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ALLL moved in...
Sunday, August 28, 2005
But....our stuff isnt even halfway unpacked... lol...welll you know how regular rooms are..well we thought we were getting one of those but instead...we got a deluxe suite.. a suite that everyone has to be on a waiting list to get... you have to be an upper classmen...not a freshmen..but somehow... Asti and I got it..so we have a common room, a bedroom, three closets, and our own bathroom. Someone is definatly looking out for us and said yup...we are going to give them this room. So we went over to walmart and bought more stuff. Asti's dad is bringing over a day bed next weekend....so we can have people stay the night and stuff... it's fun! We gotta decorate the room and stuff still.. But right now, we have a path to the computers, fridge, other food, and to our bedroom and bathrooms.. She is in the shower right now..so I think Im going to go try to find our bedroom floor...So..first night in MU...it was a good time... :);) Hahahaha...anyways...Im sure you catch my drift...especially if you know the type of person I am..and my friends...youd totally understand...Im going to go now...my body is aching...ugh..ttyl...Peace my loves

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Friday, August 26, 2005
...Im tired. :( I got up early, to clean my house and start packing. I didnt end up packing till like.. 3 anyways. Because I was cleaning with my sister..and we were being lazy and like..didnt clean for like an hour at a time.. haha yeah...it was good fun. I just got done with my homework for UNV....yeah..I had it since June..oh well! Im all packed.. and I dont really have alot to carry..just.. there is a lot of stuff in that stuff.. Ya know what I mean? Like. a lot of little things in the boxes...Ill probably end up throwing them away...now that I think about it..b/c what am I going to do with them? Oh well.. Anyways..I just wanted to pop in and do a little update..I might go to bed soon b/c Im tired and I have to wake up early..so I might take some nyquil...who knows..Im pretty unpredictable..haha..peace out my loves

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Friday, August 26, 2005
sucks ass...and Im not done, just taking a break...Trying to figure out what to do with everything but I think I got it under control...hopefully...my dad will be home soon..Ill have boxes..and TA DA! It'll be done and over with..well I gotta make dinner..buh byes my loves

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Ive decided
Thursday, August 25, 2005
...that where Im going to college.... wont take me far far far away from this hell...

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I have a headache...
Thursday, August 25, 2005
So...I guess I havent updated since tuesday huh? Well ...yesterday..I went to my grandmas and did laundry.. How exciting huh? I worked on my homework and I have two articles done, I just have to read the third one and answer a question and Ill be done with that. Im waiting for my sister to go to work so I can sit out in the living room and read and think about it...then.. Im going to come back in here later on tonight after I get the dishes done and work on it. It isnt as bad as I thought it was going to be. I actually end up with like.. 4 paragraphs and I only need 3 at the max but..I have a lot of points to make.. lol.. Today, I went shopping with my sister and mom. It was a good day. I got to use my credit card, and I got my debit card activated... good times. Atleast I know I can use my credit card when I thought I couldnt... I bought a ton of new stuff, plus some food..sooo I gotta get packing stuff. I didnt get crates..and I should have b/c now I have food.. oh well! Bah...I have a headache. I had to wake up early again this morning and take my dad to work... wasnt a good time. I didnt feel good so I didnt drive home...and I came back home and slept for three hours, got up..took a shower and left...and here I am.. It was a good time.. Well...just two more days... *sigh* My lovely bed...Im going to miss it..haha! Oh well... when I get my refund check back, Im going to pay off some bills.. and shit like that. Whatever is left over...Im getting my hair done and my tongue pierced. Hopefully...Ill have a job by then and I wont have to worry about money expenses. Im going to apply at Marks Brothers..anddd Pizza Hut again...so if they will bite.. If all else fails...I guess Im going to subway and McDonalds also.....and if that fails..work study...here I come! Well Im out my lovelys... peace

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Thanks to this cool girl...
Wednesday, August 24, 2005
I have a new quote that I love... its like this..:
"I swear...Id rip my heart out right now...If you said you'd be impressed..."
Isnt that awesome? haha I love it!

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