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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Awww, How sad!
Sunday. 1.28.07 6:37 pm
According to facebook, someone tore down pwincess's sorority door decorations.

""Liz Campbell is pretty pissed at whoever tore down her sorority letters and ripped them to shreds! 4:49am"

Glad I'm not living there anymore.

Oh how sad. *pout*

I'm torn between hoping she thinks I did it, , and that she tries to start more bullshit to show how self centered she is, and almost feeling bad for her.


You're not allowed to keep stuff like that on the door/wall anyway.

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Sunday. 1.28.07 11:42 am
I've got 84 pages of stuff!

It'd be more if I hadn't deleted my posts every ... coupla months.

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(T.T) Linux XP 2007!?! What a Steal!
Saturday. 1.27.07 1:12 pm
So I'm rewriting this.

Wow, I can buy the Linux XP 2007 OS for 11 dollars!

Wonder where I can get it for free?

Oh, wait, he's an "authorized reseller".

Attention Ebay Staff: This listing is in full compliance with eBay's policies. This is a retail packaged product I have purchased in bulk from a distributor. The distributor owns all the copyrights or has permission from the original copyright owner where applicable. I am an authorized re-seller of this product. If you have any questions please contact me.

He's got a lot of them for sale.

I should probably comment on the fact that it's Linux XP...


It's real

Go figure.

Guess it's for people to give to their mothers... LikeUbuntu

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Thursday. 1.25.07 8:11 pm
So I brought my crockpot with me back to school.

I wanted to buy some of those crockpot meals.

They take 8-10 hours to cook.

Put it on in the am, leave for class, come back, toss in the rice, wait half an hour, eat.

Sounds like it has some potential worth.

Hopefully it'll be tasty, whenever I decide to cook it.

Maybe I'll make the stew-y one one of these cold days.

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Interesting. (another fat post)
Thursday. 1.25.07 10:46 am
Of course, being myself, I'm always amused by things I see on the telly, especially those for weight loss.

Dancer's Bar, also known as fluidity.

A fluidity body is "long and lean, with irresistible curves".

It's listed as 200 dollars on their page. The trial is 40 dollars.

Just two 30 minute workouts a week to flat sculpted abs.

Oooh, if folds to just 4 inches high (thick)

Wait, yeah, I could make it fold as well.

I could have a dancer's body.

"You very quickly see results", says one of th epeople in the commercial.

"It feels great to have a dancer's body"

Risk free for 30 days.....

Wow, the dancer's secret can be mine.

Yeah, I think I can make one of those. It might not be made of lightweight aluminum or steel, but I don't see why I couldn't make one.

Get a wooden bar, maybe ream it out and insert a length of rebar to add to it. For the legs... A hinge, a support beam (probably with rebar), and some other stuff.

I don't see it being that hard or that expensive to make.


Anyway, because I'm lazy, as well as curious, I put 7 dollars of my reveNue towards a boot leg slimlift.

I'll see how it works.

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DON'T CALL ME MRS.!!!!!! >:O
Tuesday. 1.23.07 9:14 pm
Says Dr. Leslie K. Pendleton(Graham).

She decides to give us a lecture in our professionalism class (that we *must* take seriously), and goes on about calling people by her titles.

She's Dr. Pendleton before she's Mrs. Pendleton before she's Ms. Pendleton.

This makes sense, because one would hopefully politely assume that once a woman has passed the age of 35, she is more than likely married.

These days, I know that's baloney, but stick with me here.

So she's lecturing on titles. Of course, we figure, if you mistakenly address someone, they will correct you. Most people do. "I'm not a Dr.... Mr./Mrs./Ms./Your Majesty/nickname is fine".

But not Dr. Pendleton, oh, no, we are NOT to call her Mrs. Pendleton, as she is NOT married. Nor is Ms. Taylor.

She continued to scrawl Mrs. in big letters on the board, and then drew a big X through it. Then she started to gripe that there wasn't a term of espousal for men... it was Mr., regardless.

Really professional, hun, and completely uncalled for.

I think someone's had a bad/bitter divorce. :/

Either way, unless I know someones actual title, then I refer to them as Mr./Ms./Dr. Since Dr. outweighs Mr./Ms./Mrs., then she really had no reason to go on that rant at all.

Jason's friend says she'll get really pissy if you call her Pendleton-Graham...

Supposedly she was super pissed that she couldn't change her pid after her divorce. Might contribute to the bitterness.

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