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fun time
Monday. 5.16.05 10:04 pm
FINALLY got the internet hooked up. now if i only had time between PT and class to get on it'd be awesome. who would have known the military would require so much time? either way here's the skinny. As of now in august i'll be sent to korea for a year. at least. i may sign up for longer but i need to find out more. and in any case, i won't know for sure where im going until im getting on the plane. love the army. so for now thats the schedule.
From what i hear korea can be great, or syphyllis-tastic. as long as i can still have high speed internet i could be in siberia for all i care. the thing is, im pretty sure the unit ill be stationed with there doesnt get sent to iraq. So if i spend a year there (at least) then a year back in the US it would be a while til i went to the sandbox. and i dunno. i still partially want to go, especially considering my MOS, but i also dont want to get shot. theres so many of us over there now and i want to go over and fight the good fight and prove my worth and earn my place here and all that. I have so much respect for the guys here who were over and back (more than once alot of them) and i think i want a piece of that too. some days im like 'damn im glad im not goin there yet' then sometimes, not so much. oh well, uncle sam will send me where he needs me and ill do what i need to do.thus is they way.
im just afraid ill be sent somewhere and not do anything meaningful. i know everything we do is meaningful in someway, but i really want to do something honorable. theres guys in iraq now doing bigger and better things and saving lives everyday. i want to go over and do my job in finding the bad guys and do the same. but i also want to be lazy and play video games all day. i guess it balances out. its funny, now when i go the weekend without running 3 miles i feel like a fat disgusting slob. but i love it. then monday morning we go run and it kicks my ass. still dont fall out. legs need to break before that happens, and still i dunno.
i love seein the people run til they puke, thats when you know you pushed yourself. outstanding. its all mental, until you get to that point. i felt like i was at that point plenty of times then just decided, oh well it doesnt hurt, and kept goin. then you stop, numb, and then it hurts like hell, and the adrenaline kicks in and youre all energy for like 20 minutes, then its class time and you feel like a zombie and everyones gettin article 15's for fallin asleep in class and they fail they're tests and get recycled and have to become infantry and then they're guaranteed to go to iraq. outstanding. Ha no worries right? im doing my shit squared away and it'll be fantastic.
class is going good but i can't talk about it. we are required by law to shred our classwork at the end of the day, i love it. i am not allowed to tell people alot of the stuff i do, even the meat and potatoes of my job im not allowed to tell anyone. how sweet is that? you're at a party, and someones like 'so what do you do?' and most people are like 'Oh! well i manually masturbate caged animals for artificial ensemination (sp?)' but not me, i have to be like 'so what do you do' ... 'im not authorized to disseminate that information' i love it. even though it sounds like a fancy way to say i sleep in a milk crate.
SO to whom it may concern, after graduation (august 4th) i MAY have the opportunity to come home, so set a side a day in that week and let me know if you want me to swing by, but like i said i wont know for sure until im stepping on the plane so updates will ensue. later,

me want see you...arac
» ( on 2005-05-28 05:45:39

wheeeee hi!!! look what i can do!
» teapot!!! ( on 2005-05-28 07:04:11



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