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The Read List
1) Horus Rising - Dan Abnett
2) False Gods - Graham McNeill
3) Galaxy in Flames - Ben Counter
4) Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus
5) Flight of the Eisenstein - James Swallow
6) The Magician's Guild - Trudi Caravan
7) The Novice - Trudi Caravan
8) The High Lord - Trudi Caravan
9) The World According to Clarkson - Jeremy Clarkson
10) Fulgrim - Graham McNeill
11) Legion - Dan Abnett
12) Battle for the Abyss - Ben Counter
13) Mechanicum - Graham McNeill
14) Nemesis - James Swallow
15) Daughters of Arabia - Jean Sasson
16) Descent of Angels - Mitchel Scanlon
17) Desert Royal - Jean Sasson
18) The First Heretic - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
19) The Gift - Cecelia Ahern
20) Paths of Glory - Jeffery Archer
21) A Thousand Sons - Graham McNeill
22) The Art Thief - Noah Charney
23) Bringing Nothing to the Party - Paul Carr
24) Prospero Burns - Dan Abnett
25) Beat the Reaper - Josh Bazell

1) Next - Michael Crichton
2) Battle of The Fang - Christ Wraight
3) Helsreach - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
4) Shopaholic and Sister - Sophie Kinsella
5) The Ultramarine Omnibus - Graham McNeill
6) The Summons - John Grisham
7) After Dark - Haruki Murakami
8) Nagash the Sorcerer - Mike Lee
9) The Emperor's Tomb - Steve Berry
10) Nagash the Unbroken - Mike Lee
11) Realms of Shadow - R.A. Salvatore
12) Stop What You're Doing And Read This!
13) Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James
14) Fifty Shades Darker - E.L. James
15) Fifty Shades Free - E.L. James
16) The Last Mythal Anthology - Realms of the Elves
17) Nagash Immortal - Mike Lee
18) The Paris Vendetta - Steve Berry
19) The Elven Nations Trilogy - Paul Thomas, Tanya Cook & Douglas Niles
20) The House of Silk - Anthony Horowitz
21) Architect of Fate - Christian Dunn
22) The Killing Ground - Graham McNeill
23) Courage and Honour - Graham McNeill

1) Ravensoul - James Barclay
2) Chapter's Due - Graham McNeill
3) Making Money - Terry Prachett
4) Soul Hunter - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
5) Blood Reaver - Aaron Dembski-Bowden
6) Mortal Instruments : The CIty of Bones
7) Mortal Instruments : The City of Ashes

1) Mockingjay - Suzanne Colins
2) The Fault In Our Stars - John Green
3) Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
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Friday. 6.24.11 10:39 pm
I'm volunteering this weekend for a marathon event. Why am I volunteering now when I usually don't volunteer? Because a big portion of my friends are going. Since I'd be procrastinating bucket loads at home anyway, I thought I'd just go and kill myself because I won't be doing any sleeping tonight.

Erm... I watched Green Lantern... It was okay plot-wise.. Your normal superhero saves the day kinda thing so nothing unpredictable. It was good cause there is Ryan Reynolds.. Hahahaha! Oh! Blake Lively looks nice as a brunette too. And damn she has a nice body.

Er.... What else? Nothing much really.. It is quite an uneventful week and yes, my June month-end surprise came early... me thinks.. there's 5 more days so surprise me.

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Books and movies
Sunday. 3.16.08 12:38 am
Been reading more than I did the past two weekend and I borrowed Wuthering Heights from the library last week. I havenít started reading yet. Once again, I have to say, I didnít expect to find the book in the library. I got it renewed today since I most probably am going to go home on Thursday for the weekend. Hope I wonít get into anything big with my mother. I hate to quarrel with her since both of us just started crying after 5 minutes the last time it happened and the fact that sheís giving me my allowance doesnít entirely help either. If you are wondering why I borrowed Wuthering Heights, itís because Iíve read the title a dozen times in Twilight and New Moon and couple hundreds of time at the TwilightLexicon forum.

Met up with renaye yesterday, had lunch and went around talking about books and some other stuff and she introduced to me a store where you can buy a book to read and if you sell it back to them in 3 months, you get some of your money back! Found a Lisa Jane Smith book there but I hesistated to buy because:
1) I'm broke
2) I might find it in the library. I forgot to check actually, when I went there today.
3) I got to finish Wuthering Heights first

Tomorrow is when I know if I get any money from my lottery ticket and get back my phone. I hope I can sleep tonight.

I watched PS I Love You, the movie... sucks big time.. It was so lame, I totally can't believe the book is so awesome. I'm on the waiting list to borrow the book. There is 3 people before me... meh! Why did the library only have one copy? And also, I don't want to buy the PS I Love You book in bookstores because I prefer the pink cover than the one of the actors from the movie. I also watched Jumper... It wasn't as nice as I thought it might be but overall I'd say the effects are awesome! I don't know from which book it is based on though. Should be seeing it in the market, heavily advertised soon. I hope when Twilight comes out, they won't change the covers because the original Twilight cover is so much more awesome than the faces of the actors. I also watched Pride and Prejudice. I didn't want the movie to end.. Anyone read the book? Is the ending more detailed in the book?

Have fun people! Especially those who's Spring Break just started. I want mine too but that's not going to happen!

Hugs To: Kaede, LostSoul13, Silver-dot-, renaye, PinkPanther08, and ranor.

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cookies & movies
Thursday. 1.1.09 10:24 pm
Mum started making cookies for CNY in mid-Dec, when I was around. It is Kuih Bangkit, ďthe rising cookieĒ literally translated. Of course I took pictures cause I was around since I was bored.

before baking

after baking

mold used to make the cookie

She made two more cookies, jam tarts and semprit when I was back in KL for a while and she plans to make another one. No pictures of the other two because this laptop (which is my motherís) has no Bluetooth and itís complicated with the USB since Nokia phones has that program which I have no idea how it works and I need to get the USB thing for Micro SD memory cards.

I watched Transporter 3 with Max, PHwa, Ges and Gesí friend, some time ago. The movie was alright. All through the movie, I was thinking ďwhere the heck did I saw this guy beforeĒ and my uncle told me that we just saw Transporter a week or two before I watched number 3. Watched Australia with Sean on Monday. It is an interesting movie, kind of historical but not the bores-you-to-death-National-Geographic type, funny too. Just that itís annoying that the people working in the censoring board rates it 13PG yet cut the kissing scenes, might as well not rate it at all. I'm waiting for Bedtime Stories, Benjamin Button, and Monster Vs Aliens to show up on the town cinema listing or I'll watch them in KL.

I canít remember what else I want to blog but I want to say that if I put on weight this month, it is thanks to my mother and her cookies. Oh! And the chocolates Sean bought me (which is totally my own fault cause I can't stop eating).

Hugs To: middaymoon, Illicit, ShaShaBoo, Zanzibar, Mockiller, and doreen1991.

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Lie To Me
Tuesday. 8.10.10 10:31 am
This is the latest series that I am hooked on, Lie To Me.

How to describe it? This is like House, only that instead of finding out what's wrong with someone medically, Lightman (sp?) finds out if someone is lying. He's like House in terms of personality.. maybe a little more subtle but there are similarities between both of them. However, expect less disclosure on each characters' personal lives throughout the series, unlike House.

I learn things from watching series and movies and this, I think is one that I can learn a lot from. Not that I want to be a pro at identifying someone who is lying or anything but it'd be fun to actually see the surprise on someone's face when someone finds out that they're lying! Lol. I quite like to surprise people, I don't know why.. I like surprises but I don't like being told that there is a surprise waiting for me. The curiousity doesn't sit right with me.

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He's Just Not That Into You
Saturday. 9.11.10 8:07 am
Yes... I'm talking about that movie. I think it has become one of those movies that I can watch over and over again cause I just start laughing at the cliches.... Like Pride and Prejudice.

I mean, just because a guy is being nice, it doesn't mean that he is being extra nice thus he is into you. If a guy wants a girl, he will do everything to get her. So people, stop teasing me like crazy. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening here... I know I give you guys a lot of satisfaction from teasing me (my reaction to the teases) but please tease me on something else. Oh wait.. maybe it is because that is the only thing that you guys can tease me about therefore you guys are doing it! Okay.. fine.. I forgive you guys.

Funny how I'm doing this like they are reading this. Maybe they are. After all, its so easy to find your way here. Just google my name.

Oh btw, if I die tonight, I'm dying a happy girl cause I have satisfied my long craving for Miso soup. And to add to that, I got to eat Salmon. And on top of that, the price is cheap. Damn. I love that place.

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Something Borrowed
Thursday. 5.12.11 6:16 am
I just watched this movie and I like it a lot. It could be because that I do see part of myself in the leader character and this movie, it actually lifted me up from this emotional downward spiral that has been going on for a while which got worse this week because firstly I had to talk about this persisting issue that has been bothering me for a long while and confusion just got to me. As much as I like keeping things vague, I really, really have to talk about it and make a decision because personally, I know I should to get this done and over with but I never seem to have the courage to really put an end to it. This movie did it for me and I do hope that I get that opportunity that I've been wishing for. I really do think that this should end before I graduate. Graduation would be a new chapter and I should not let past indecisions haunt me any longer. A line in the movie goes "We are going to hell anyway so why don't we just do what we want" and I will do that. Actually, you know what? I am going to create that opportunity myself. Since I have my midterm break now and everything, if things don't go well, I will be able to get away for a while. Okay, it's all set and now I'm nervous. I wish this can be spontaneous!

Er.. I had something more to say but right now I'm totally spazzed out so yea.. maybe I'll update again this weekend

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