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Entry 2: Smoking
Friday. 3.4.05 10:26 pm
3 Feb 05

Smoking is when a drill sergeant gets all in your face and yells and makes you do a lot of PT(physical training). Generally everyone does what they can to make sure they don't get smoked. It's generally no fun. This guy today started falling asleep in class so he had a list of tasks from multiple drill sergeants. He had to crawl around the entire company (206 soldiers), hold a standing fan above his head until he all but passed out, stand inside a trashcan with his arms straight out for a while, and then gobble like a turkey at everyone who came in the door. Then we all got smoked for 15 minutes for each additional person who fell asleep. Even when you do everything right, you get smoked. If Joe fucks up, you get smoked for not helping him. When you go to help Joe, you get smoked for talking. It's great. They make it obvious to any intelligent person that you WILL get smoked. No matter what. You just get smoked more when you actually mess up. So I still don't understand when people get all upset when they get smoked. You know it's gonna happen. You knew that before you joined the army. Stop bitching. Besides, it helps you out. I've worked muscles I didn't know I had. Hold something like 10 pounds that you can hold with both hands above your head for 30 seconds, then hold it straight out in front of you, shoulder level, elbows locked for 30 seconds. Then keep doing it. See how your arms feel. After a while, squat while holding the object. God damn it hurts, but it makes you stronger, which is one of my main goals of being here. So I don't mind getting smoked. Usually. Sometimes it is just bad. I've given up once or twice, but only after 95% of the platoon quit. Most of this platoon is retarded, it seems like no one can do anything right. Infants could be trained in less time. They're not teaching us rocket science of anything. They have a basic objective, hence the term "basic training." As they're teaching this stuff, they say it, it's simple, usually common sense and we should go on. But no. We'd rather be retarded and not know how to read a map. Like I said, I don't mind getting smoked but I hate being associated with retards. I'm out.



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