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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Sunday. 7.22.07 6:53 pm
I went to The Great Satan, aka Walmart.

They used to have this large circular/bubble-shaped tank, there was plenty of room for all of the lobsters to sit. It looked like one of these. Plenty of room to gallivant about, even when there was a decent number of lobsters in the tank.

Now they have a tank that looks just like this, and the lobsters can't move, and there's not enough room for them to run if another lobster comes by to fight or anything! It's so small!

They were stacked in two layers, with the poor lobsters on the bottom looking even sadder than they would in the old large tank, and there were two lobsters fighting, even though they couldn't move around to smack each other with their rubberbanded claws.

I feel bad for the lobsters.

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Post. About pudding. Now with pictures!
Sunday. 7.22.07 5:34 pm
So I made pudding. Oreo pudding, to be exact.

Then I put it in mini-pie crusts. So cute! So tasty! So... bad for me? Eh, who cares.

I'll have to steal Dave's camera to take pictures of the remaining four. (Now done.)

Then I went to the local world food market, and got some corn snack and twisted honey snack, and some omotenashi no ohashi! I'm proud, I read it by myself. I had to use google to figure out what omotenashi meant, but since the package says "for special guests CHOPSTICKS"... omotenashi makes sense. Hospitality chopsticks!

But... they're normal adult sized, and quite cute. I'll have to take a picture of them. (Now done as well!) Not that it's a bad thing they're normal adult sized, it means I can use them! Now I need a chopstick case so I can carry around a pair with me and be soooo cool. No, I just wanted a set of chopsticks that were nifty and cute. These work just fine.

Dave is quite awesome, he helped me get a non-shitty picture of both the pastry and the chopsticks. <3

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Saturday. 7.21.07 9:59 pm
Now that my month of no "social" internetting is up. Guess I'll get back to posting.

Funny how I'm still in the top ten.

I must be just that awesome.

The new green tea alcohol by Smirnoff is tasty. The website is fecking disgusting.

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Monday. 6.11.07 10:23 pm
I grumble about my mom. She makes me feel like shit.

Then people say things like I should kill her or whatnot. Or they go off on random tangents about things that I've said.

Then I feel worse.

Yeah, they're joking, but blah. I don't hate her that much.


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One day, I will be gone, and I won't look back.
Monday. 6.11.07 4:42 pm
I swear. This woman.

Maybe I'll go bang my head against a wall hard enough and long enough that I become retarded. Then maybe instead of working all the time and bitching at me to do her work or not to have a life (but I need to get a life, she says), or trying to better myself so I don't end up like most of the riff-raff around here.

She compare what I do to what Dave does, and then whines that it's "not fair" that blahblahblah. He stays home longer than I do. He doesn't leave so soon. He does all the work his parents don't do, but wait months for him to come home to do. Blahblahblahblahblahfuckingblah.

I explain things to her, and she keeps asking the same fucking questions, over, and over, and fucking over.

What's so hard for her to understand that I'm 22, I don't know. Why she insists on treating me like I'm fucking 10, I don't know.

She's always so quick to compare me to other people, and how they do this that and other, or don't do this that and other. She seems to forget that their parents usually aren't fucking insane, and actually treat them like a fucking adult.

But no, because I don't do all these things she seems to think other people do, I'm a horrible person. Because I don't want to put up with her bullshit, I'm a horrible person. Because I want to get the fuck away from here, and try to do better for myself, I'm a horrible person.

God fucking forbid.

Stupid smelly woman.

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Sunday. 6.10.07 3:53 pm
We were riding down the road, and this guy passes us, visibly headbanging, and rocking his arm out of the window... It was amusing.

I found my spicy hot v8! I hope it's everything I expect it to be. I know it won't be, as is my luck. :/

I wish they'd had it in the little cans, and not the 46oz jug... Oh well.

Update: YEAH! It's exactly what I was looking for! :D

I measured the hole in the ceiling that her highness wanted me to measure. It's about 4 feet by two feet... and around a vent. I definitely think it'd be much better for her to hire someone to do it.

I went shopping yesterday. Well... not seriously shopping. We set out with a plan. It ended up that we went out to a mall about 30 minutes away, stopping at stores on the way to and back. We decided to go to an awesome Korean shop, but then I changed my mind, and we went to a thrift store. Then we went back in the opposite direction, to get to another thrift store, but they were both closed, so we went to the little Korean shop near there.

I bought some mugicha/boricha (boricha, because it's a Korean bottle, haha). It's interesting, kinda unique aftertaste, so I couldn't drink the whole bottle in one go. It's still tasty, but definitely something to drink in small chunks until I get used to it.

Wish I could find bottles of the genmaicha... that stuff is awesome.

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