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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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I can sell my house!
Saturday. 12.16.06 11:36 am
If I had a house, that is.

I love pretending that I have(or can afford) all sorts of things when I'm surfing the internet...

Shiny jewelry... expensive cars...that 50ft yacht... all sortsa stuff.

So now I'm pretending I have a house to sell on CashHomeBuyers.com

Problem is, that little select your state box? There aren't any affiliates near my dad's house. Nor my moms house. Guess I won't be selling any houses in the ghetto.

I'll try Blacksburg. Nope. Guess no one in rural VA wants to sell houses.

Oh well. So much for that, I won't be getting 3-15 dollars. :/

I could review something else, but it might be TMI or something.

But nuTang seems to have plenty of females, they might appreciate it.

I don't know.

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The Price is Right!
Friday. 12.15.06 11:14 am
I haven't gotten to watch this show at all this semester, I've had class EVERY day at 11am.

Obviously, since the semester is over, I CAN WATCH IT!!!

I've been yelling at the telly like an old black woman, and, with the internets at my fingertips, checking to see how much TPIR is overpricing things.

I remember one time, they had a U2 iPod listed as costing 700 dollars!!!!

There was a coffeemaker for 1300 dollars. What the hell!? That's ridiculous.

Oh! There was a really large guy that came down, and Bob said: "You're looking for Al??? How could you miss him???"

Oh mercy me.

I love how the guy on the Hoverround commercial's last name is Kruse. Subliminal advertising, much? The old people singing in this commercial are creepy.

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Friday. 12.15.06 1:01 am
I made a new writing. It's got icons people can steal for their NuVatar.

Sigh, I feel bad, Dave's been conking out early lately, and I've been up, and I worry that I might bother his sleeping. :/

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Dave R0x. (Edited)
Thursday. 12.14.06 10:22 pm

I went to move my crap out of my room for break.

Stupid princess left a slice of pizza in the fridge. Trash in her wastebasket, and all sorts of crap. She didn't clean out the fridge either, so I used her towel (it was just water). We're not supposed to have any trash left in the rooms, but there was stuff in her wastebasket, and I'm not her maid. So I put the pizza in her wastebasket. It'll be a pleasant surprise when she returns.

So I seriously took the fridge and a buncha other stuff that I haven't been using, an now it's at Dave's.

It's amazing how much of that stuff I actually *don't* use.

I'm thinking of emailing princess, RA, building director, and their boss with an email saying that I've taken MY fridge, and so there will be no unnecessary meetings, it's because she hasn't taken care of it at all. Leaving my bathtowel in it to catch the water, and all sorts of other bullshit.

I'd love to break into her facebook acct, and leave her "actions" entry as "losing all fridge privileges." That would be hilarious.

Here's some good news.

Remember the kooki-sushi I posted a long time ago?

Now you can make your own.

Also: McDonald's has brought back the McRib! Even though the last time they weren't doing it anymore!

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Thursday. 12.14.06 3:18 pm
So. Dave and I went to Danny's Pawn shop. (Not their page, but an article about them.)

You know how you expect to go to a pawnshop, and things should be cheaper than retail, because they're used?

Yeah... How about not. They were selling slim PS2s for 135 dollars! You can buy them new for 129! They had the old, thick PS2s for 109! Sheesh. That's not a good idea. Dave said they had GameCubes for 80 dollars.... Why you'd pay more for something used, I don't know.

They had some shinies, and there was a violin for 139 dollars. Granted, it wasn't a student violin, but it looked like it would at least need a new set of strings.

There was a Radio Shack (god forbid) keyboard for 130 dollars! WTF? I wouldn't pay more than 70 for it, NEW. But then again, I'm snooty about keyboards, and for 130 dollars, I expect to have all 88 keys. Not half of them with novelty lights and sounds.

There was a 20% off sale on chainsaws... o.O

The people there were oddly friendly. It was a bit odd.

So we came back.

We're all working on cleaning the kitchen, and there have been some gross smells.

Like the chicken that was in the fridge for a very long while... IT WAS MOLDY!!!



They're going to play the Prince of Tennis on Cartoon Network.

I bet it'll suck.

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Posting away a Headache
Tuesday. 12.12.06 10:14 pm
Dave tried to play squeak squad, but he got annoyed with it. :p

There's a "speed" version that I unlocked, so I guess I haven't really finished the game until I've done that. Dave said I could take it back if I wanted, but I like to keep games, regardless of if I've beaten it or not. Besides, he gave it to me, I'm keeping it. :p


My grandpa was in an accident today, got a few broken ribs. He's in the hospital.

Guess that means the truck is out of commission.

Coby said that mom was getting pissy with him, she always does that, it pisses me off. Poor Coby.

Anyway. Back to the original purpose of the post. I'm perusing the intarwebs to see what I can see about the ghetto, and I found pictures of the "historic" downtown area. And my other Grandpa's old church, before they moved into a newly built mega church. I'd been in the old church once or twice, for family pictures and my grandma's funeral.

Wow. That page screams... 1997. Maybe it looks better in MSIE... Ok, it looks like 2000 in MSIE. I think FF is having some scroll/blink/marquis issues... silly firefox.

Not having any luck in my searches, but I am finding some amusing stuff.
Like why you should never sit on a metal fender when you're peeing.

Now I can make a holiday turkey!

I'm busy watching Momoiro Sisters. It doesn't seem to get great reviews, but it amuses me greatly.

I found it when I was searching YouTube for ??? I don't remember. It had something to do with Aya Matsuura's Momoiro Kataomoi, but I'm not sure if that's what I was looking for.

Anyway, I found it, watch it, and I find it relatively hilarious. Especially the girl with Hemorrhoids that reminds me of the psychic girl from Fruits Basket.

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