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Oh, beings that are...
Friday. 2.9.07 12:49 pm
You make me laugh.

As everyone knows, I hate Fields. I think it's a ridiculous class, and a waste of time going. Even today, a guy had fallen asleep and was snoring loudly in class.

I've been feeling seriously bad the past few days, it started with gut-angry on Wednesday, a headache followed up with super-gut-angry yesterday, and today, the British, with massive gut-angry and cramps.

Sign one that I shouldn't go to fields.

I'm begrudgingly getting ready to leave, late, as I've decided there is no need to leave a full 30 minutes before class. I could get to class 30 minutes late, and I wouldn't miss anything.

While I'm pondering all of this, the doorbell rings. Crap! I live here, but I don't... oh well, I figure it's the front door, I scurry out to answer it, and no one is there. I scurry to the back, no one is there, either. I scurry back to the front, and I see a package. FOR ME! What is it?

It's my hat! Huzzah!

So I figure the beings that are want me to be late, because I now have a seriously awesome hat that's toasty. I finish getting ready, and realize that it's probably rude to have gotten my hat, but not checked the mail. Perhaps my bra came today.

I open the mailbox.

There's a package.

FOR ME! Yay! Two packages in a day! I've never gotten that much attention from USPS. I figure it's my bra, because damnit, I need my bra. My shoulders are starting to hurt from the exercising with my crappy bra.

This package is a big envelope, doubled over, and taped to hell. I figure, it must be my bra, because I've been waiting and waiting and damnit I want it. Then I notice it's the bootleg trimfitslim thing I ordered on ebay. So I go to open it, which takes a while, because it's taped beyond belief.

Obviously the beings that are don't want me to go to fields. Too bad, I'm going anyway.

I went to fields, and damn if I did not feel like I was going to die.

Stupid horse.

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Holy crawesomeness!
Thursday. 2.8.07 5:31 pm
Note: Crawesome = crap + awesome


A long while ago, my grandma told my mom to tell me to hunt down a couple @ VT. They're in engineering, so they might be able to help.

I stalk them first, and find the husband is in the ECE department. That's nice. It still didn't motivate me to go and randomly introduce myself.

But then. THEN! I was talking to my lab TA, who said that the husband is apparently a fields god. So the TA is going to give me all of his old fields PDFs.

But now I have to go meet this professor, because it might just prove fruitful.

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Wednesday. 2.7.07 10:54 am
Because it snowed, and there was no delay for school, I am annoyed.

Because I have to go to fields, I am annoyed.
Why? The teacher takes the equations from the book, puts them in powerpoint slides, and then writes them on the board.

No new information is introduced.

He says "yano" every five seconds.

He only stays on one projector, which is on the other side of the classroom.


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Thanks, crazed astronaut lady.
Tuesday. 2.6.07 10:08 pm
I'm sure everyone has heard about love/lust-struck astronaut lady

I'd like to extend a letter of thanks to her.
I'd like to thank her for proving that women are unstable.
I'd like to thank her for making the point that women can't possibly hold jobs in a scientific field, because they will become enamoured with someone.
I'd like to thank her for becoming enamoured with not just anyone, but a colleague.
The problem?
She goes bananas, hunts down another woman, and tries to kill her. All while wearing a diaper.

What does this mean for me?

People are going to think because I've got a vagina and am interested in sciencey things, I'm going to engage in insane activities that can only be tied to the fact that because I am female, I am unstable.

Lisa Nowak, I, Jessica Harper, would like to extend my thanks to you for making my life as an aspiring engineer just that much more difficult.

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Good news for me, bad news for Dave.
Tuesday. 2.6.07 4:03 pm
I'm in DB... my wireless is working fine and dandy.

Time to see what's up with Dave's router.

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Monday. 2.5.07 10:28 am
So after my touchpad starts freaking out,
my wireless starts freaking out.

It'll hold a connection for say... 5 minutes, and then I have to disable/reenable the card.

Wired works fine.

Wireless.... doesn't.

It's highly annoying, I might take my computer with me to see if it's just Dave's router seriously hating me, or what.

It can't be firefox, because I can send/receive email, and I have no problem sending IMs.

MSIE will do the same thing... it's weird.

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