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I love the Roanoke Times...
Tuesday. 8.15.06 5:25 pm
Every time I read it, there's some odd racist article.

Last year, it was how children with "ethnic" names were less likely to succeed.


White girls get eating disorders.

Oh Roanoke Times... You amuse me.

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I'm going. To cut. Somebody. . Hard.
Monday. 8.14.06 6:05 pm

I got my key.

When I was at lunch, the lady called. So I went to get said key after lunch.

After work, I went to go check out my room.

Guess what.



I'm writing an angry email to both Ken Belcher and Anne Sheppard.

This isn't fucking ridiculous.

It's fucking ricockulous.

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Almost 10am...
Monday. 8.14.06 9:44 am
And no key.

I didn't really expect them to have it this early, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to try.

The lady is supposed to give me a call when they wrangle it.

Meaning I'm going to have to ditch on training for a bit.

Not my fault they can't keep their shit together.

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Holy shit. Seriously (TMI ahead)
Sunday. 8.13.06 10:06 pm
Perhaps there was a reason I was so hesitant to eat at Taco Bell over the summer.

For the first time in my life

I can say

I've got

The TB shits. (Taco Bell, not Tuberculosis)

Maybe it's the ice cream.

Either way, this isn't really fun at all.

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Loved and patient.
Friday. 8.11.06 4:09 pm

Went to move in today.

No key.

Go to Eggleston.

No key.

Sit for a bit.

No key.

Apparently, I'm the one (1) person that was affected by the summer transition housing.

I can't move in until Monday, at the earliest, it seems.


Then the lady told me I was incredibly patient.



I thought I was the most impatient person in the world.

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Hrm. Parenthetical Entry.
Tuesday. 8.8.06 12:22 pm
That's it.

I've lost patience with people telling me that I (who I, and others, have said should be the poster child for patience) need to be patient.

Because I need to be patient. You know, me who thinks that patience is one of my biggest faults.
Usually when I snap, I've put up with the problem for a veeeeery long time.
Brother being an ass? Two weeks.
Friend being a whore? Years.
Cousin being a two-faced somethingorother? More years.
Parents being ridiculous? Life.

The people who tell me to be patient?

Can't be bothered to wait for five fucking minutes without whining.

Cuss at everything, because it's not going their way.

Complain because they've sat at a drive through speaker for more than 30 seconds, or god forbid, have to wait in a line.

Etc., etc., etc.

Sure, I have my moments of impatience. I find these come when I know something shouldn't be taking as long as it is. Like pulling out into traffic, or waiting in line at Wal-mart. Or sitting through V for Vendetta. Man, that was one ridiculously long and somewhat boring movie.

At least when I'm feeling impatient, I try not to complain unless there's good reason. Like having to sit out in 95+ degree (F) weather waiting half an hour for someone (mom) to come outside. Even if someone else complains, I just nod civilly and mind my own business. Now, mind you, if I'm expecting an important package (computer), need it asap (beginning of semester), and the delivery company (UPS) can't get their ducks in a row, then I'm going to be impatient, especially after waiting 6 months and wading through tonnes (yes, metric) of bullshit just to get the thing. I've even had people tell me that I was ridiculously patient with Best Buy, who was busy fucking me over.

I've lost patience with impatient people telling me I need to be patient.

I'm going to kick them all with a steel-toed boot.

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