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So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

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Age. 37
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Harry Potter 7
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Is Multi-Culturalism Bad for Women?
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The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism
Seneca: Letters from a Stoic
The Juanes Module

Juanes just needed his own mod. Who can disagree.
Friday. 10.17.08 11:58 pm
I am going there. We are touring a Russian rocket factory.

I will return next Thursday.

Until then, do svidaniya [Anya your grace, FAREWELLLLLLL!]

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Instruments I will Eventually Play
Tuesday. 10.14.08 10:23 pm
I think I should make a list of instruments I want to know how to play, and the order in which I desire to learn them, so that I can actually start learning to play them instead of just thinking about it:

tin whistle
pipe organ

This being the trouble... I already have a harmonica and a guitar, and there is a tin whistle in the family if I troubled to get it back... so that fact has to weigh in somehow. I have a bagpipe practice chanter but the actual bagpipes are at the moment prohibitively expensive. A cello is also large and expensive, but so beautiful, and not sooo expensive on e-bay. I'm imagining that an accordion is also expensive... but how awesome would it be to be able to play it from behind the hedge when your friends wish to stage a romantic dinner for themselves? Then there is the fact that I can play the tin whistle a little bit already, so the need for lessons or concentrated practice isn't quite as high there. Then I bet you could play the harmonica and guitar together, or maybe the harmonica and the accordion, or accordion/kazoo....? Harmonica and cello?

Looks like I have a lot of pondering to do...

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My Ideal Man
Monday. 10.13.08 6:35 pm
I met my ideal man yesterday at the Renaissance Festival. His name was Jacques ze Whipper, and he was a performer. His show involved him running around with a huge french moustache drawn on his face, speaking in an outRAGeous french accENT, and doing totally sweet tricks with a bullwhip, like whipping a little match-thing in half as it was clutched by his volunteer's shaking hands. If only KEVIN hadn't ripped my bullwhip in half, maybe today I would be as good.

Just when I thought he couldn't get any more awesome, he said in his outrageous french accent, "There is only one thing more terrifying than a man with a whip... do you want to know what it is?"

We did, and we counted to "trois" and he disappeared into the little house behind the stage. He emerged wearing... A VELOCIRAPTOR costume! He had the velociraptor mask and velociraptor claws and everything and he attacked his volunteer! How could I help myself? I was head over heels in love.

A while later I saw him walking around and I told him that I liked his show. "Merci!" he said, doffing his cap.

Why this penchant for men who like acting like velociraptors? Is it a subconscious proxy for some evolutionary advantage?

Perhaps we will never know.

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Secret Plan
Saturday. 10.11.08 11:29 am
I've decided on a secret plan.

It involves taking these classes:

Design of Engines and Turbines
Renewable Energy Technologies
Fluids 2
Advanced Thermodynamics
Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics I
Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics II


Unfortunately, in order to be able to convince my advisor that this is a good plan, I must finish writing this endless paper about Mercury. Today.

Mercury, ho!

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drama drama drama and how I am never involved or aware of it
Saturday. 10.11.08 8:02 am
Apparently the drama level in my workplace is a bit higher than I had realized. Seems like I periodically have this realization, continuing most of the time "outside of the loop" and then being caught up all at once by someone who is more "in the loop". This is in stark contrast to college and high school, when I always knew everything about everyone. Maybe it's because I don't use AIM anymore and I eschew gchat.

In some ways I find the distance liberating, as I get to pretend that all my friends are happy and their relationships are sturdy and satisfying, and I get to spend more of my time thinking about the purpose of government, the evolutionary destiny of mankind, and the metaphysical location of God in the Universe. Not to mention sand dunes on Mars... I love thinking about sand dunes on Mars.

But it is troubling to think that my friends are troubled. Especially when spending less time with them might help them out more than spending more.

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The Third Unseen Hemisphere of Mercury
Wednesday. 10.8.08 7:26 am
You didn't know that Mercury could have three hemispheres, did you?
Well the second flyby of the planet Mercury in the course of the MESSENGER mission has been successful- some people stayed up til all hours of the night to be the first to see this awesome image, never before seen except in crappy radar:

I wasn't one of those people, but my advanced age has given me patience.

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Remember the Alamo
Saturday. 10.4.08 10:17 pm
Today I predicted that I would pull my muscle during the soccer game, and indeed within the first few minutes of the game's start my prediction came true. I even predicted the right muscle, the moyen adducteur, though I did not know its true name at the time.

Naturally I played the rest of the half, but my inconquerable competitive nature caused me to greatly worsen it by continuing to hobble after breakaways, kick balls in the opposite direction that the opposition was kicking it only at the same time, and clear out dangerous balls with a booming kick that requires great effort of the muscle I had injured.

Finally at the half I had to sit down, much to my dismay, since our team had no substitutes. It was 2-1 at the half, (them), and we soon scored a short-handed goal to tie it up. Another goal was scored by them... but it remained close...

until the last ~7 minutes of the game when the whole team fell apart and they got a couple completely fresh, excellent players who had been late. Then we lost something like 9-2. Ouch. In our defense, they had a whole bunch of substitutes, we were down a man (me) and we are about 90% out of shape.

There's nothing worse than sitting injured on the sideline watching your team play, no matter how they're doing. Plus my team doesn't know me very well, so it is impossible for them to judge how serious I felt my injury had to be before I wouldn't play. People who know me would know that it would have to be pretty serious.

So after a particularly slow and painful walk home, I spent the evening icing my injury with rotating packs of frozen peas and watching John Wayne's "The Alamo" on PBS with Mangalon. Admittedly, Mangalon was in it mostly for the snuggling, falling fast asleep more than once on my tingling arm.

Remember the Alamo, everyone. Especially you Texas people. Before this movie I had no idea who Houston and Austin were... I guess I never really thought that the cities might be named after people. You learn something new every day.

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Snow on Mars, A Second Look at Mercury
Friday. 10.3.08 9:20 pm
An exciting week in planetary science, as the Phoenix Mars Lander team announced that they had positively identified calcium carbonate

From the above image you can clearly see why this discovery was important.

Even cooler yet, virga (precipitation that falls from a cloud but evaporates before it reaches the surface) was discovered by the lander as it gazed up into the clouds with its laser. This is what virga looks like, though this was probably rain virga and on Mars it is most likely snow.

Here's a little animation of how it would look to sit on the surface of Mars and watch the clouds go by:

In other news, we got our first new picture of Mercury as our spacecraft prepares to make its second flyby of the planet scheduled for Sunday night/early Monday morning. I guess this means that Mercury wasn't destroyed since January. I requested not to go down to the science operation center at the NASA applied physics laboratory this time so that I could catch up on my homework and my javanese gamelan, but I was appointed as the leader of the "home" team. We might make t-shirts.

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