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Sunday. 11.6.05 7:30 am
truth of the world: some people are fucking useless. its a proven fact. and if not completely usesless, useless in something. like their job perhaps. nothing pisses me off quite like bustin my ass to fix an idiots mistake, then have them act like nothing was wrong, THEN try and take credit for doing something good. fuck all that. youre an idiot. you are in a position of power because you have no real skills or abilities anywhere else, so you stay in an environment where you are automatically given power as a result of not going anywhere else.

now im not knocking said organization, or people who devote their lives to staying in said organization. theres a ton of people who stay in because they believe in the efforts of the orgnanization, or they want to better themselves, or said the group, or just do the right thing. then some people are fucking useless. they linger around, because they cant step up to the bar and make shit work elsewhere. they linger here, and dont really accomplish much.

listen, there was a full week here devoted to training in your job which you are obviously not good at. i would take that time to look around, and see how its done, and maybe not sound like an idiot everytime i talked about my job. but these people, continue their high-level lingering, and ride on the backs of hard working people of lesser power who actually know their shit. THEN deny them any kind of credit for the bomb diggity doo dad shit they did.

but no complaints, cause chief saw bc in action and was like, damn thats hot shit. he practically said it was like puttin a toilet seat ontop of the stove. cause it was hot shit. and i think i know why. maybe, MAYBE its because ... hmmmmm.... aha, i give a shit. its really that simple. if you care about something, you fuckin work for it. i dont really care about playin the accordian, so i suck at it. and i admit to it. but i care about my job, especially the ultimate result of my job so i bust my ass at it.

and it doesnt stop at a job. its the same with people too. but people get off on fuckin it up for you. i can safely say everyone i care about, knows it because i work at keeping them. within reason of course. heres my take, if you care about someone, you dont do silly stuff like lying to them or ignoring them. again thats just me and ive been called crazy so i dunno, maybe it doesnt make anysense. it does seem so simple, i understand how it could escape the grasp of other people.

so then heres my dilemma, do you go for the cheesy forgiveness bit or say fuck it? we all know my personal preference but maybe its wrong. but why would it be? if someone doesnt have the time for you, then they deserve the same. likewise if someone would fucking kill half the world for you, maybe a little bit of compassion or something in return would be the humane thing to do. i think the big thing im pissed about (big suprise) is the question of my character.

i still dont remember the last promise ive ever made someone and broke. and everyone knows that. im too stubborn to break a promise or go back on something i said. so heres the deal, if you tell someone of my promise stature to make a promise with you, how about instead of worrying wheter or not he'll keep his end of the bargain (because the entire world knows i will) how about you maybe give the slightest effort in keeping your end instead of totally throwing out any chance of honor you may have at the first chance of instant comfort you may have. fuck that weak shit.

thats more what pisses me off when i think about it. why struggle and put yourself thru some shit to keep your end of a promise, when the person who INITIALLY MADE THE FUCKING PROMISE is like, "yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaah ya know what? PONIES!" what the fuck kinda shit is that? fuck those people. dont sit next to those people at lunch. they smell funny. dont like those people.

i do like the gmid peeps tho. lots of fun. they make me forget all the silly shit. ha i got this one friday nite:
why are you being quiet?
i dunno
well stop it youre too much fun for that
and as simple as it was, it worked like a goddamn charm, and the rest of the night was hilarious. there was even an open mike and they had disturbed and Hed PE on the playlist. so my throat was sore all weekend naturally. point is, those are some fun people. no goddamn drama and bullshit. just chillin laughin at each other. i love it. until they bring up someone that sure i had an eye on, and theyre like 'oh that seems like crossleys type' so then they set up all types of shit and it becomes a huge 'put brian on the spot' deal. but whatever it was cool. some people truly rock and you can just chill and enjoy yourselves. none of the 'AAAAAAAHHHHHHH someone got .000000004% more attention then meeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!" (as always intentional 1's) goddamn i hate that shit. fuck i hate that. its funny how somepeople shove themselves into the spotlight to try and impress everyone and get attention, then i dont want shit, and i get pulled in because they know ill make them have fun like friday.

so its all based on your fuckin personal decisions. you can choose to be the center of everything or not. you can chose if you want to be with people of the first type or not. i think my choice here is a little to easy.

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better update
Thursday. 10.27.05 8:25 am
ok the other post was something kinda botherin me, but not really a big deal. not what im really wanting to write. what i want to write about is these silly fuckin broads. ok heres the deal. shit happens. shit happens beyond our control. so you react and truck on. heres what you dont do, decide to move on, then oooooooooh back track and expect to be the center of attention. fuck that. fuck you for tryin.

i shower probably too much attention on females as it is. not females as a whole, but whatever one im with. i know its somethin i need to work on. example, this rock, blue ninja, smiley face ring, and plastic diamond bracelet all sitting right in front of me. yes somethings wrong with my brain. but not that much. im still intelligent enough to KNOW when im getting blown off. hey its happened before, ive done it before i know how it works. so if anyone knows anything about me, its that i hate getting bullshitted.

its so much better to say, "hey i found some one and decided fuck you. then it didnt work and hes gone and im lonely now so HEY BRIAN SHOWER ME WITH ATTENTION" woah ho ho. i just read and article titled 'fuck all that'. and i wrote it. why the fuck do people have to be the center of attention? especially if they dont have much to offer to be in that position. a very funny or very hot person naturally becomes the center of attention because they have something that everyone wants to see or hear. so if you have to shove yourself in someones face then obviously youre maybe not wanted there.

and i hate this fucking bounce back thing. it only means one of two things. you got dumped, and now its back up time. or you realize you traded the porshe for the ford and want to trade back. sorry bitch, doesnt work like that. i hate weak people. maybe not the people as much as the pure weakness. if you cant stay true to one person, then you dont deserve that person. and its not the first time someone decided to go try out other things, then realize they had what made them happy, and try to back track and act like nothing happened. why do people insisnt on assuming im fucking stupid. "hey theres brian, woah i just ran over his dog and he saw it. hmmmmm maybe ill drive backwords and feed him half hearted compliments, he'll have no idea..... damn im smooooooth"

genius. listen, shitting on me is bad enough. shitting on me and insulting my intelligence like 'oh i didnt just shit on you' is the worst. who the fuck do you think you are? plenty of people have done enough fucked up shit to me, and usually im like, ah whatever. but when they think im an idiot while they do it, infuriating. i love how a group of people you trust and like could tell someone 'hey thats a good choice' then that person just smeara old shit all over it. goddamn people are so fuckin stupid. then i relax as i realize the stupid/lazy/weak decisions people make end up fucking those people. the actions you make reflect the decisions you make, and an equal outcome is the result. so if youre too lazy to keep a good thing, you'll never get a good thing. dont fuckin try.

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New work
Thursday. 10.27.05 8:14 am
So i looked over a bunch of my old entries. Most are absolutely hilarious. I could very well be the most quotable person alive. And alot of the entries are me bitchin about work. Now im seeing very similar patterns as Party Central. Namely: stupid people. Listen, why send someone copletely inept with technology, to which she openly admits to, 6 hours away to get trained on new technology. Only to have her (big surprise right) come back, have no idea how to set it up and do the required task. To which i of course say, 'fuck ill do it' and i get it up and running and do the required task. to which the end of that day i knew at least twice as much as the titled 'office expert' because she managed to keep herself awake for 2 days of class.

why let incompetent people do high value tasks? not everyone is good at everything (beside yours truly of course). some people suck with computers, so in clutch time, dont put them on a goddamn computer. we dont need plato to figure that one out. no what we need is barney to say it as simple as possible so maybe everyone can understand. now yeah, im all about putting said person on the computer when there is time to train, so they are no longer incompetent. but not on the newest thing there is, when it absolutely has to be done.

same with driving. listen, some people should just never drive. ever. we have to run with these orange reflective vests on, i think some people should drive with them over their car. and its the bad drivers that always panic when a good driver has complete control over the car. just because you cant do it doesnt mean no one can bitch. i could look at like 1,000 pounds of weights and say 'i cant pick that up' but i wont say that no one could. fuckin mosquitos flyin around pissin me off.

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Thursday. 10.6.05 6:30 pm
The M16 is quite possibly one of my favorite items on the planet. max effective range on a point target; 550 meters, area target; 800, max range: 3600 meters. thats reachin out and touchin someone. i have a cool ass pic of me stackin on a door with an M16 in the office. which is the one thing that sucks here, is that i dont hold one that much. iraq you sleep with your rifle, but then you get shot at more too.

funny question i got (not to make fun of you if youre readin this, it was just hilarious) i was asked if i was in north or south korea. im thinkin yeah, me and old kim jong are just kickin it, poppin back some beers. good ol' KJ i like to call im cause we're buds like that. then he kicks me in the face and takes all the food i produce so i starve because thats how he likes his country ran. guess what south korea? you bitch about us bein here, but if we left, that would just flood right down here, so quit whinin.

which is worse? being slighlty less independent, or having no freedom and starving to death? hhhmmmmmm. thats a tricky one isnt it? wait no its not, stop bitching. its like having a 100 room mansion, that we died to make sure you could keep way back when, then we use all of 1 room to keep all the theives and bad guys out. is that really that bad? heres what i laugh at, theres definately more muslim terrorists and North Korean infiltrators living here, than americans trying to defend you, and we still have to hear all these student group pussies bitching.

goddamn this place reminds me of home so much. groups of whiny fagets crying about shit when they have NO FUCKING CLUE what they're talking about. its almost ashame we're so dedicated to defend freedom, cause id say 'oh? you want us out? ok kim jong il, heres the key to south korea' and bounce at this bitch. then in 2 years when they're all poor and starving, and he has all types of extra nuclear power, runnin amok in asia, we'll see them really have something to whine about.

fuck, its always this generation too. i hate our goddamn generation. i went to the vfw last weekend, thats the place to go. everyone has stories of honor and glory and pride. i love it. and sure they have valid stuff to complain about now, but they dont, they just fucking deal with it and live on. the same with the older koreans. they'll stop us in the subway or in the street and smile and say thank you because they know what we're doing. they knew what we were doing since 50 years ago when we prevented them from becoming then what North Korea is now.

fuck these fucks. any south korean that doesnt want us here can go live in north korea for a year then tell me what they want us to do. the same with people bitching about iraq. yes i want my brothers and sister back home safe more than anyone. but you go live in iraq (the way it was) for a year and tell me how glad youd be to see the Abrahams tanks comin over the dunes. holy shit.[

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Wednesday. 9.28.05 4:10 am
another outstanding disturbed song. not only for its rocking stature but the questions it brings up. i think it kicks ass because it opens with a quote from George Bush saying: "our country is strong, we go forward to defend freedom, and all that is good and just in this world" then BAM starts rockin. if thats not motivating, especially to a soldier, i dunno what is. but what i take from that and comments ive seen online and conversation is that its a bush bash song. and i disagree.

what i hate is everyone bashin the man. listen im no bush supporter, BUT i support the US. The US, using its awesome constitutional guidelines which makes us what we are, decided to put bush in office. and then keep him there another 4 years. even if you whine about the poll crap in 00, the majority of the people voted him back in. so he is our leader. he is the person who, within his scope of power, will continue to defend our free life and help other countries enjoy the same. which is being done. i hate the war too, but listen, i hate being in a fist fight, if i see some dude raping someone who cant defend themself, im gonna throw down on him. yeah ill get a black eye and bloody nose and shit, but its worth doing the right thing. people who argue with it would obviously just watch someone get raped and then, idunno, grab a 7up or somethin.

so we have these songs, and movies that are against the leader we chose to follow. ok well i kinda see that as being unpatriotic, dare i say treasonous, because hes our guy. like him or not hes the one tryin to do good for our shit. i never agreed with everything my parents said but i did what they told me. and id back them up everytime they're challenged. wheres the loyalty to the country? other countries think the US is a big hodge podge of fucked up because we're almost fighting each other beacuse people who make too much money from movies and music have nothing better to do than defy their chosen leader. fuck em then. listen if you dont like it, move to fuckin iraq and tell me how much better life is.

oh yeah, and allow me to remind everyone of the constitutional system in place called CHECKS AND FUCKING BALANCES. listen, each branch of government only has so much power, and is checked and balanced by the other 2. so just because bush wants to do something doesnt always mean it gets done. SOMEONE else (who these same people voted into their respective offices as well) has to agree with the man before most crap is done. so im as well tired of hearing everyone say ITS ALL BUSH'S FAULT!!!!1! (ha there it is again)

what i REALLY hate is all our people talkin so much shit on him (again going to state im not a bush defender, i didnt vote for him but i acklnowlede him as the chosen leader so i follow the orders given) if i was going to make a song, expressing my disgust with someone, it would be for a real cum chute like, oh i dunno, Kim Jong Il who wants to nuke the shit out of us. you think its bad here? talk to someone who was born in North Korea in the last 30 years. theyre fuckin starving and hes tellin them that the US is poor and starving. then those ebing ass raped by him call him the great leader because so much propaganda, and the ones who dont fall for it get beat. so many of them defect to china every fucking day. whens the last time you heard of someone defecting from the US to escape a "harsh, unliveable government"?

or maybe sing about how much of a dick bin laden is. hes the one who killed everyone in NYC, not bush. i understand you dont agree with bush's tactics but he didnt fuckin create it. ok, its possible something could have been done, and i think its really fucked up if they could have. but still, why not put that same energy into bombing those dicks so they dont do it again. fuck. if we dont go to war they're gonna think we're pussies and then walk all over us. then fuckin crazy man in North Korea will be like fuck these fagets and then its nuke central. how many people go start a fist fight with the biggest guy in class? especially when he does good and helps all the little kids who cant defend themselves? US rocks so fuckin much. fuck those whiny fuckin hippies. listen, if you take your dog to a goddamn day spa, you have no room to complain about anything. fuckers.

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Saturday. 9.24.05 8:05 am
so i see i was told not to visit a site. i wont, but i would like to know why. donkey porn perhaps? im takin it like, when mom says "dont put that fork in the power outlet" you ask "why?" and she says itll shock your nostrils out, then you're like, ok then, wont do it.

so all the same, we're watchin these NYPD type shows now. ive never watched them, but now being trained on the whole writing/speaking deception detection, its interesting to watch now. cuase you can really solve the crime before it unfolds within the show. good stuff. and you can catch people in real life bullshittin. it makes me really consider pursuing the law enforcement feild after the army because ive heard half of the training for this job is similar to law enforcement.

the downside to making a job of it, is as shown in the stuff we did in seoul, there alot of rape cases. and we all know id freak. especially if i found the guy. holy shit balls batman. id go in jail with him. BUT, on the plus side, the thing i hate almost as much as the actual crime, is the false reporting. and alot of the cases we looked at in seoul were just that, and you can figure it out. and if i did that, again batman: shit balls. of holy sort. but then id want to choke the broad makin the claim.

and speakin of broads, they are two rungs below the bottom of the stupid ladder in these shows. goddamn. leading questions, emotions flaring, distorting facts, etc. i hope people dont really think that shit happens. if i was the cheif and i had an officer baller her eyes out during her interrogation of a suspect, id tell her to get her hand ready to write tickets, cause that broad would be out doing parking tickets all day. and this isnt an attack to real women officers, or women in general. just the ones in the shows. they lose all professionalism and any sentiment of what should have been trained. the seoul class was taught by a female and she definately knew her shit.

and the whole rape case thing, listen. we need to revert to our roots here. im talkin like 14th century england. the rack, those spike chairs, whippin, and the stockades. that piece they lock you in and people throw fruit at you. holy shit, if i saw one of these child molesters in one of those, id have a new daily routine. i would end up getting hired by the torturers for all the fucked up shit id come up with. oh god, id write down all the fucked up shit that came into my head and try it on him. fuck him, hed deserve it and more. cruel and unusual punishment loses its meaning if it fits the crime and if we do it all the time. fuck those fuck holes. luckily massey is playing my shitty vampire movies, i bought a set of 4 for $7 so my mind isnt straying into that.

heres 2 things ive learned in the past 20 minutes, if a move says time space continuum and does NOT show titties, it should not be watched. second, fuck i forget the second one.

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