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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Friday. 12.1.06 3:22 pm
So. I'm curious as to what the cheapest thing on ebay is, including shipping.

I'm finding some interesting things...

Beanie babies... Almost 300

A defibrillator

Here's a winner for the "avid redneck collector": Ugly kitschy cheap looking napkin rings

Oooh, 20" rims... perfect for when I'm on Maury and need a reason as to why I couldn't father a child...

Oooh, pretty. A 50" Hitachi big screen telly. Needs a tune-up.

An ebook? On how to be a power-seller? One cent??? I smell ripoff. It's got free shipping... so maybe not too much of a ripoff.

Tires to go with the aforementioned rims. Now I really can't father a child.

A shiny laptop.

I remember my brother got the ring for Xmas one year... It was fun.

This pink shirt has a popped collar. o.O

Why do I suspect "cheap anime" implies burnt DVD? I wonder if it's the same people from 7-11.

Wow. A honda civic. ONE CENT!!!


Now why would I pay someone
for a payday loan?

Nothing else good in the one cent items. Now for the expensive items:

Most of them seem to be cars... that's not fun.

Here's some land in Florida.

Diamonds! They're a girl's best friend. *nod* Shiny.

Someone's selling their collection of used scratch-off lottery tickets. o.O

Ever want to be a shady apartment/laundromat super? Now you can.

Tired of playing with the crappy non-metal Tonka trucks? Buy a big one!

She's selling her ass to pay for a neck surgery. Poor dear.

A trailer????

No, seriously, a Lv. 60 epic mage.

Girls, if anyone calls you a frigid bitch when you're on this... Run 'em over.

Great for the guy who can't get a date... or just wants to reenact scenes from "Oh Mikey"

Ok, post's over.

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Friday. 12.1.06 3:34 am
So. We're watching a movie called "How to make a monster" on the sci-fi channel.

It's terribly... cliche nerd-horror movie, there's an uppity negro, a dog the bounty hunter wannabe, and... the plaid button up shirt khaki pants to the armpits geek.

We were watching it, and I realized...

The black guy reminds me of one of my old/future teachers...

Oh Thweatt.... >.<

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It's the KKKone! (edited)
Thursday. 11.30.06 4:17 pm
So I finished my Xmas shopping.

I was in Wally's, and I found the Kone.

They only had it in white, but apparently it comes in several other colors.

I thought it was ugly, and it is ugly, regardless of whatever color it is.

First I picked it up, and said ditzily "I'm a cheerleader, you guyz!"

Ten minutes later, I walked back by it, and it reminded me of a KKK hood. (Like I said, they only had it in white.)

It doesn't look hand-friendly at all. :/

It didn't help the KKKonnection that the Kone started with a 'k'... :p

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Oh well.
Thursday. 11.30.06 12:42 pm
I never remembered what I was going to post about.

Oh well.

I went by a local coffeeshop today, and bought a banana cake.

It's sooooo tasty.

I want to save Dave some, but he's asleep...

It would be mean to eat it all and not let him have any.

They have this vegan carrot cake that is the best carrot cake EVER.

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Oh dear. (super edited many times)
Wednesday. 11.29.06 9:02 pm
I was going to post something amusing, I forgot what it was.

It was amusing. Then I realized that I'd left something out. :/ o.O

That needs to be put away.

Oh dear.

I'll remember it later.

I'm going to buy the three animals I know around here Xmas gifts.

I need to call Mas and tell her I have an Xmas gift.

Haha, we're talking about weight. I mentioned that people would ask me for some of my endowments... like I'd give them some.

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Monday. 11.27.06 1:24 pm
I'm black in teh Backsburg.

Yes, I know that's completely wrong, but after typing it, I thought it was cute.

So I dropped off my crap, came to visit Dave, and went to eat.

Then I went to eat with Dani.

My parents, deciding that I'm twelve, have to harass me as to who Dani is, and is it a boy.

Sheesh. It was mostly my dad and his whiteophobia... It pisses me off, he's one of those "zomg racism is bad", but holy shit if he is not a racist ass himself.

I borrowed a pair of Dave's boxers, they're ridiculously comfy. It's scary, even.

Mum says they got held up in traffic, and it took them 6 hours to get home. They left at two, she said they got home at 8.30.


I went to 7-11, and they have a Limited Time Only Apple Crumb Coffee. It sounds tasty, I'll have to go get one.

I hope they have a nice apple seasonal donut this year as well. Though I think that was the caramel apple donut.

WHAT THE ... ?????

> with a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA*
> with 2 or more summers remaining prior to graduation (On or after December
> interested in Business, Engineering, Computers & Information Sciences, Sales,
Marketing, Allied Healthcare, or Retail Management"


It'd better mean everybody. I am NOT ethnically diverse.

Even though I can't do it, because my GPA is waaaay too low, I wouldn't do it, just because of the term "Ethnically Diverse". I think it's crap, giving someone something just because their skin color or background is "different". Poop on that.

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