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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Leap and leap!
Thursday, June 30, 2011
Wow. After a horrid dream, I had a fantastic dream. I even dreamed of two Japanese idols. They are are Ninomiya Kazunari and Aiba Masaki from Arashi. Apparently Nino was like a spy and Aiba was a prisoner who Nino tried to rescue. Nino has set up escape plans and I .... errr... screw it up? I was in a building and I spotted Nino at the building so I hid behind a huge water tank, and wonder why Nino was there. When he left, I explored the room behind the water tank and realized there were escape routes in which I have to squeeze through many windows to go to other rooms. And so I went from room to room, and I enjoyed it? Then later ... Nino and Aiba came but was shocked especially Nino to discover the routes in the rooms have become a mess. Well, what do you think? The rooms were supposed to be untouched until they come. And I could see Aiba who was handcuffed sobbing. Nino was trying to come after me, and then my alarm clock rang.

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Monday, June 27, 2011
Another horrible dream.

This time I dreamed of cobra, and maybe a scene of python, and the cobra was talking to me? I don't really remember what I dreamed, but it was not funny. It was like coiling around me. I felt so eerie that I was screaming top of my lungs for my mum or anyone for help, and I wonder why help didn't come. And I realised I was screaming in a dream within a dream. When I was dreaming, I could hear the words clear and loud, but thanks and no thanks to a phone call in the middle of the dream. I was forced to wake up, but maybe that's good so I can get out of the horrid dream.

I don't tink this is a paralysis dream because I was able to move around, but the dream setting was my bed. How eerie is that?

Anyways ... I dreamed of snakes more than anything else. And this is my first time dreaming of a dull gold cobra. Ugh. *shrug*

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6 star afterlife
Saturday, June 25, 2011
I'm not kidding. Even the services for the afterlife procession is rated like a hotel. The place where my aunt's children held the funeral services is Nirvana memorial. The services and the infrastructure they provided is of 6-star. Everything is provided and all you need to do is to pay their price.

My family thought Nirvana was so cool, but we never brought up the topic if we wanted to engage their services should we leave this world. Oh well, maybe not due to the pricing.

On the other hand, try watching Ghost must be crazy produced by the Singaporeans. It is damn hilarious!

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Anniversary and June
Thursday, June 23, 2011
Continuation from my previous post, June is a month full of death and anniversary. The day after I posted my previous post, I received news of my grandma's death from China, and today my aunt died of stomach cancer. I will be attending my aunt's funeral this weekend.

I'm not sad or having some kind of running emotions in my soul, that's because I have come to accept death, even if it's my own death. I'm able to let go even though I might die before my expiry date.

Let's all pledge to live a life to the fullest, ok?

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
Four days ago was an acquaintance's death anniversary. It was her 5th. I never thought her tribute blog would be updated. All I just did was to google. And she wrote such a deep meaningful poem before her death. It was about the fate of meeting people in your environment. I always thought she is such an arrogant girl, but somehow I understand her better after reading the poem. I have no right to judge her....

In a few hours, days and months is my deceased friend's first anniversary.

I don't remember what I read in a book, but I think the advice I got was to accept death in order to enjoy the beauty of life...

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Got licked
Sunday, June 12, 2011
It's been a long time I have not been well liked by animals. Seriously. Cats dislike me and they always attempt to either scratch me or run away from me.

When I came back from dinner just now, I saw my neihgbour running alongside with his dog (I don't remember its breed, and I usually referred it as shaggy dog). I came out of the car, and the dog immediately tried to approach me except his master was pulling his strap.

My mum was telling me that that dog is particularly friendly to females, and it seems to like my mum very much and it is always trying to climb onto my mum's legs.

The dog and its owner and me and mum ended up together in the lift. And the dog could not contained its excitement seeing us, and tried to play with us. It got so excited that it tried to reach out to me, thus posing like a horse prancing. I asked the owner for permission to pat the dog. It got more excited seeing me trying to pat me. My whole arm got licked by it as I tried to pat and as it tried to climb onto my legs. The owner was pulling it hard because my mum is afraid of animals.

It refused to get out from the lift until the owner has to pull it out. It was wagging its tail. And it keep on trying to get the last peek of us as the lift doors were closing. My mum and I just waved at the dog. Oops... we forgot to say bye to the owner... We were just paying too much attention to the dog.

It's funny to hear my mum saying that that dog doesn't like my sister because it doesn't play with her. HAHAHA...

But I prefer cats to dogs!! What destiny is that?!

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