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the beginning (a simple seed) ~the classic crime
i left my heart in a plastic box
on the bedside table, it will be locked
til i get home

i'm growing feeble and tired of the world
tired of constantly missing my girl
and i long to smell the sea

the sea...
the sea-yeah

i miss the Pacific Ocean
and the northwestern air
and run each of my fingers
through the strands of her hair

ive been over this country lately
but i've been nowhere it seems, nowhere

but ive found the cure to my landlocked blues
its coming home to you


if a simple seed
gets just what it needs
then a redwood tree can grow
up to a hundred feet
and endure the sleet and the snow

but if my whole life
was wrapped and priced
i wonder what the tag would show
cuz everytime im close to the holy ghost
i let her go

i let her go...

i left my heart in a plastic box
on the bedside table
it will be locked, til i get home

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quotes i'd like to save...
-=How happy is the blameless Vestal's lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd=- ~Alexander Pope

-=ur the sunshine after the rain, the tylenol to my pain=-~me

-='I'll love you till the ocean
Is folded and hung up to dry=- ~ W.H. Auden

-=live ur life, make ur heaven=- ~me reflecting upon stuff i learned at yfc

-=life isnt measured by the breaths u take, but moreso the number of breaths u take away=-~meggyo's profile
Wednesday. 11.25.09 2:13:48 pm
i've been thinking...

i get on my own nerves. i think in social situations i'm better off just shutting up an laughing amiably at jokes of others. i'm just not that clever, or witty. i rely on a few "go to" remarks to get by most of the time. "good one" "got em" "whooped ya" and even those i can't call original to just me. *sigh*...anyway, whining certainly won't get me anywhere.

i'm thankful for...

my mother. i sure haven't shown it to her but, i appreciate her being there when i need her. i also appreciate her leaving me be. she's never been overbearing, and that's something to be grateful for.

my dad. he's no longer my long lost father whom could be dead for all i know. i've called him a couple times, wished him a happy birthday this past october 28th, and he let me know when he got a new phone number the other day. i'm glad he has me in mind at least that much.

my bros. ha. the "babies" as i used to call em. i prolly need to get outta that habit. keiko's improving his grades as a junior. jj started his highschool career with straight as. and jerichoooo however, is struggling in middle school. i have faith he'll be ok though. him and my mom probably have the tightest relationship. jericho will be the one that comforts mom the most though.

my friends. niki, got a bunch of us running, ran the jingle bell run, and whooped. sank, where i lack in wit, sank makes up with hilarity left to spare. mike, the steady rock in the lives of many people-always dependable and honest. amy, the quirky fun loving multi faceted ying to mikes..... wang. hahahahahahahahhaa
*sigh* i could go on forever with brett, nick, casey, zach, danny, jen..... yes i do still consider them part of the gang. thank you all. Everyday wouldn't be nearly as great without you guys.

and last but certainly not least:

meghan. i'm thankful for a million things she does everyday. this year...the thing about meghan i'm most thankful for is...putting up with me. funny thing is, she thinks i'm the one putting up with her sometimes. but i think i've been the one fucking up more, being more grumpy, and more out of it. i'm lucky she knows how to deal with my stupidity, and also how to correct it through out discussions.

enough gushing. enough whining.
tomorow: eating.

happy thanksgiving everyone!

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the number is lesser in value..and easier to swallow
~'would you like something to drink'
if your stomach feels weak, then my work here is done
~'the words "best friend" become redefined'
if theres no one beside you when your soul embarks, i'll follow you into the dark
~'i'll follow you into the dark'
i'll be floating out at sea, waiting for periscopes to spot my warm body
~'no ace, just you'
this is the part where i'll admit i'm getting what i deserve
~'lost and found'
lets sleep tonight on a bed of nails, so that every other night doesn't seem so painful after all
~'beter than sex'
if it were up to me, you're gone, i've been dying to get it into you somehow
hours pass, and she still counts the minutes that i am not there, i swear i didn't mean for it to feel like this
wanna fuck up my life?-i'll let you.
this is the rhythm i was signing to the beat of my feat as i walked away
~'i fought the broad (and the broad won)'
ur stomach's filled up but ur starved for conversation
~'soco amaretto lime'
if i could, i'd only want to make you smile
~'make you smile'
the past is only the future with the lights on
~'baby, come on'
morning always comes too quick when you're around..
~'still breathing'
i beg not to escape permeating my pores, whetting my appetite for more
~'amanda's poem about unicorns '
ur stomach's filled up but ur starved for conversation
~'soco amaretto lime'
love me gently with a chainsaw
~'tie her down'
smiles and her laughter, its the only thing that ive been waiting for
so many high points on this last leg, i cant wait to recount them- it seems like nothings happened until ive shared them with you
~'shirts and gloves'
ur lips, ur eyelashes- ur skin, these are the parts of ur body that cause my comatose to begin
~'all hail the heartbreaker'

lets start out-by starting over... ~'lovers and liars'

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