let them know where you're going." So: "ma, pa, im going to joisey. bbiaw." I'll bring coby back a burger.

But then they'd want to meet Dave. :/ I don't know about that. I mean... sheesh.

Hahahahaha on this show "my gym partner is a monkey" one of the lunch options was twigs and berries.... *snicker* I wouldn't mind some of that....

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Friday. 5.26.06 10:14 am
So I was driving along, thinking of the time I got Dave to stop and let me move a turtle out of the street.

And I see a turtle in the street!

So I stopped, picked it up, got hissed at, and moved it to the grass.

Then some guy honked at me all "I was just coming back to do that"

That's nice, but perhaps by then poor turtle would have been turtle crepe.

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Road Trips..
Saturday. 5.20.06 1:22 am
So Tamm0rz got a Tamm0bile.

We took a trip to 7-11. Five times.

The ministinkes ate my headphones, so I got new ones. They're blue, and quite nice.

They don't hurt, they feel nice, and they sound great as well.

Woot for 10 dollar earbuds.

I heard the creepiest song on the radio the other day, it was the original, too.

The chorus goes: I'm in heaven... with my boyfriend, my lovely boyfriend...

It bothered me for some reason. I think because it reminds me of random obsessed people I know who would actually write a song that goes like that.

Apparently said creepy song is Genius of Love... *twitch*

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Tuesday. 5.16.06 10:51 pm
So I got pissed and left.

Spent the night at Tammay's.

Caught Twyl0r to teh burg and am hanging out here for a few days.

Heading back to the ghetto tomorrow, but I don't quite think I want to go there.

Maybe I'll find some place else to crash.

I love how if I eat, I get shit, regardless of whether or not I've not eaten for the past year.

I love how if I don't eat, I get shit, regardless of if I'm not hungry and am feeling nauseated by the thought of food.


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Mother's day... what bullshit.
Monday. 5.15.06 12:27 am
Mother's Day pisss me the fuck off. It seems most people think that popping something out of your cunt entitles you to something.

I didn't ask to be popped out of your cunt, why should I give you something when you popped me out and then were a bitch?

How stupid.

So I walked out, because mum was being her usual self, and went to Tammayz. I thought about going back, but when my dad left a "just because youre 21 doesnt mean..." message, I said fuck it and haven't gone back.

It's not about me being 21. It's about my mom being a goddamned fucking cunt and me being tired of it. Just because she popped me out of her cunt doesn't mean I'm suposed to grovel at her feet while she treats me like shit.

There's only so much a person can take.

Fucking cunt.

Skippy is a craaaazy dog.


Teehee, there was a guy on HGTV named David K...

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God Fucking Damnit.
Sunday. 5.14.06 2:36 pm
I hate this woman.

She beats a fucking dead horse, fucking 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365/6 days a fucking year.

She's beat the fucking horse so much, that it's a bloody pulp.

I wish she'd shut up and go the fuck away.

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