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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Wednesday. 2.21.07 6:31 pm
I was traipsing about Wikipedia and found this amusing entry about John Garang.

Also, I've learned that you shouldn't use duct tape for ducts.


That's all I have for now, I'm supposed to be working on a project.

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Va. Tech Housing, you make me laugh.
Wednesday. 2.21.07 12:45 am
Guffaw, even.

Perhaps chortle.

Ok, now to the story.

So as the world knows, I moved out of my old building about a month ago.
When I was moving in, I moved after 10p, so I ended up not being able to swipe into the building, and I assumed that my information hadn't been changed in the system.

Two weeks later, it's changed. I assume that I can swipe into the building now, as I haven't really stayed there, and when I do, I'm in before 10p and don't leave.
I have fun searching for myself on Va. Tech People search/hokie stalker, and admiring my new address/phone number.

Two weeks later (today), I go over to Dave's, we get food, and he drives me back to campus, because he's awesome like that. I go to swipe into the building...RED. Can't get in. I try again. RED. Who knew red LEDs could harbor so much hostility?

So I go to try a side door, and realize Macey is still awake. I yell, and get her to open the door for me.

So now I'm emailing housing, because, damnit, this is ridiculous! :/

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As everybody knows, (The news blows... bigtime)
Saturday. 2.17.07 2:26 pm
Britney spears is now a walking penis.

It's horrible of me to say that, but it's always the first thing that I think of when someone shaves their head.

Or perhaps she got into a fight with a lawnmower... and LOST.

So, anyway. Why is this noteworthy?

Instead of hearing about Anna Nicole Smith when I turn on the news, I'll hear about Britney. It'll last about a day, "holy crap! she shaved her head!", and then people will move on, hopefully forgetting about the ANS circus.

I'd seriously like to know why someone shaving their head has made CNN . That's just ridiculous.

It's on Reuters!

The AP is telling it as well.




Why is it so important to the world that "oh god, Britney shaved her head! Lohan is a whore?!? Skeletor1 is going to jail, Skeletors2 and 3 look like bobble heads! They're hurting our children by being so skinny! Paris Hilton got shit thrown at her!"?

When I was younger, I enjoyed watching the news. Now it's "Oh crap! Something blew up in the Middle East! Heil Bush!" or "OH NOES! YOU AREN'T SCARED ENOUGH, SOMETHING YOU CONSUME EVERY DAY CAN KILL YOU! TUNE IN AT 11!!!!" of course, this something is Dihydrogen Monoxide, which is water. Then there's "Oh no! (Whorish celebrity) did (normal activity)! (Couple) did (something else normal)!".

Until the news gets its act together and starts showing NEWS, and not "holy crap America!" bubble bullshit, then I'm neither watching nor reading.

It's going to be hard, but damnit, I don't watch the news for entertainment.

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Friday. 2.16.07 6:18 pm

Apparently some bouncing is normal. It's supposed to reduce the downbounce, which makes exercise angry.

To have it adjusted/remade, it would be a base of 60 dollars, with 10 dollars for the first adjustment, and 5 dollars for each additional adjustment.

So I'd have to pay shipping on the return, shipping on the bra, and AT LEAST 70 dollars for the new one.

I'll stick with the one I have.

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LAST RESORT BRA?!?!?!?(Edited)
Monday. 2.12.07 10:48 am
It's "spposed to eliminate ALL bounce"...


It holds the bottom just fine, but the top... I'm going to knock myself unconscious.


I'm mentioning it on a forum that I'm a member of, and someone just asked me, in what can only be construed as disbelief (curse you, internet), "Your enell still bounces?".

I dun wanna order a custom one, I'm sure it'll be more expensive. :/

Every bra that I can wear always seems to be one of Oprah's Favorites.

The LeMystere T-shirt bra... the enell sports bra... I don't think Oprah is *that* large... Whatever, they make bras for small people too.

According to Oprah, "Once you get yourself hooked into this thing, they're not going anywhere. " THEN WHY AM I SMACKING MYSELF IN THE CHIN?!?!?! :/

Also according to Oprah, My band is too big, and my cups are too small.


She then goes on to say:
"If you are a D [bra cup size] and above—not to mention DD, DDD, all that stuff—you cannot have a cute little strap. Get over that."

I don't want a cute little strap. I've never had a cute little strap, I don't care about a cute little strap. I WANT A STRAP THAT FITS. *sigh*.

I know!

I'll write Oprah a letter! I'm an intelligent black female with bra problems, she's bound to help me!

"With the ENELL bra your breasts are completely secured for minimal bounce. This bra fits much tighter than any other bra your have tried and retains its support even after becoming wet with perspiration." says one website.

The problem with this is: Even if I weren't the largest bust size for the size I ordered, I'd still be in the same size, because I'm still more than 38" at the widest. So it should *still* be ridiculously tight! It's not. :/

I need to get measured anyway, but sheesh.

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Nu Experiences.
Sunday. 2.11.07 5:31 pm
So today, I was in Kroger, and decided to try their "made hourly by a guy who looks Japanese and has the accent" sushi.

I was bold, I got toro and salmon.

It's a lot more bland than I was expecting it to be. Perhaps because it was premade and tossed in a fridge-y sort of thing.

It was a bit expensive, so I ate half of it, and I'm saving the other half for later. I got six large pieces, so it wasn't that bad, I guess. We *are* six hours from the nearest coastline... This all makes sense now.

The wasabi and ginger were quite tasty, and the sushi was better after adding some soy, but it was still bland by itself. :/

I can't say I was feeling the texture of the fish, either.

At least it didn't smell fishy, that's good. Means I won't fall ill... :p

They had eel and toro, but I wasn't feeling that adventurous.

I saved half of it, I'll possibly eat it later tonight, or tomorrow. Fish is good for your brain.

So on top of that, I was out shopping, and I saw the fabled enviga. Carbonated green tea?

Sounds iffy.

But, for the sake of being myself and trying new things, I decided to drop a dollar on it. Hey, I was already spending eight dollars on sushi, why not a dollar on sparkling green tea?

Green tea is tasty. Nestea/Lipton bottle green teas are not. Enviga... is weird. It's too sweet. :/ I guess, if I think about it, it almost reminds me of the day I had green tea mousse Pocky. That wasn't that tasty. :/

They also have "caffeine" listed as an ingredient. Why are you going to add caffeine... wait, n/m. It's supposed to help burn calories.

It's not bad, but I don't think I'll be buying it again. Maybe I'll try the peach one, because I like peachy things, but I'll stick with plain green tea, or either the awesome stuff by Ito En.

Supposedly, drinking 3 cans of this stuff a day is supposed to help you burn up to an extra 100 calories a day.

I could NOT drink that much. :/ Too much carbonation, too much caffeine... at least it doesn't have HFCS. I'll give it that.

I'll stick to drinking my water. Seriously.

Speaking of HFCS, I found yogurt that doesn't have CRAP in it! They've made good ol' yogurt like I used to eat when I was little... I can't wait to try it.


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