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ugh...there's going to be a lot of swearing
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
IM PISSED! Im so fucking tired....and people..FUCKING PISS ME THE FUCK OFF! seriously, if you knew..you'd totally understand..but I have to walk my ass all the way across campus and basically ...to go to my 8 o clock pysch class...laugh all you want... but atleast I can take a nap when I get back..which is like 12:30.. so Im not too pissed...I just didnt go to bed till fucking 2:30..dont ask why..I was just a little preoccupied..thats all.. hahaha OHH FUCK! I gotta run....6 came to quick this morning...our shower is a bitch and the hot water doesnt work this early...I dunno why..but it doesnt...and it pisses me off, but asti took the shower first this morning so I got like..15 more minutes of sleep...Im pissy... here we go...bye kids..Ill write more later..maybe..we'll see..peace

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hahaha oh my
Sunday, September 11, 2005
SO...I wanna start out this entry saying...Congradulations to someone on their new recent news about being pregnant... I could write her a comment, but really...Im so lazy right now. I hope everything works out and well... nothing happens like last time. But anyways.... it was a good night...I must say.. but I dont really wanna talk about it b/c its personal.. ;) Hahaha....I just went out... did the regular thing.... and I dunno.. haha I cant talk about it and I want too.. I cant talk about it without so many people getting pissed off and I dont want people pissed off... :) No worries though... it wasnt anything big... I smell like...alcohol..and... smoke... and other stuff... My mouth tastes like...cigs and.. alcohol..and other stuff.... haha So Im going to go take a shower...brush my teeth 5 times...and I should be good... Ta ta my darlings! I hope everyone had a blast this weekend...

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Saturday, September 10, 2005
So... whats up in Nutang world? I very rarely even come on here and write anymore. I have time, but no energy...I do what I need to do on here, do my homework, watch tv, hang out with Iggy...hang out with other crazy people... go to class... go other places... It's always a good time around here no matter what. I will, however, try to make a habit of leaving a little something on the weekends. Just to clean my head of what happened for the week. :) So anyways....monday I came back here. Good times good times! And of course... I forget what happens... b/c it was monday and now its saturday... Oh wait, I think Asti went down to the house to hang out, and I stayed up here.. Yeah...but...umm.. lemme think.. Tuesday..went to class...chilled...nothing exciting.. Wednesday.....class....chilled here...Thursday..haha class ..chilled here...FRIDAY! I went to class.... Asti and I walked around campus b/c it was so nice out and we are always in this fucking room..so we stayed outside..then we went to lunch... And our friends James and Ryan came in and ate lunch with us.. I didnt end up eating b/c for some reason, Asti and I always get food, and then we arent hungry...so I gave my food to James..lol.. I paid for it, but oh well, Im a nice person like that.. let's see...Then we came back here.... then the frat boys went to a strip club..lucky bastards.. we were going to go but Ben didnt want to be embarassed or some gay shit like that...so we went to the football game in Troy instead...What an amazing game..I was so proud..except for at the end. Sayre really didnt need to score those points...but they did. Personally, I think they let their guard down a little bit b/c they knew they were winning.. It just goes to show you...that..either the teams really suck this year...haha and Troy just happens to be better...or they finally got in their heads that they can beat these teams..and go in thinking they are going to win. For the last few years..we've had shitty players..that didnt have heart..I dunno..last year..they really pissed me off b/c they could have won a lot of games....I know..its not allll about winning.. but its you must feel really shitty when everyone looks down on you...Personally, Id want to change that..but whatever...it was an amazing day..then.. Heather, Asti, and I came back here.. and like..chilled...watched movies..and ate ice cream. We also went to vinnies before the game too.. it was nice. It was so busy..we were waiting for our food, so I went over to video king to see Kyle...b/c the last time I was there.... I didnt see him and he was mad..so I walked over to see him. He is cute as always.. Asti and I went to Vinnies on Tuesday too I think..Then her mom, and Dougie took us out to Pizza Hut Wednesday...it was nice.. :) My aunt was working...:) I love her to pieces.. I played catch with Ben...like..wednesday night I think..whatever night the boys played football..NO wait...maybe that was thursday night..haha I dunno, but every night this week, Asti and I watched movies... spent time together..It was nice.. We havent really fought with each other yet..Just playful fighting..haha like calling each other bitch and stuff..but nothing too serious.. Let's see... Today....Im just relaxing this morning. Asti is still sleeping and I cant go back to sleep..I woke up the first time, and had to pee soooo bad. So I went to the bathroom, and went back to bed...and like..fell asleep but it was a light sleep..then... I woke back up and had to pee again..and this is where I find myself.. Im going to lay down on this little bed thing that Asti brought and watch some tv...I wanna go to the football game today, but..I have to go get my computer from my house...plus my birth control...plus the food that my mom bought me..and hopefully, Ill get some cash for the week...I also wanna go down to McDonald's and apply because they are hiring..Well my mom is on the phone.. so Ill write back later..peace my darlings

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Heyyyyy whats up>
Friday, September 2, 2005
WORD! Sorry, Ive been neglacting the nutang community for the whole week. What can I say...Im a busy girl...haha I was going to the football game tonight for troy but...I think I can wait till its home next weekend. Hopefully Ill get ahold of Tom...Anyhoo! Im home for the weekend. Going up to the lake...friggin yeah. I hope it doesnt rain and the little cousins can come down...Im going to go talk to my mom..write more later...peace

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HEYY there
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
I know its...hard to feel...like I dont care at alllll..." So anyways... Second day into classes...it was a great time....anyhoo..watching eurotrip...peace out

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Hey there
Monday, August 29, 2005
Okay... so ...last night was fun as usual. What else can you expect..classes start tomorrow and Im not excited what so ever...so...Im going to bed b/c I have to get up at 8...night

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