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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Batteries suck.
Friday. 11.17.06 12:52 pm

I think I mentioned a long time ago, my calculator started to hate life. It tried to execute an illegal instruction, or something.

I had a test today, and was highly paranoid about said illegal instruction.

I turn on my calculator... it stalls... tells me it's installing software, and then keels over.

I turn it back on, it freaks out.


I take Taylor's batteries, try them, it turns on, conks out, hates life.

Then it turns on, and says that the batteries are low... o.O They're not my batteries...

So I run to the student store not too far away, and buy 4 AAA batteries. FOR 6.25!!!!

What the hell? That's ridiculous.

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Still not picking up
Thursday. 11.16.06 10:03 pm
I'm finally listening to all of my phone messages...

All 20 of them.

1. Dad. Calling to talk, he doesn't call enough.

2. Coby. High pitched voice. o.O Quite long. Ranting about black people. 50 cents getting shot 9 times. With a bb gun.

3. Dad. Haha, this one reminds me of the creepy old dude from Family guy. "Gimme a call"

4. Dani. Calling to say hi.

5. Mom. Call her at Wedgewood.

6. Coby. Sweet transvestite. LOUD. My eardrum itches, and I just heard "Lupin the III". He wants to hire a baby to go on Maury to have a paternity test.

7. Coby. What the *beep*? Maury dresses up like Flava Flav.

Changing ears. It's hard to hold the phone on my ear.

8. Dad. He thinks I don't like him. :/ That's not true, but he could be better.

9. Dad. He sounds down. :/

10. Dad. Making fun of my "leave a message" thing.

Halfway! I should answer my phone more often.

11. Coby. I should change my message, he says. I need to call home, parents keep worrying him and he's tired of it. I am the weakest link, goodbye! Oooh, I get to borrow Megaman ZX and FF4 in exchange for Super Princess Peach and Sonic Rush. Press 1 for agree, 2 for disagree.

12. Dani, calling to say hi.

13. Dani, calling to see about dinner.

14. Dani. ??? Didn't understand that one, it was oddly chopped up.

15. Dani. Wanting to see if I was up to anything that evening.

16. Mom. I need to call home. Now. She left the number to home. Guess I might have forgotten it.

17. Debi! She's coming! So is Dani! They're going to invade Dave's, but go by 7-11 first.

18. Coby. Sounding black. Gotta call home about going home.

19. Dani. Wanting to see if I were up to anything. Going to bed eaaaarrrrlllly...

20. Dad. Gotta tell him when I have to be picked up next year.

Overall, this call took 10.58 minutes.

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Wednesday. 11.15.06 3:39 pm
Dave once told me that hunger was the best seasoning.

I had to reply with "no, the knowledge of the food being free is the best seasoning"

These free sweet potatoes are quite tasty.

I remember Erin gave me some socks that said "be wary of free food" or something like that.

They were covered in donuts and cookies and other "free food" that people give you that makes you fat. :/

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Monday. 11.13.06 1:41 pm
I saw a big SUV today.

It had a "Wildlife Conservationist" License Plate.

I find this odd.

So I'm doing a bit of cleaning.

I went to take things I hadn't eaten out of the fridge, they've gotten moldy, and worst of all, explodey. :/

Thankfully the exploding one wasn't moldy.

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That's Racial!
Monday. 11.13.06 12:38 am
I swear, that phrase makes me angry.

Now that I've got your attention:

I had a thought. Those of you who read regularly realize that I have many thoughts, few of which make sense.

Anyway. I think this one makes a bit of sense.

I tend to stay cold. People would tell me, "Oh, you're black, you're supposed to absorb heat!". We'd giggle, and I'd continue to freeze my ass off.

My friends would complain about the heat, and I would say to them, "Oh, you're white, you're supposed to reflect heat!". Again, we'd giggle, and they would be hot while I was cold, or perhaps even comfortable.

I thought about this today and realized why it made sense that black people were "allergic to the cold," as I've heard many of my friends say.

Black absorbs heat. That means while we're taking it in, we're not putting any off. Therefore our extremities stay cold, because they're not giving off heat. If black were to give off heat, then we would be nice and toasty, as there would be a field of warmth following us about.

White reflects heat. Obviously this means the reverse of the above paragraph, and since white people are always reflecting heat, they have a nice little cloud of warmth following them.

This explains why every white person I touch is nice and toasty, while every black person I touch is cold and frigid. It also explains why everyone touches me, because I'm taking their extra heat, which I gladly accept.

I guess the proper scientific terms for this are endothermic and exothermic. Black people would be endothermic, because they absorb energy. White people would be exothermic, because they release it.

Have you ever heard of a product of an endothermic reaction being heat? Maybe I'm forgetful or ignorant, but I haven't.

Ok, enough about why I'm cold all the time.

Edit: I've been asked about the really light black people, or the white people that are always cold and the black people that are always hot.

There are such things called anomalies... Or people that are black, but don't know it, and vice-versa. It's happened. *nod*

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Sunday. 11.12.06 5:16 pm
I can't see. T.T

I'm looking at things, and they're moving and not staying still.

I'm trying to read, and none of it is making sense.


Stupid eyeballs.

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