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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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I'm going to die!!! (now with pictures!)(edited)
Sunday. 3.25.07 7:42 pm

So I went to Wendy's to try their uber-spicy 4-alarm sandwich, because I <3 spicy things.

Firstly, it wasn't all that spicy. My mouth is spicy, my throat is a bit spicy, but my sinuses AREN'T clear, and my eyes AREN'T watering.

4-alarm is El Rodeo's pollo a la diabla. Wendy's 4-alarm sandwich? 1 at the most.

I didn't need beverage, or ice, or milk, or anything!

This saddens me.

Why am I going to die, you ask?

So I'm eating this sandwich, thinking "hah! 4-alarm! My left boob is spicier than this!"

I get to a point where I bite, and I feel that the meat isn't moving. Gross, it must be a nice chunk of gristle. Huge, so it's triply gross, but that's ok, I can bite in a bit more, and spit it out.

I unbite the sandwich, and look at it to observe this massive hunk of gristle/fat/whatever the hell it is.

I'm gonna link to these pictures, they're pretty... interesting. You get to see my cute little orthodontia-enhanced bite, as well as ...




I'm taking a few shots of vodka to kill whatever might be in my stomach.

I really don't see a point in taking this sandwich back, as I've eaten about 3/4 of it, so I really shouldn't get money back.

At the same time, IT'S RAW!!! If it were the first bite, I'd have taken it back. 2nd or 3rd, even... but once it's about 1/4 of the sandwich... I don't know.

I'm hoping that I do get food poisoning, and that I don't get it... you know?

I took it back... they offered another sandwich or money back. I took the money.

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Hrm. Feet.
Sunday. 3.25.07 3:38 pm
So my friend Beth told me a while ago that petrolatum jelly and saran wrap could do wonders for your feet. It'd make them soft and smooth and everything I've wanted my feet to be for quite a while.

She said that Vapo-rub could do even more... make them soft, as well as make your toes look better/kill toe-fungus.

She said that any lotion with alcohol in it was horrible for your feet. Makes sense.

She also sent me a link to this page, a bunch of different ideas on getting soft feet.

I hope she's right, and I hope bootleg vaporub will do the same...

I'll update, perhaps with pictures... hahaha, no, no pictures of my feet.

That would be creepy.

No, Dave doesn't like feet like that. I'm doing it because I want pretty feet, even though I know in a week they will be crusty and icky again.

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Whoa! + NuReview review(edited!!!)
Saturday. 3.24.07 9:50 pm
The NuReview comes first, because it happened first. Yay for being chronologically correct!

So, firstly, I searched digg for "nutang".

I found this, a guy reviewing it.

I'm not sure if I'm keen on this review or not, I understand some of his initial thoughts (like comparing it to Myspace), but at the same time, it makes me think he hasn't been here enough.

It's not about blogging for money, it's about blogging... for fun. The money is an aftereffect.

Though it could just be that I've been here for almost ever, so I've seen NuTang go from "yay friendly blogging!" to "yay, friendly blogging with creepy ads for herpes and toe fungus!" to "yay somewhat friendly blogging with money"...

Oh well. I'm sure he'll change his mind after he's been here longer, and pimped his blog a bit more. He complains(or states, your choice. :p) that after 300 hits, he got a nickel, but there's a posted conversion rate, and once you actually whore your blog (:p), it'll snowball in quickly. I'm at over a dollar a week. Since I'm not blogging for money, that's pretty good.

He then says he hasn't found anyone with over $15 in revenue.
I'm going to be a bit of a bitch here, but including myself, I can find at least five people who've over 15 dollars. I'm truncating to the dollar.

thezebra Holy crap! Over $118???? o.O I'm jealous.
dave Sure, it's his site, but he's at 70. (118??? that's insane!)
noob123 Though we dislike him, noob123 has over 37 dollars.
kkama67 Congrats to Kkama67, she just broke $20 a few days ago.
little-b little-b has 22.
invisible 18.
chloefoxx 32.
randomjunk 17. Weird comics about boobs and things will do that. :p
middaymoon 19
atlmuzikfanzinc 37 as well.
dis1girl Almost to 16.
ajibalaji89 Aji! Haven't seen the rascal in a while, but he's up to 32.
incomplete I've never really read her blog... she's at 45.
merrick I don't really read merrick's blog either. She's at 40.
cpkviperpheonix I think "phoenix" is misspelled... :p but he's at 26.
zanzibar Zanzibar is also in the 15+ group.

But 118????? o.O

I'm going to stop, that's a TON of people over 15, if you ask me. At least compared to the number of people that post regularly. Even if they don't post too regularly anymore.

So now on to my other story.

Dave and I went to CiCi's pizza, because it's all-you-can-eat for 4.49 + drink (if you get one).

The food was pretty tasty, the staff was nice, and before we got there, we went to the Dollar Tree next door. There's a reason for this.

When we pulled into the parking lot that DT and CC's shares, there were two ambulances and a cop car. I speculated that two large, angry men had swapped words, and perhaps one got punched or something, either way, violence was involved, obviously, because there was a cop car.

We go in, and see a small Asian girl in a pretty little dress who is surrounded by her mother, the manager, and some EMT personnel (Yes, I know that sounds like the three of them were HUGE, but that's for later.).

We ask one of the employees what happened, and he tells us that little Asian girl had tried to get a prize out of the machine by sticking her arm in through the hole. They had to cut a hole in the side of the machine to get her out.

So back to the large people. Yes, it's mean and shallow, but it gets to a meaner/shallower point. :p

CiCi's wasn't lacking for fat people. But hey, with A.Y.C.E. decent food for under 5 dollars, why not? This isn't really about all of them, just one girl's fashion choice, and my odd analogy for it.

There was a lady wearing a nice lace shirt, but it wasn't particularly made for her... oh well.

Before we were leaving, there was this girl. She wasn't HUGE, but she wasn't just chubby, either.

She was wearing a dress-thing (not a mumu), and wearing one of those large belts that you see all the teeny tiny people wear to make them look thinner or something.

So anyway, she walks by, and I realize this belt looks horrid on her. I turn to Dave and say "It looks like she's one of those easter eggs with the wrapping on it... you know, the wrapping you put on, dip the whole thing into hot water, and it shrinks?"

Dave was amused by my analogy. Yes, it wasn't the nicest most polite thing of me to say, but everyone thinks those things when they see someone wearing something they shouldn't.

Oh! I forgot. So there was a Sopranos pinball machine. Dave played it. At one point, there was LED animated violence.... it was quite amusing.
Ok, for the people who wanted it...

The Secret Garden!

Now you can read about colin being a colon.

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Um. *blink*
Friday. 3.23.07 12:12 pm

I stole quizzes from mockiller and hmdaswani... and the I took the "how ghetto are you" quiz...

Congratualtions! You are 10% ghetto

It looks like you keep yourself out of the ghetto and are living ghetto free. Also, you may be white.

How Ghetto Are You
Create Your Own Quiz

I may be white. *blink* I think my 10% was calling cherry koolaid red, drinking it, and using a cup.

I don't normally make quiz results posts, but that just amused me.

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Thursday. 3.22.07 3:03 pm
I'm seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Homework due Monday and Tuesday, project Wednesday. more homework thursday.

Perhaps by then I'll be feeling better.

On a personal note of annoyance, I've noticed that certain people are hanging around and being god-awful whiny.

Seriously, if I didn't know any better, I'd say they were 4... "WEH! I annoyed you, it's all your fault, you hate me, wah wah wah!"

Oh well. I'm going to ignore them, because I've got better things to do with my time than worry about not hurting some kid's feelings.

I'm sitting in the hallway waiting for my lab to open up, but I haven't finished the prelab because I don't remember how I got the numbers I got.

I need to get my hair done for my interview tomorrow, I hope this lab doesn't take that long so I can go get it done tonight.

I hope the place I'm going by doesn't charge an arm and a leg... they always seem to want to.

I'm hungry, but I have lab, and by the time I get food, I'll be late for lab.

I do dislike that about Thursdays, I have to make sure to eat a hearty breakfast, lest I get ravenous in the latter part of the day.

It's warm out today, I don't know if I want to go for a walk when I get back, or if I want to try and fly my kite, or I don't know. Maybe I'll drink... but I don't particularly feel too drinky.

Dave is starting to get sick, so he'll probably be a bit grumbly.
I'll have to get some cough syrup and whatnot so he'll feel better.

We went to get his car yesterday, and there wasn't any fee for it, because it was under warranty... :p

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Sickness induced Delirium.
Tuesday. 3.20.07 9:03 pm
I notice that whenever someone knocks on Dave's door and I'm not clothed, I hide.

This amuses me, because most of the time it's pet0r or jason, who've seen my boobs. Zach would run away screaming.


As most of NuTang knows, I've been a bit sick. Started with a sore throat/headache, got worse, now I've been coughing and sniffling and UGH.

I've got a project to do, I skipped class today to sleep, and my insides have been hating me with a vengeance. I've been hot, cold, both, and I don't know. When I went to take my nap, I was burning, then I went to the W.C., and when I came back, I was freezing. First Dave was cold, then he was seriously toasty, and I don't know.


Kkama says it might be the flu, but
according to this chart, it's unlikely I have the flu. I do have the headache, and general aches/pains, and I've been feeling pretty damn fatigued as of late... :/

I hope it's not the flu progressing into things.

According to NIAID's flu page, the symptoms are:
* Body aches
* Chills
* Dry cough
* Fever
* Headache
* Sore throat
* Stuffy nose

I've got almost all of those, I'm iffy on the Body Aches and Fever. I always ache, so I tend to ignore it.

They also say the symptoms start very quickly.

Haha, Kid's Health has a cute page:
(it's a link, I fixed it)

Uh oh:

"# Tell your mom or dad if you have trouble breathing, your muscles really hurt, or if you feel confused. These are signs you may need to see the doctor again"

The first day I had my sore throat, I had the most insane headache. I would walk around, and then it would feel like someone was punching my brain, and I'd get confused/dizzy/etc, and then it'd go away and just be a dull ache like it's been for the past few days.

Darn you Kkama, now I'm paranoid and going to be a hypochondriac!!!

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