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Friday. 2.19.10 1:45 pm
Because this is maybe too weighty? ranty? heavy??? (after the fact, weighty was not an intended pun, but now it is. As was heavy... :D ) for the shoutfoodbox, I will put it here.

What is the issue with women telling me about their caloric intake?

Seriously. People I know and completely random strangers!

Today I am getting the oil and such changed in Dave's car, and this random woman is telling me how hungry she is, but she doesn't want to waste her calories on the peanut butter crackers in the vending machine.


I shit you not, the word "calories" came out of her mouth. WHY is this word becoming part of daily public conversation?! With strangers?! What in the hell?! (Interrobang?!) Keep it in your head, your diet book, in science class, but FFS I don't want to hear about your eating.

I totally agree, if you're hungry, you want to eat something worthwhile. But if you're HAWNGRAY (or hangry), eat something! If it is not what you want, or if you're on a diet, don't go around saying "well the calories!" and then complain that you're hungry. If you're on a special (no-x-for-fear-of-intestinal-distress-or-death) diet, then you're well within your liberty to not eat whatever you can scrounge. Usually in that case you're going to carry around an oh-shit-I-need-sustenance bar or bag or something.

But just as a random person going on about calories? Do you realize that maybe it's not the calories you should worry about, but the other crap? You know, the dyes, HFCS, allergens, frogs...

I can understand if you are recovering from a disease that requires you to eat a certain amount per sitting/day/meal, but at that point, I would hope that you are not a stranger if you're going to discuss it with me. I could understand if maybe you HAD to eat or die (which you do). Within reason, I can understand watching your overall intake, to make sure you're not one of those "John Blobberson consumes 60,000 calories a day! That's 30 times more than the average person, (other useless math here) !!!!" sorts of people, and so they don't make you a headless fatty or zoom in on you biting into a doughnut or perhaps even have your picture posted on lookatthisfatperson.com, BUT A PACKET OF PEANUT BUTTER CRACKERS WILL NOT BE YOUR DEATH! (unless you are deathly allergic to peanuts, at which point you would probably have not even considered them)

The other thing I've noticed, is that the people I've encountered that like to bandy around "calories" like they are talking about the weather, is that they do it like they are on some superior moral ground or something. Not like "oh I am eating to make sure I am in the state in which I feel my best" (you know, not dead), but "oh, so I have eaten n calories today! I'm doing so good/bad".

The third thing I've noticed with all of this, is that the only people I have EVER heard use "calories" in casual conversation (i.e., not talking about sick people/dietary restrictions) have been women. FFS, are you trying to tell me something? Am I getting fat? Or am I supposed to automagically understand your plight, because everyone knows that all women diet all the time? I'm not certain.

Screw you. I will have one of each, plz. (ok, maybe not... some of that stuff makes me retch, but that's not the point)

After seeing all those fat people, I don't feel like as much of a squishball as I did before. :P
» randomjunk on 2010-02-19 02:44:03

I think these calorie women only discuss it with other women. So...sorry :(

Iki, I fear that I am the exact opposite of your rantings. And to be perfectly honest, a lot of that stuff on "thisiswhyyourefat.com" looks REALLY good. Nom nom nom nom
» The-Muffin-Man on 2010-02-19 06:30:46

I automatically tune out calorie talk when I overhear it around me. Like I really give half a shit that you're trying to keep under x calories a day.

There were these friends of mine discussing this right before seminar last week. I turned to a male friend of mine and started talking really loudly about the most amazing carne asada burrito I have ever eaten, then proceeded to talk about pigging out on carne asada French fries. They turned to us (as they were sitting in the row in front of us) and gave us dirty looks. Hey, if you can talk about how much you HAVEN'T eaten, I can just as well talk about how much I HAVE (and how much I have ENJOYED doing so)!
» ranor on 2010-02-20 09:53:13

I'm careful in my own car, and it costs half what his does. ^.^ I'm the epitome of careful (and it's probably better off in my hands than in his). No worries!
And they are just awesome.
» Unicornasaurus on 2010-02-21 08:12:03



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