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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Monday. 2.11.13 6:59 pm
I remember my grandpa told me a story about my aunt growing up, the punch was that she asked if "'lebben" was the same as "eleven".

Today marks the start of week two at work. I'm still terrified.

I was totally dissed, the guy who thinks I can't hack it said something about the two guys who had joined the group, but nothing about me.


Poor Dave, he has the ills. I've made him soup. Twice. You know it must be love.

I feel like my daily posts should have more substance... but I'm not sure what.

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Sunday. 2.10.13 2:42 pm
Day 10! I'm doing well. Praetorian came back, too.

I found the local news video, but I don't want to post it.

We made it home in one piece, painful pieces, but one.

The sauna was a dry one, so I was sad. The hot tubs outside were nice.

Then when we went to eat, all of the places had at least a 1 hour wait. You'd think a big mountain resort would plan for these things, and open more food or something. What a bother.

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Connectivity! (the 9th Day)
Saturday. 2.9.13 12:07 pm
So the place we're staying in supposedly has wifi. I found some wifi.

There's an ethernet jack in the wall... nothin' doin'. Doesn't work.

My back and my finger and my arms and all of me still hurt, so I am not snowboarding.

I forgot my swimwear, so I can't go to the sauna. I could buy some swimwear, but all that was on the discount racks is gone. I tried on some discounted pants (the guy was going to let me have them for 10 dollars, down from 70), but they were pleated and didn't quite fit as well as I'd hoped. Who even wears pleated pants?

I did get a few extra dollars in my last pay check, so perhaps I can go buy a swimsuit.

Except they're all made for teeny tiny people with no tits and ass, so it'd be near obscene for me to wear something like that.

Oh! I was at my pole-dancing class the other night, and the woman teaching me said she had a "black girl booty". I hope that I gave her that look of confused-black-person, because then I looked at mine and was like "uh ok, if you say so". It's not a bad ass, but I wouldn't call it black.

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What a way to end the week (day 8)
Friday. 2.8.13 5:38 pm
I was on the news. And of course, they got me making the "news, will you go away?" face... aka the "not impressed" face.

I should be packing for a snowboard trip, but I"m hungry, and I had to run to see if I was on the news. Yup. Oh boy.


I'd rather be on gMaps.

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Oops (Day 7)
Thursday. 2.7.13 6:50 pm
I replied to an email that I probably should not have replied to without reading another, but the second email had a stealth edit. I'll chalk it up to work PC issues and a misunderstanding... yeah, that's it.

It was suddenly cold today. My back is in shambles from pole class yesterday. Jazz Hands is demanding my lap. Then she demands that I pet her.

For some reason I have the TV on American Dad, even though I hate American Dad/Family Guy/Cleveland and that other show the same guy makes. They're not very funny.

I'm not sure what else to write about...

Poor Charlie, he's always in the way when I start walking, he walks into my path, and gets kicked in the head. Always a loud THUNK, and he stumbles away. It'd be one thing if he gave fair warning... but no, always when I start moving. Now he's attacking a penny. Then he gets mad that he put himself in front of my leg.

Cat. WTF.

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The days run together (6)
Wednesday. 2.6.13 9:06 pm
But really, I should be fine with the date, right?

Anyway. I was feeling downtrodden after yesterday's office gossip.

Then, as soon as I pulled into the parking lot this morning, my brother sends me two text messages: One saying to keep my head up high, and another saying that I may be a computer weenie now, but if I work hard, I can become a computer kielbasa. (The guy who was all naysay-y called me a computer weenie months ago... )

That made my day. Now I want a kielbasa mascot or something for my cube, so when I feel downtrodden, I can look over and feel inspired.

Speaking of my brother, he moved out of his dorm room because his roommate is a jerk. I'm glad for him.

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