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Home. :/
Wednesday. 12.20.06 9:44 pm
So, as I said, Dave went back to NJ.

This means the facade has dropped, home is still full of the same bullshit.

I really should just up and go. Grab some money, pack up, go, never look back.

We managed to find Coby a Wii for Xmas. Walmart had three of them.

Break is going to be oh-so-much fun. :/

I feel like shit. :/

Oh. And apparently, at some point, my dad has given up teh pot.

Now if only he would stop smoking altogether... Oh well.

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Home. :/
Wednesday. 12.20.06 9:59 am
So. I'm home.

We got here Monday, and Dave left last night. :/

Mom was mom, Dad was dad, and Coby was coby, as always.

Dave got me a grab bag from Priscilla's, I was kinda sad, the only thing that was really good in the bag was the bright red body stocking and the other lil doodad.

I'm not on the hunt for anyone, so the Man-bingo doesn't appeal to me at all. The rubber pen0r that smelled fruity was NOT edible, so I was mad. If it's going to be on a stick, at least make it edible! Sheesh.

And the clerk said it was going to be a good bag, too. Bum.

Of course, my parents are glad that I'm home, I get to do their dirty work. Sure, I like shopping, but sheesh. Don't wait until I come home to start it, because I hate going out in crowds like that.

I don't even know how old people are and what they like. On top of that, Dad's going to start whining, because I can't just walk into a store, pick up something for everyone, and walk out.. you know, every store has what everyone wants...

I also get the awesome job of hunting down a Wii.

Like *that* is going to happen.


So anyway, Dave came down, and I took him about the ghetto. We went to the ghetto mall with nothing but shoe stores, and a few other places. Nothing horribly ghetto this time, though.

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Sunday. 12.17.06 10:02 pm
So. We went to Wendy's, and feeling reluctantly healthy, I ordered a salad.

I expected it to be wilted, because it's late in the day.

I didn't expect the cheese to taste odd and a chunk of red cabbage to look rotted like corn smut

So I took it back and got greasy, fattening goodness. With an extra large drink thrown in. Makes up for the 30 cent difference.

Scott threw a party, where we could decorate the tree.

I threw nifty tinsel icicles at it, and was complimented on my icicle hanging style.

Dave and I were the only straight couple there... it was amusing.

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Pretty spam!
Sunday. 12.17.06 5:57 pm

Oh god, This is horribly awful.

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Oh dear.
Sunday. 12.17.06 3:05 pm
We went to Subway, and were walking back, and some old man shook his head at us.

He's just jealous, silly old man.

So we came back and watched Kids Next Door...

It was a gimping of X-men... I called it when they had the original elf show up.. Dave called the DCFDTL when the "KND" were attacking Santa.

Later on they went into their details... Wintergreen had a Peppermintium skeleton...

It was a highly entertaining episode.

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Free food!
Saturday. 12.16.06 6:39 pm
So I had a coupon for Applebee's, any burger/sammich for 5 dollars.
I got a quesadilla burger, it was 7.49.
They rang it up as free.

It was oh so tasty.

We watched House of Wax last night, with Parasite Whoreton in it.

It was... awfully amusing. Dave said it was bad, and it was pretty mediocre... until the end, when everything turned into a CG meltfest. Then it just looked ridiculous and cartoony.

The black guy wasn't the first to die, nor was Whoreton. I was surprised.
Though I wasn't too surprised that Whoreton looked completely stoned throughout the whole movie, though she was supposedly screwing that black kid from all the nickelodeon movies.

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