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Books I have completed reading since January 2021:

1. The Enchanted - Rene Denfield
Holiday in my dreams!
Wednesday. 11.14.12 9:59 am

Money! Why you become weaker?!!!

I'm going to Singapore next week for a reunion, and although I have saved up almost RM 600, I could only sell it for SGD 230 only.

OMG. RM600 is enough to be a return ticket to like Sabah, and it only gives me SGD 230?! I need to rob a *beep*. Ah ... can I do that in second life? Just kidding. By the way, is second life still popular?

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Say Ahh.
Friday, November 9, 2012
I remember watching over a couple feeding each other in public in a cake specialty shop. Looking at their parents doing so, their two little boys followed suit.

I smiled at the scene as I walked out of the shop...

That was two years ago, and I still could remember it very clearly as though it happened just yesterday.

That is one of those happy ending moments I thought to myself...

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Thursday. 11.8.12 2:52 am
Wow. I never knew I had such reservoir of anger boiling inside me.

The day I updated my entry about the latrine, I was actually having a bad day. I was emotional cooked up that lasted until today, which certainly other factors fanning it. But the main thing that made me very upset is knowing a friend disliking my birthday gift and found it distaste. And then send me a thank you note that somehow I sensed annoyance.

How did I know? I picked it up while chatting. I have never ever felt so angry and emotional just because a friend does not like it.

Fine. I just pretended I don't know since I have no evidence. But the truth is, I feel like calling up and demand for answers, but then won't I be petty?

Fine. And later I saw a picture that angers me hell lot, and I got no freaking why, to the point I wanna take a blade and disfigure this person.

I just don't know why I am so overwhelmed with emotions today. Oh yes, I cried too.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012
I accidentally entered the gents again!


I was in the library and my mind was so occupied with office work that I just dashed into the toilet without bothering to look at the sign. Well I attribute it to .... frequently entering unisex toilet in restaurants that the signs seemed to me obsolete.

Luckily, there was no one in the toilet. I found it awkward when I saw the guy's latrine and it took me a full 30 seconds to realise I was in the wrong gender's loo.

No wonder the cleaner was calling out "Ah moy, ah moy!" frantically outside....

And oh yea. It happened yesterday... luckily no students can recognise me... if not everyone in the office would laugh at me.


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Friday, October 26, 2012
I once had a conversation with a friend about love.

I think my bizarre introspect provoked that conversation, and added to that I have, after all, a bizarre year.

As I retrospect our conversation held mid this year, I just want to conclude that love comes in all forms. Just because a person has found love through the traditional way - boy meets girl - it doesn't mean love cannot be found in some unorthodox ways. And it also doesn't mean, those ways are non-existing.

What if, say, one day, you are in a party and busy mixing around, and you stumble upon a person you cannot take your eyes off? The more you look at this person, the more you feel you've known this person for all your life. The weirdest part would be the feeling is telling you that that is the person you have been searching for. As the lightbulb beeps "He/She is the one". You just cannot tear your eyes from that person. Because, no matter how much you try to put that person away in your mind, you will hear a weeping sound coming from your heart. There's a burning sensation of longing... yearning... and it is driving you crazy.

And, there you are, trying to look for answer... You consulted your friends and one by one tells you either go to hell because you are a sicko or stalker or you are just simply flirting with that person AKA you will forget that person once your 'heat' cools off.

But the weird truth is you have simply met someone you had an intimate relationship with in your past life, and you recognize that person's soul. On the internet, this phenomena is called 'recognising your soulmate' but not many people know about this, hence, they say you are nuts.

The conclusion to this story is people, sometimes, need to be open minded and be receptive to the unexplained explanation out there. No one is right or wrong, so why not be open minded lest knowledge won't come to you at all.

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Friday, October 26, 2012
After almost one year, I'm still in his mind and heart...

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