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100 Words
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100 Words
Day 26
4.4.07 at 10:36 am
The sweetest thing happened yesterday. I took a friend out to eat at her favorite Chinese buffet where my mom and I are regulars. Their are a couple regular servers there that just love Aubree. Well Jackie was there last night. He came over to talk to Aubree like he normally does, asked where my mom was at then told me he’d be right back. He came back with a Care Bear that came with a Care Bear cartoon for Aubree. That was just very thoughtful of him. It reminds me that their are still some nice people out there.

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Day 38
4.16.07 at 8:29 am
It has been another 2 weeks. Know what that means? I get to go to town today. I have gotten my money, which gives me the opportunity to go to the store. Today I need to get diapers for Aubree, and some juice for her too. I need cough drops. Then I’m seriously considering taking us to that Chinese buffet again. It costs $20 for me, the boyfriend and Aubree to go. If he’s not home, though, then I might just take me and Aubree by ourselves. We’ll see. I want it so bad I can almost taste it. Mmmm.

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Day 57
5.5.07 at 8:37 am
Last night was… eventful. I wasn’t really in all that of a good mood and I don’t know why. I just felt generally grumpy. So I hoped that going shopping would cheer me up. It did, a little. I wasn’t able to get a MP3 player, though. They were sold out, which I suspected they might be. The ad comes out on Wednesday, and they’re always “sold out” by Friday.

I did go out to eat though. Yummy foods always cheer me up. Yummy and totally unhealthy foods, anyway. I got a small steak and some shrimp noodle mixture. Yummm.

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Day 105
6.23.07 at 11:33 am
I recently bought this yummy trail mix that’s called “indulgent” and believe me, I know why. It has chocolate and white chocolate chips in it with peanut butter chips. Then their were cranberries, raisins, almonds peanuts and cashews. Sooo darn good. I think my favorite part of it, besides the chocolate and PB chips, were the cranberries. I love dried cranberries. I would buy dried cranberries, but they’re very expensive for a tiny bag. At least the Indulgent Trail Mix has a lot of everything I love. My second favorite is peanut butter chips. Makes me drool thinking about it.

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Day 137
7.25.07 at 11:02 am
On the days I don’t have anything to talk about, I wish I had something preset to use, lol. Well, there is something I can talk about. 2 days ago I went out to eat with Aubree because I had a bit of a craving for the Chinese restaurant around here and the funniest [or maybe gross, it depends on what you think] thing happened. I was eating one of their yummy muscles when I bit something crunchy. I spit it out to find a mini crab had been in my muscle! It was so weird that it was cool.

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