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Thursday. 6.29.06 3:12 pm
I was in family dollar today.

And this guy walks buy.

Says hello, and gives me that... look, and goes mmph.
The "I think I'm flattering you by looking at you so rudely, but really I'm just creeping you the fuck out" look.

The look that only *one* person is allowed to give me.

I figure I'm just being paranoid, and walk back to where I was going, he walks buy, and fucking MOANS!

What the fuck kind of shit is that????!

It was sooo fucking disgusting and creepy, I felt incredibly dirty. It's not like I was skanked up, or wearing my traditional "Jess likes showing off her boobs" clothing, I was wearing a pair of workout capris and my "watch me amaze you!" shirt.

So, for just about the first time ever in my life, I scurried to mom, and stood as close to her as I could, so scary creepy dude would step the fuck off.

Funny, mom was all "who's after you???" I told her in the car, she said she'd seen.

God damned creepy ghetto black folk.

Making animal noises at me is *not* attractive when I have no clue who the fuck you are.

(Of course, none of this applies to a certain someone, who can make whatever noises he wants... :P Just don't start... yodeling or something)

No pimpmobiles today, I saw a sky blue small penis spoilered eclipse and a low-rider accord with a buncha stickers on it. Ugly, tacky stickers.

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Thursday. 6.29.06 12:50 am
I totally forgot that Shonan Jun-ai Gumi was being published on the 13th... I needa go to the comic book store.

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Today's Pimpmobile.
Thursday. 6.29.06 12:36 am
I was taking a walk, and aside from the horny bastards down the street who are too stupid to realize that they are very underage and that I am very of age yelling at me, I saw the most awesome pimpmobile yet.

A guy.

On a bike.

With a stereo playing loudly.

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Wednesday. 6.28.06 3:53 pm
She won't stop bitching about the fucking piano. blahblahblahthisthat other.

Well you know what? I didnt' say I wanted to do it.

I told you I wasnt keen on the idea in the first place.

So you know what, if it's that big a deal, you can fucking do it.

Stupid woman.

It's not polite at all to volunteer people for things.

Dad seems to have something bite-y in his car.

And at Curves, some woman said my name was a "white" name.

However the fuck that works.

I guess that since I'm black, my name should be something like clickclickblooddyclickwokkawokkarammalamadingdongshaqueishika?
Probably fleas.

::shakes head and rolls eyes::

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Tuesday. 6.27.06 11:25 pm
I'm feeling fat and unsassy.

I think the next two days will be "no soup for you!" days.

Speaking of feeling fat. There was some guy walking by curves... and he puts his face up to the window and tries to look in!

What a twat!

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Today's Pimpmobile.
Tuesday. 6.27.06 12:44 pm
Ok, I think my goal for getting to 160 is going to be a camera.


So I can upload all of the silly cars I see on the road.

Todays laugh: an Astro van, painted blue, with little flames/waves lapping along where a pinstripe would be if you were to put one on there.

The license plate? MS DEEDS.

My dad needs to clean his room. If he did, I bet the number of fleas would drop.
But no, god forbid he clean his room.

While I was waiting for mum's car to come back from being aligned and oiled, this lady said I sounded like her niece... from Louisville...

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