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"Im willing to break myself..."
Wednesday. 9.21.05 9:29 am
...I still love Something Corporate....DUDE! Everyone needs to d/l Brand New - Soco Amaretto Lime... You will totally understand when you listen to it. It's a good song.. :):) So anyways.......it was a fun night..last night.. :) Heck yes..I gotta get ready..Ill write more later..peace

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Oh lovely Monday mornings...
Monday, September 19, 2005
They just arent fun! Last night after I was done reading this, I got up and watched tv while talking to Asti..and I was laying on the little..bed thingy she has and watching tv and passed out I guess. I woke up to my phone ringing and Asti wasnt there. Haha! It was Dan and he is like, do you care if I come over for awhile..and Im like meh, Nah!! So..it was midnight..btw...So he came over and stayed till like 2. We just talked about random shit..watched tv...and stuff like that. It was good fun. He left and I went to bed and...then I woke up to Rascal Flatts...haha! I was like wow..this is fun! I d/led a ringtone onto my phone. Dont Cha by the Pussycat Dolls... it's fun! So anyways..I gots homework to do..peace out!!!

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"It's me and the moon..."
Sunday. 9.18.05 9:48 pm
I love something corporate..If you listened to them you'd totally understand. So anyways... :):) What a day... So..Asti and I went out last night.. HECK YEAH! Haha! I love gettin shitfaced sometimes... good times good times... We came back here, got an hour of sleep, then someone came over..;);) If you know what Im sayin..Got up, took a shower... got around, went to go wait for the bus to go to six flags and it turns out that they buses werent coming till 8. Mind you..I went to bed at like.. 2 ..woke up at 3...and took a shower at 4.. and had to be up ready for the bus by 6...it sucked.. So we walked down to Dunkin Donuts... got breakfast..came back, ate it, packed more stuff... and away we went to Six Flags..it was a fun day...not the most awesome bus ride, but it was fun. I came back, talked to Dan for awhile....cleaned our room b/c it was a fucking mess, did my homework for tomorrow, and now..here I am..just letting you all into my life with this little update. How nice am I??? So ...yeah... it's been one hell of a week...Asti and I got our really big fan..if you knew...haha you'd totally understand. :):) But its nice and cool now..and I love it.. I should probably work on some homework for tuesday..but I dont really want too. I dont have to be up till 10 tomorrow, so Im not really worried about going to bed yet. Every guy in the world is watching football right now..I kinda wish I was too, but whatever. Six flags was fun...Asti and I had our own fun, we were cranky, but hey....it happens.. DUDE! Someone stole our dry eraser board off our door..so the elevator kid (we dont know his name..but we call him this b/c he calls himself it) bought us a new one..with a pop gun to keep ourselves safe..lol.. it was so cute.. I was like awwwww how nice. He left before we could give him a hug.. Aight... I dunno what else to talk about..OH! Have I mentioned Im working at McDonald's...if you know where it is..you better come visit me.. :):) Haha! Yeah...I was so friggin stressed out Saturday..b/c we had orientation again, and I forgot my shoes and socks in the room when I had ten minutes to come back up here and get them and go back down. Luckily..I had a car..Or I would have been really really really screwed!!!!! I thought I only forgot socks, so I was just going to pick some up at the dollar general..but..there was like 10 people infront of me with like one cashier..so I was like OH SHIT and threw the socks on the shelf and ran out...stressful I tell ya... Im never going to eat fast food again...you feel greasy and stuff....but whatever, Im getting paid.. heck yes!! HAHA! Well...Im out for the night..peace..

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Ta da...Ive updated
Thursday, September 15, 2005
So anyways...for those of you who dont know...I now work at McDonalds..yes... I work at McDonalds..and I expect everyone to come visit me whenever possible.. lol... Hahaha ...Im so..not happy about this. I AM HAPPY!!!! b/c I might be playing on a club softball team..Im so friggin excited... :) Dan came over last night and we were hanging out... watching movies..Boonedock Saints and South Park, Guess Who...it was a good time...we were wrestling...he gave me rug burn... haha and my hand hurts b/c we played bloody knuckles...Im sure his does too..Anyways..Im outtie...just wanted to update a little

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What a night...
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
So.. haha....Asti and I were going to go visit some people.. and these people live On Dan's floor, so I stopped by.. and said hey...and ended up staying there for awhile..He's just so darn cute! haha.. We sat on his bed and watched Platoon...His roomate had to study so he made us leave. haha luckily.. he came back to my room with me.. ;) We stayed here while Asti was chillaxin with our other friends.. haha...I hate leaving her with random people but she wouldnt answer her phone!!!! Good times..good times.. But um... we came back here, and we were listening to music, then Asti calls asking if she can come back b/c she didnt want to be down there anymore..haha she didnt want to interrupt anything, and Im like yeah you can come back, we arent doing anything this time. Haha..good ole Dan! Im not sure whats going on between us, but Im not going to think about it... or anything... Im just going to hang out with him..and just have a good time.. Haha! He seems more playful now than he was before..who knows! He fell asleep during the end of Van Wilder..so he stayed the night. It was nice waking up to someone holding you.. :-D Im not going to complain, he's like fuck it, Im not going to class, and Im like yes you are!! So I had to get him up at 9...he didnt leave until like..quarter after or so. He had so much shit in his pocket..like change!! I woke..and change was stuck to my leg... and when I took the comforter off last night, there was like two dollars in quarters and pennies in it..haha It was weird..but its fun! Dan is sweet... Im having fun..defiantly..So anyways...it's 10...and I need to get in the shower and get around for class..I wonder what the weather is suppose to be like..I guess Ill find out...peace out home dawgs.. Look, I dont know what is going on between *you* and I....but obviosuly, somewhere along the line..we lost it. I dunno, it was fine the whole summer, but shit happens, and people change...Shit happened, and I changed..Im confused in my own little world..and I know it hurts that you gave me so much and now Im just like...oh, well.. I cant do this.... but you know why I cant.... I cant take the distance..you live down near Harrisburg..and Im here... it sucks...and that is the only clue as to whom Im talking about...so like people dont read this and be like..is she talking bout me....haha...Im sorry..thats all I can say

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Okay so anyways...
Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Wow...Im really sucking at this whole wake up at 6 thing. I dunno whats happening, I used to do it all the time! Prolly b/c I didnt go to bed until 3 this morning, and Im not complaining..haha well I am.. but still!!!! Anyhoo.. Im so friggin tired... I just wanna take a nap but its kinda too late to take a nap now. I took my computer all apart and put it all back together b/c I needed to tie the wires together. Lets just say...last night... was an interesting night..hahaha! Boyz are a lot of fun...haha! Thats all Im going to say...Ill probably say that and people will think shit..and itll piss me off.. Oh well..Im done writing for now..Im going to watch a movie and stuff with Iggy. Ttyl people!!

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