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8/28/06--Monday--12:46 pm
Well, for those of you who have been kind enough to pay attention to my latest ramblings, I have good news! I can do Hotdogs! I was talking to my mom last night, because it seems like my dad is avoiding the subject, and with practices starting up soon I thought it was best if we could come to a decision on how this was all gonna work. She basically just said "don't worry about it." Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions here...but does that not sound like good news??? I still have to get a job though, because the financial strain is definitley gonna be noticable...but hell that's worth it.

Me, my sister, and this other kid Jake are gonna do a gymnastics practice tomorrow w/ the new team...for some reason I'm slightly apprehensive. Maybe it's because we have to start out w/ the younger kids lol The gymnastics teacher person, Glen, is sooo funny...but he's the type that doesn't give a damn if you're freaked out about trying some new thing, he just says "do it anyway." I think I'm okay with that, because after mastering the front flip/handspring I'm more comfortable with crazy stuff. But backwards always scares me I don't know why . My sister is definityl gonna have issues though lol...I've been working outside with her for about an hour a day to help her with some basic gymnastics to master. Acrobatics are definitly not her thing lol, but at least she's making some progress.

My aunt died a few days ago :( Actually, she was my great aunt. Her husband died a few months ago...and at that age, if one of them goes, the other is sure to follow. That's just how it is. They can't really live without each other I've met her a few times, and she's such an amazing woman...I don't know how she does it. I'm not as "close" to her as some of my other relatives...but for some reason it still kinda hurts. I feel so bad though...her brother called the house while my parents were away, and I took a message for him. He said that she wasn't doing well, and things were heading for the worse. I told him I'd pass on the message (this was about 10pm, my parents didn't get home till about 12). Well when they did get home @ midnight, it had slipped my mind and I only realized the next morning. So I told them, and my mom called. It turns out, she had died in the night...I felt so bad. I went to my room and just sat there for a while...damnit why couldn't I just have remembered to tell them earlier when they had come home.

Mmk well sorry to end on such a depressing note lol...again. But good the good news and the bad news just sorta balance themselves out :) On a lighter note, I was talking with President Bush today...I think he needs to get his phones fixed or something, I could hardly hear him. Oh well.
Do not try to bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead, try to realize the truth. There is no spoon. Then you will see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.

Funny picture! Bush is so dumb.

About your aunt: It happens, not your fault. Your parents probably wouldn't have been able to come back before she passed.

Congrats! You're in! And having a job is no bummer. It's cool because you're getting PAID. That's the reason in the first place. Who knows? You might actually have FUN. Xp
» Silver-dot- on 2006-08-28 03:53:46

i am way too tired to read all that tonight, so i'll leave you a proper comment tomorrow, but just commenting to say wow! what you can do in gymnastics already is very impressive!

you could easily rule at martial arts if you took it up now anyways XD

(wasnt what i was gonna say originally. my original thing was to say...)



» Kuri on 2006-08-28 04:56:59

When I read "I can do Hotdogs!" I was so sure you meant like cooking them. And THAT was confusing for a bit.

I'm sorry about your aunt. It sucks when relatives die.
» randomjunk on 2006-08-28 06:55:08

that's awesome that you can go on the team!

wow, i could never do gymnastics. i'm not flexible at all >.< so i think anybody that can do stuff like that is awesome XD

you shouldn't feel guilty about what happened. i'm sorry about your aunt too. i guess what happens, happens, so you shouldn't feel bad about it. (i'm sorry, i'm not good with sympathy >.>)

funny picture by the way. =]
» hikarixgaki on 2006-08-28 10:05:00

Do hotdogs? I'm way confused. :D

Anyway, sorry to hear about your aunt. :( Losing family members is a sad time in life. Hope you feel better soon.
» little-b on 2006-08-29 01:21:41

Oops! I didn't look at your monies so again...

CONGRATS! You made over $1!

I agree with Kuri. You're definitely flexible enough. You'd make a great martial artist. Think you have time for classes? ^-^

» Silver-dot- on 2006-08-29 01:58:44

Thanks. Practice makes perfect doesn't it? :)

Yes... you can't really see any highlights. And even when I see him at school, I still can't see any. Well whatever, he still thinks it makes him look "dead sexy" (haha... no.)
» randomjunk on 2006-08-29 04:02:59

Congrats. That's so cool that you can do gymnastics. I always wanted to, but my parents didn't care about what I wanted to do. Anyway, sorry about your aunt. :( Funny pic.

He thought that Wisconsin is where Michigan is. He's not too good at geography. And plugged means that you commented in my last entry. It's just a way to say thanks.
» Kirei on 2006-08-29 09:04:52

oh gosh i just read your entry... and i have a few things to say. =3

1) YAY! congrats that you're gonna be able to do hotdogs!! XD ah well, surely the financial strain won't be that bad... =3 besides, if you get into some championship and win, it'll be SO worth it XD

2) oh gosh... i'm so sorry about your aunt... i just realised how heartless i sounded in my previous comment (but i was too tired to read the whole thing that day though x_x)... >_
» Kuri on 2006-08-30 06:40:22

crud. cut off again x_x; rest of comment:

don't feel guilty about it--your parents won't blame you, cos, i mean, it was *midnight* when they got back, my parents would have expected me to be asleep already, and even if you were awake, they shouldnt be mad at you anyways cos they got back at 12... who would get back so late and expect their child to still be fully awake, let alone remember a phonecall which happened 2 hrs ago? =3

3) haha that picture's so funny! baka Bush! XD


» Kuri on 2006-08-30 06:43:57

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