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Entry 4: Peace and War
Monday. 3.14.05 1:40 pm
Some people are fighters, some people aren't. But there are also levels of each type of person. Some people love fighting and do it all the time. Usually for no reason. Some people are so against it that they won't even do what's necessary to stay alive. I always considered myself the exact median of the two. I don't like fighting but if it's needed I will. I got to prove that today with the pugil sticks.

The pugil sticks are basically those rods on American Gladiators (old school) with "soft padding" on either end. I quote soft because they're still hard as hell. They are supposed to simulate close combat holding a rifle. So everyone was matched up with an opponent and encouraged to wail on the other person. Our drill instructor said we would pugil all day until someone got knocked out. It almost happened.

If you broke the rules, instead of 1 on 1, it would become 3 on 1. That was if you hit someone in the back or while they were on the ground. Also if you ran away. Private Baron, or Care Bear as we call him, is not a fighter. And that would be fine if he didn't run his mouth about kicking everyone's ass. So he broke the rule of "not running" cause he's a sissy. Hence the name Care Bear. As he started the bout, his opponent kept driving him backwards, and by that I mean he was petrified and kept backing up. He became so scared/overcome that he started crying. All the drill sergeants agreed that was the first time they ever saw anyone cry in pugil sticks. Not even women cry. So his punishment for running away was fighting 3 people himself. As well as now ALL the drill sergeants in the company know him and steadily fuck with him. I want to feel sorry but he brought it on himself. The Army fights, we are here to learn how to kill our enemies. The Army exists solely for war. So a pacifist in the Army is highly illogical. They were then going to make him fight a gauntlet by going against all of us, one by one. I don't like him so I would have had fun.

My experience was awesome. I got to fight a guy who wanted to fight. Fortunately he was slow so I beat the mess out of him. I wailed on him, but in a reserved manner. That's because I like him, and it's hard to fully unleash on someone on your side. If I could do it again with Baron or like someone actually attacking me or a loved one it could have been a lot worse.

Days like today are making me feel more and more confident and strong. I feel more ready to go to a hostile area which is the whole idea of this training. The thing that scares me is the other people. People are trying to avoid the training, or barely crawl their way through. What's the purpose of being here then? Would you want to be operated on by a doctor who skipped his surgery classes? I sure wouldn't. As well I don't want to be put in a combat situation and rely on a team of idiots who half-ass everything. That's why the drill sergeants are so rough and I understand and agree. I see why they do what they do which is why I'm doing fine through basic. I'm real excited for the gas chamber and the marches and everything. And I will continue writing about it. Later.

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