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Glorious Reunions...
8/30/06--Wednesday--8:41 pm
Ahh...good times w/ the team. We all went to Red Robin today, and spent about 1 and a half hours camped out at our table just talking. Gahhh...everytime we get together I remember how much I love these people! We were originally going to walk across the street and play a few games of Laser Quest, but after stuffing ourselves we decided that intense physical activity probably wasn't the wisest of choices...so the s concluded that shopping was a good idea instead. Not exactly what I would've elected as a pastime...lol but whatever, I played a long.

Several times I had to break apart from the group and head over to EBgames...those females are rabid shoppers! That and the fact that sometimes I couldn't be seen in the same store as them...like Claire's lol. Elaine had to catch up on some college shopping....which only reminds me that there are only a few weeks left before she has to leave for UW .

Alright let me give you a little background on this next character from my life...her name's Hazel, she's a sophomore in college, and she used to be on our old team about 3 years ago before she graduated high school. Since then, she's started her own team down in Orgeon (where she goes to school), and has invited us down several times to teach a workshop. She spent the summer up here in Washington and our team, despite having disbanded, did a demonstration for the Boys and s club where she volunteers. Well it turns out that Hazel wants us to come down to Oregon and teach another workshop for her own team...lol our team refuses to die! We're supposed to have ended this year, but by the looks of it we're still jumpers lol. This is by no means a bad thing...I would love to work with these guys again. Doing Hotdogs is great, but I probably won't be practicing with my former teammates like the good 'ol days...

It turns out I have to go to my great aunt's funeral tomorrow...I'm not really upset though. I guess I feel like I sort of owe it to myself to be there...even if I didn't know the woman as well as I probalby should have. It's going to be a lot of sitting and a lot of me excercising my patience...but I can make it. My sister may have issues however....

Ahh, well, that's been the recent additions to my life. School starts in a week...and I haven't even started on the 53 vocab words and 2 essays I have to write! Me and procrastination have a thing for mixing very well...and that's not a good thing.

Ciao folks, until next time...
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

I laughed, I cried
Loooooooooooved your comment on Rip-Tide-Prophecy's blog. :D Haha...does he know the Muffin Man. :) He better.

Btw, thx for explaining what kind of a hotdog you meant. :)
» little-b on 2006-08-31 12:26:17

Gosh you have a lot going on. I wish I had fun stuff happening. By the way, I watched your video here and it's really cool. lol Is that you and your team?
I hope you do well at the funeral.

I haven't seen previews for The Protector. I haven't even seen the Matrix. lol Because I was never interested in it.
» Kirei on 2006-08-31 08:28:53

Ooh, now I have to go check out Rip-Tide-Prophecy's blog...yup, everyone knows the-muffin-man! ^-^

Are you busy busy! Well, I have nothing until school starts...=(

I'm sure you'll be fine at your great-aunt's funeral. I had to sit for five hours at my grandfather's. =/

Patience is a virtue. XP
» Silver-dot- on 2006-08-31 08:39:40

yay! i'm glad your group isnt going to end after all! =DDD (well, not too soon at least!) ^_^

haha procrastination is the theif of time! it seems to be the theif of all *my* time at least, and judging by your entry i'm guessing it's the theif of yours too haha XD

ah, i don't exactly know what to say for you going to your great aunt's funeral... normal things like have fun or good luck arent exactly applicable in this situation, so um... o_o;; er... i will go with what Silver said: i'm sure you'll be fine, too. =]


» Kuri on 2006-08-31 08:46:54

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