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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Monday. 11.6.06 8:49 pm
In my sittings, I've decided to procrastinate.

I ordered a yummy Hawaiian(pineapple/ham, what's so Hawaiian about that, I'm not sure) pizza.

I remembered a guy who went through hell and high water to get the boot off of his car.

I realized I wanted to learn how to make daifuku mochi.
Here's another recipie.

I think I'm going to buy some food flavorings and experiment. I really like the yomogi ones, so maybe it'll be cheaper to make them.

Perhaps I'll start these Wednesday.

Oooh, I found Kuri! Scroll down... It's ridiculously cute.

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Oh dear.
Monday. 11.6.06 1:19 pm

Apparently I had a biology test today.

I found this out... today. In class.

Oh well.

An attached thought:

I'm looking at a graph of traffic to here. They have the points plotted as discrete points, but there is a line connecting them. How can I have portions of visitors?

An attached gloat:

I wrote myself a program that calculates all of my things over in the corner there.
I tell it how many credits I've got, what I want to compare it to, and how many credits total I'm aiming for.
So. I've got 4???? credits, I'm comparing it to 38456 credits, and aiming for 16000.

It even loops, so i can compare things several times!


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Deep Thought
Monday. 11.6.06 1:32 am
Has decided that the ultimate answer is... Oops, your browser died.

Anyway. I was walking to Dave's, whilst in deep thought, listening to... V no sign de Oshioki yo, aka VERY MELON! and had a thought:

Music is like numbers.
You have a set, 0-9 or a-g, that can be reiterated in varying... versions of itself.

Both can be irrational or rational, so you can have different songs that are non-repeating, or songs that are exactly alike, and repeating.

However. Songs can be multidimensional. When you think of a number line, you think of numbers along a 2 dimensional line. When you think of music, you think in chords. Chords can be of infinite depth, only limited by the ability of the musician. So while numbers have the possibility of never being the same, music seems to have infinitely many more possibilities of never being the same.

What does this say about music? I'm not too sure. I didn't think that deeply into it.

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Food! (Comida! Tabemono!)
Sunday. 11.5.06 12:55 pm
Trilingual post! Yeah... right... I'm not particularly fluent in any of those three languages... and English is my natural language. Phooey.

So I'm supposed to be working on a project that was due at 11p tonight.

There's a day extension! More time to procrastinate, huzzah!

Anyway, I went to cracker barrel for the first time yesterday, the food was good, but the pancakes were a tad... spongy. :/

There was older-ish black lady who kept staring at Dave and I... or maybe I'm just being paranoid. Silly people making me paranoid.

Dave's dad stole my cd spindle of candy, no complaints, it keeps me from eating it, and he's paid for my food when we've been out. I always feel weird when other people's parents pay for my food. Not quite sure why.

I was going to suggest that Dave make a "members only" commenting feature, but then I realized that oh... it's already there.

I wonder if Kooki-sushi sells the li'l shoyu fish by itself... It's ridiculously cute. Perhaps I just want a shoyu fish.

I had a dream last night that my collar broke... :/ That makes me sad.

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A Bento for Kuri
Saturday. 11.4.06 3:38 pm
I was browsing teh intarwebs, and I think firefox is spell-checking my entry as I type. Indeed, it is. Go figure. Quite nice, actually. I didn't like the 2.0 theme, though, so I changed it.


Back to the bento.

I was browsing teh intarwebs, and I found a place that sold sushi bentos.

Not just any sushi...Chocolate Sushi!!!

I thought it was interesting, at least.

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Saturday. 11.4.06 12:54 am
So I'm sitting here humming, and Dave asks what I'm doing.

I pause my music, tell him I'm humming, and then I hear people talking outside the window.

I lift the blinds to see what's up, and it's a guy taking a piss! On the house!

He looks up, gets this hilarious "OH SHIT!!!" look on his face, and bolts away.

So I yelled after him that it was rude to piss on people's houses.

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