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Wednesday. 12.28.11 3:26 am
WELL. I've learned that I cannot type an entry while listening to good music. I get too caught up in the beats, silently singing along and dancing (while sitting) on my bed. It's virtually impossible to blog under those conditions, unless you don't care that your entries will probably be a gigantic mess.

BUT. Fortunately for you folks, I don't want to create an incoherent POS for you to read...so, take a gander at this video while I finish my jams. Do you think you can leave your finger on the screen for the whole length of the film? I dare you.

LOL. If you are friends with me on Facebook, or are aware of the Internet, you have probably already seen / done this. Good times, good times.....

ANYWAY. On with the good stuff. What's new? My first reaction to that question is....gosh, I don't know. Which is dumb, because I have so much new stuff, but I never remember enough of it to write down! That brings me to the first new thing, I suppose, which is my recent streak of forgetfulness and general distance from things happening around me. Spacehead Muffy? Something like that. I don't know what it is. It's started to worry me a little bit, at times...but, nothing too much to freak out about. And certainly not a big enough deal to bring me out of a good mood!

I went to a gay bar for the first time. It was...interesting. I had a lot of fun! But meeting someone on the dance floor is certainly no the best environment to make a good friend or spark a relationship that will last longer than the next song. And lots of people grabbing my butt...weirdos.

Hmm...What's next? Christmas?? NO! I forgot something (typical)! My research group won best paper for the quarter out of 21 groups, and we all received automatic 4.0s :) Yay!

Ok, back to Christmas. Santa left this really weird note this year. I've begun to suspect that Santa may have really been Chinese all along. My family had a very low key Christmas this year, which is fine. I do miss the days when it was a big deal though, and the parents would pull out the video camera to record my sister and I tearing open gobs of presents :-\ *sigh* I don't cling to the past, but I think it's okay to be a little nostalgic every now and then.

Santa came through, though! I got socks and $450, nine of those dollars I have spent on a new shirt. Beyond that...I don't know what to waste my money on! Haha....such a first world problem. Maybe a plane ticket somewhere. Experiences and people are more valuable to me than things.

That evening we made gingerbread houses. Below are the contenders!

If you're friends with me on Facebook, you have probably seen this already. If not, read the description below:

The gingerbread contenders.... Starting in the back we have the "Occupy" Gingerbread House complete with teddy graham protestors and police. In the front right we have the winter spa house (you should've seen the engineering from the inside...). And in the front left we have the shrine of Kim Jong Il, complete with life-like portrait and North Korean national anthem.

That evening was a lot of fun too...and did I mention, that we watched THE MATRIX RELOADED while making the houses? Toooo perfect. I also watched one of my favorite movies of all time, Spirited Away, with my mother and sister while nibbling (or gouging, if you're like me) on popcorn and sipping (guzzling) cup(s) of hot chocolate. I have been wanting to do that for a while, and it made made me very happy :)

Oh my, this has turned out to be longer than I expected, and not significantly more coherent than if I had kept my grooving music playing. BUT....before I go, I wanted to share something I learned from the sagacious Nuttz.

She and I have been messaging a bit back and forth about relationships and whatnot, and she had this to say to me:

"If on your saddest days and happiest days, you want him to be there to share it with you, I think he's the one Muffy."

This captures everything that I have been trying to say, and trying to feel, and trying to explain, all in one beautiful little sentence. And I could have told myself this over and over again...but to hear it come from someone else, someone completely detached from my situation, makes me love it all the more. I don't know for certain who "he" is right now, but I'm going to keep these words in my pocket as I go about life, and see where my heart takes me :)

Muffy over and out.
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.
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sagittariusmoon dont-see

Your entries always get so many comments that I'm tempted to type "FIRST!!!" here.

I find it kind of hilarious that you went to a gay bar. How was the music? What did you wear? :P

Agreed about Nuttz giving you good advice there...

And really? You think those dresses looked good? I thought they looked bad, but I shared them anyway because... well... why not, I guess. XP
» randomjunk on 2011-12-28 05:05:52

I had me put my finger on that screen all 39 seconds of it... and now... I feel a little creeped out.

Your Sen Tan Lau Ren (I think I spelled it correctly in pin yin) reminded me of this picture I saw on 9gag about Santa spending all his time on the website all the other days of the year.

It's normal to get groped in the club...

Oh gosh Muffy! *blushes* I'm not sagacious, not at all.

» Nuttz on 2011-12-28 06:35:59

weird cat human licking my mouse! haha. too lazy to put my finger on the screen so i used the mouse.

nuttz said it perfectly. my story is coming up soon in ur mailbox. will only reveal bits and pieces on my blog. =)
» renaye on 2011-12-28 11:26:19

DANG. I love this layout.
:D If anything, I didn't really go to a salon to get my hair cut. My friend came over to my place with her layering scissor and just chopped up everything. It wasn't hard telling her what kind of hairstyle I wanted because all I needed was my blonde streaks to be chopped off, and walla.

Moral of the story above? Go to a salon or get someone else to cut your hair, never cut it yourself.
» peanutmelon on 2011-12-28 10:00:21

LOVE the video. It has now been shared with every one of my facebook friends. (Which, I guess, I hadn't seen your post of it in my timeline so I missed it until now...)

Those are EPIC gingerbread houses!! And so timely, too.

One could embroider Nuttz' quote on a cushion. It's that good.

And getting groped in a bar? I agree with Nuttz on that one, too--it's practically expected when you have a room full of a bunch of horny people. It's the least they can get away with, I guess. X]

» invisible on 2011-12-28 10:15:48

I only just now realized that your last name was spelled wrong on that Santa note.
» randomjunk on 2011-12-29 08:40:54

Forgetfullness comes with age Muffy; just shows you're getting old =P

The last time I got that much money for Christmas, I was 11 lol. I love that quote from Nuttz. . . That's how I feel about Jacob ... and have since we got together, but you are probably well aware of how that situation is going. Who knows, maybe he still is the one; just not right now.

I actually somehow missed the cat video on Facebook, but that was weird... I definitely saw the gingerbread houses and even remember you mentioning Matrix Reloaded lol.

I've been to a gay bar, but I was rather out of place lol. The Madison Pub out here on Capitol Hill? My supervisor likes to go there, though he's not big on bars; he just likes to look at the cute guys. My coworker likes going to Cuff; she doesn't usually have the money for the cover, though, so she doesn't go often. There's a lot of gay bars/clubs on Capitol Hill, though. I'm sure I could give you a long list if you give me a day to talk to my two friends lol.
» LostSoul13 on 2011-12-30 02:07:27

Hahahahaha omg that skittles video killed me.

ALSO most amazing gingerbread houses ever. I never thought they could be so fun :o
» dont-see on 2011-12-30 07:16:43

I think "Interesting" is probably the only way to describe a person's first venture into a gay club. Haha. There is one in DC I go to that's pretty awesome. If you're ever in the area you'll need to go! Its called Town. =)

Those gingerbread houses are amazing! I made one for the very first time this year and it was terrible! haha.

» SporadicFunk on 2011-12-30 02:01:00

Holy shamoly this is so full of bloggy goodness.

First of all, THOSE GINGERBREAD HOUSES ARE SO BOSS. Your family made those??? Like, WHAT? Your whole holiday sounds AMAZING. I wish my family was that active about the holidays!

Second, that advice is almost kind of sad, for me, and I don't know why! Really smart, though. Nuttz is too modest. c:
» Unicornasaurus on 2011-12-30 02:36:47

I didn't read this but hi.
» middaymoon on 2011-12-30 04:03:51

Spirited Away is an AWESOME movie~!
» Zanzibar on 2012-01-01 08:39:55

RYC: the reason why i want to read gay stories not because of its steamy sex but i want to read of their struggles in society and their life. or something along that line.
» renaye on 2012-01-04 09:46:25

It is very unlike that person but I guess everyone handles things differently between matters that they hold dearly and matters that aren't so important
» Nuttz on 2012-01-18 09:59:36

Maybe kind of... it's more like watching a movie of my life instead of actually experiencing it... but I experience it in sections of my reality, so I tend to say everything to a certain direction of me feels or doesn't feel real.

Things feel real now, but in a really weird way. Like... almost everything feels real. And I don't remember if this is normal, because I've gone so long feeling like parts of my reality weren't real...
» randomjunk on 2012-01-18 08:54:06

Omg, that Christmas sounds so very awesome. Love that note, love the houses, love the quote from beloved Nuttzy. I totally had that music spaz moment when I was supposed to be packing...>.<
» Silver-dot- on 2012-01-25 01:07:17



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