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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Sale madness!
Sunday, August 28, 2011
I went into a skincare retail shop last week because they were having member's special sale. And you won't believe that the total bill of the customers were between RM500 to Rm1000, and I was the only one in the queue that only purchased RM293 worth of products. The promoter asked me to buy something additional to bring my total to RM350 so I would be entitled a free 2 haagen daze scoop voucher. But I didn't even bother. Why would I want to buy something additional for about RM60 just to get a 2 scoop Haagen Daze ice cream which only cost like RM30?

Nah. Not falling for this kind of gimmick anymore.

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Not here, kitty!
Thursday, August 25, 2011
I was rudely awaken in the morning while I was napping in the bus. The bus was still not far away from my house, but the driver was honking several times and I didn't know what was he honking at. The cars in front of him have crossed the traffic light, but ours was still stationary. And he kept honking. I was amused, and wanted to say 'are you honking at some invisible thing?'. Then later, he got down from the bus and went 'shoo shoo' a few times. And still I didn't see what was he shooing. A few minutes later, I saw a kitten running to the roadside. Its eyes were wide and it was hunching. I felt like calming it, and somehow pitied the kitten which wanted to cross the road, but it's just impossible with the heavy traffic. The driver could run over it, but he didn't; that was very kind of him.

I was lucky to sit in front of the bus, if not, I would not have seen the frightened kitten. I'm now just wondering how the kitten is doing. I really hope it will be fine. Maybe I should ask the driver to bring the kitten into the bus....

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011
I finally found out what interview my colleague mysteriously attended a few weeks ago. As usual, everyone in my office knew except me. In fact, I was the last person, again, to know this stale news, that is my colleague who sits beside me will be transferred to another department. That explains her anxiety, nervousness and diligence in researching possible interview questions. I remembered asking her what were those questions for, but she just simply replied 'gotla.'

Oh well, a colleague has just left last month, and now followed by another one. 2011 is my third year in my present company, and I wonder if I'm being too comfortable with my current job. The question whether I'm still growing or not in terms of personal development has been floating in my mind recently. And I seriously don't know what the answer is. If I were to change, is there any other job where I would be able to interact with NGOs and other humans? I like the interaction I get at my work place amidst all those office politics.

But somehow I know it's time to move on as well. That will be after my masters. I'm planning to get Permanent head Damage in the environmental field. Oh well, let's see how it goes!

Wish me all the best!

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011
My birthday is coming up, and I still don't know what I want for my birthday. However, I'm coming up with my birthday wish list, and I know my list would never come into reality. T.T.

Since I'm turning 26 soon, I was wondering if I should enlist 26 things on my wish list. And increase it on every birthday?

Stay awake for my list. =)

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Monday, August 22, 2011
Would you be distracted from your work if you are in the same room with a handsome guy or beautiful girl?

Well, I think so. *smile*

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I want a cat
Friday, August 19, 2011
My team members and I are going to have some photoshoot this Sunday for our name cards. We are asked to accompany our black top and jeans with some accessories, and I was really wondering if I could get a cat as an accessory. Err.. I'm not going to put the cat around my neck, just rubbing my cheek against the cat.

So cute. It's just a fantasy.

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