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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Sunday, August 14, 2011
Packing one month of toiletries is no joke, but I'm proud to say I have managed to pack most of the items that I need to be on the cruise for more than one month. The items I need to buy now are:

lip balm
body cleanser
sun block
makeup remover

And yes, sunglasses doesn't belong to the category of toiletries, but I just catergorise it as under eye care. =)

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Sunday, August 7, 2011
My mum and I came back at 9.30 pm after finishing our dinner in Bangsar. As usual, I was dead tired and I was preparing myself to shower, until my mum who was standing outside of the entrance called me to come out. As usual, I was grumbling because I didn't want to go out and help her do things.

But to my surprise, it was my neighbour carrying her 4 month old twin kittens!!! As usual, I dashed to kittens, and I totally forgot to introduce myself to my new neighbour. I was about to pat the kitten on her right, but then she snarled. Ooh. She doesn't like new people or new environment. But the other twin was quiet, instead it mewed. And I was allowed to carry it. AH WHAT JOY!

The neighbour shared her grandma has 20 cats, and she can give me one. I replied that my mum doesn't like pets, and she quickly changed that WE don't know how to take care of animals. AH. Hypocrite.

Anyways, I was so HAPPY to be able to carry a cat!! The kitten mewed as I carried it. SO CUTE. The kittens are a mixed breed with persian and some stray cats, and they looked like those cats breed in the Whiskas advertisement. Seriously, they are so CUTE.

At first I didn't know my neighbour has cats until one of them climbed the grill in the room in front of mine when I was practising my violin. Later, it was pulling the curtain. Not too sure if that is the effect from my violin play.

These kittens also saved their owner's house from theft recently. There was an attempted theft at the house last month; the lock was sawed half way. The owner came and asked my mum if she saw anything but unfortunately the thief was as quiet as a mouse. But the kittens heard the noise and thought the owner came home, so they made some noise in the house, thus, scaring the thief away.

Sigh. AHHH... The kittens are so cute!! And I finally able to carry one after so many years!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011
I'm so happy that I got to eat such yummy food prepared by my Nyonya friend!! She cooked curry noodle and it was so good, and I regretted for not taking secound round! The taste is so authentic, and I really enjoy it! Despite feeling awkward because it's my friend's family gathering, and I was the only outsider. I was quite shy in the house. I really sew my mouth for once. But thank you god for letting me tasting such incredible food!!!!

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Japan ikimasu!
Thursday. 8.4.11 11:15 am
I have been chosen to represent Malaysia in a youth cultural exchange. Yay! There is also another good news, but I'm not revealing it because I have been vomitting because of this for the past few days.

Anyways, now my contingent is looking for sponsors and I'm working hard for it. Unbelievable that *beep* (will share about this later).

Anyways ... my colleague suggested me to have kissing booth to raise for my cause. Another good friend said it's a very good suggestion, but how much should I charge? And where should I kiss? Ah...

I also decided to ask for individuals to sponsor me, and I really put up a thick skin asking for money. I swallowed hard before I asked, but I managed to get quite a sum of money within 4 days. And I now ran out of people to ask for elms. Ugh. Would you be interested to sponsor me? The money will be used to purchase uniforms for my performances and other standardised attires planned by the contingent. If you are interested, please send the money to my paypal... (pls ask for my address).

My team members *beep* ... If only I can share it here. I can't because I have signed a form that I won't *beep*.

Good night world, by the way.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011
While my friend was away to the restroom, I had a conversation with his partner about his job being a receptionist in a budget hotel.

renaye: So does your hotel charge by hour?
Partner: Yes, we do.
renaye: Oh, you know, the budget hotel down the road here also charges by hour.
Partner: Oh. But we are not like XX hotel providing prostitution.
renaye: Hmm?? Wow. How do you know?
Partner: My colleagues have surveyed.
renaye: Oh. Is that why you guys charge by hour?
Partner: Yea, maybe. But we only charge by hour during the day.
renaye: But why?
Partner: Don't know.
renaye: Is it because of noise pollution?
Partner: Yea maybe. But there's also noise pollution during the day.

We both ended up laughing. Well, I was impressed that this is the longest conversation I ever had with my friend's partner, because she is extremely shy despite having dinner with my friend and his partner for several times already!

I'd made good progress!

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

So what do you think of this pv? I thought they are some kind of gender gangsters that wanna negotiate over some space! HAHA.

Anyways, I'm loving this song: Believe by Kato Miliyah x Shota Shimizu. I just love the beats. It doesn't use many instruments or effects, but still it has a melody that is refreshing and interesting. In short, it's soothing to me and doesn't bore me after listening a few times. In fact, I fall in love with this song upon listening to it for the first time. I think what makes me really like this song is that both voices synchronised pretty well! And also the song's simplicity, because I sometimes over-thought that many instruments/effects are needed to make a bombastic song. I like the chorus part the most. It's catchy, and you can catch me singing along with it.

To be frank, this is my first time listening to Kato Miliyah songs, and I love most of Shota's songs. I will look out for more Kato's songs in near future.

Believe / Miliyah Kato x Shota Shimizu

But I'm no fan of their covers. Pity.

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