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AIT Entry #1
Sunday. 4.3.05 9:39 pm
Return (again)

So I have a laptop now but I cant get online, but for now I can at least type my entries and get them on when I get them on. I’ve really been missing doing these entries because I don’t really know anyone here yet so I’m not my normal rambling vulgar self. I know a few people from Basic and I’m starting to get to know some people thus opening up a little more. I’ve noticed I’m not as shy as I used to be, and I can open up more quickly. I’ve always felt that just jumping into a conversation or starting one with someone you don’t know automatically makes you weird or annoying. But I’ve found that only weird annoying people make it that way. I know I’m weird but proud of it, its what separates me from everyone else and makes me an individual. Here they try to make us all standard, yet they reward individualism in the case of going above and beyond. They also appreciate a sense of humor and other qualities that separate us.

So training here seems like its gonna rock. It will be a lot of school type training then some hands on crap. I can only go so far into detail about it because of the Secret Squirrelly stuff. which is awesome enough in its own right. We’re starting to learn about terrorism. Theyre throwin so much information at us at once but its really awesome. I miss learnin stuff, especially stuff involving the world, and more so stuff I need to know to do a job. After like 2 days I feel like I know a ridiculous amount of crap. and ive always said you need to have knowledge to build an accurate opinion. so here it is;

people are retardedly crazy. holy hell. some of the things people are able to do to each other are flat out scary. movies and news stories never really do justice for some of the horrific acts that people, past and present, have done and continue to do to other human beings. Sure we have enemies, sure we have to go to war at times. So; bullet in the head, no more enemy. Even being in the Army id rather see a more diplomatic (aka peaceful) solution but unfortunately it is not feasible at times. When bin laden puts out a decree for muslims to kill all Americans, that doesn’t leave us with very many options. The more I learn about whats really goin on, the more I agree with my decision to join, the more justified it becomes to me. especially in intelligence.

Intel is the main source of this battle. Its not like the world wars where they are there, we are here, we meet in a field half way, the winner walks away. We’re way too strong now for them to do that so they’re pussy footin around and using guerrilla tactics then hiding. Which is where my job comes in. And I think im perfectly fitted for it.

Its definitely non combat and much more on the brain side. everyone says I over analyze the smallest things and that’s exactly what my job does. all the people I’ve seen and who are teaching us that do this job remind me a lot of myself. and for the first time I see ‘what I want to be when I grow up’ This has given me a whole new meaning to life, like I finally know what my mission is. So im over happy to have stumbled upon it. so in gratitude for the opportunity I have to do my absolute best at it. these classes are gonna be hard, mainly because what little homework time we have we’re doing pushups because of other idiots, but such is life. its only AIT and the rest of military life Is nothing like it so im still lookin towards the light at the end.

What I don’t understand is the people falling asleep in class. I understand we do a bunch of pt before class and run 3 or 4 miles in the morning, but im startin to agree that it’s a great way to wake up. but regardless of that, the instructors are putting out so much useful, not to mention awesome, information. I get a little amped up in class because I love learning valuable stuff. I hated school before because a) the teachers knew dick, and b) I kept thinking ‘why do I need this?’ but here its quite different. The one dude teachin class now is ridiculous. of the 30427 questions we’ve thrown at him he didn’t have an answer for like 3. Then the next class he brought in the answer because he wanted to go gain that knowledge. that’s so awesome.

it goes back to my whole struggle for power bit. I feel knowledge is power, so for people like him and I, this is our quest for power. it doesn’t hold anyone down, it doesn’t cause uprisings. one persons knowledge can be used to save lives. but it could also create a bomb powerful enough to wipe out entire cities too. kind of a double sided coin. So people like us join to put our ability to learn and our intelligence to good use to battle the naughty brain powers. need that balance folks. a chess board looks pretty silly with only black pieces.

a cat once told me spiders poop too
unless those black pieces are yours and the white pieces are the other guys.. sup dude i leave japan on april 29th
» incuman on 2005-04-25 11:46:45

I miss NAIRB! I don't think you can get this yet...but when you do...you'll know that I do miss you :o) and i heart my telephone calls.
» Arac ( on 2005-05-10 10:42:25



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