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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
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Sunday. 2.17.13 8:34 am
So... uh. Yeah.

I'm still in the middle of nowhere Md. I'll be heading home today. I thought about going snowboarding, but I'd like to drive home while it's light so I can see the sights... all three of them.

I have had entirely too much alcohol this weekend.

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This one, she is sweet.
Saturday. 2.16.13 8:24 am
So I got home from work, packed the car, and then drove five hours out into the wilderness.

Ok, not complete wilderness, but a house near a lake.

Driving up, I passed Mt. Storm, where there's supposedly a power station that they are in the process of shipping up here from work.

If boss tells me I'm going, I'm not driving. Nothin' Doin'! Nuh uh! Ok, maybe in the summer, but damn were those roads curvy, and it was snowy and icy, and eek!.

Before that, I stopped in Petersburg. My brother asked where my cat was, and I told him at home, I was in Petersbug. West Virginia...

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Saturday. 2.16.13 12:43 am
NOOOOOO I missed it. Can I get an exception for travel?

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The three S-es of food poisoning
Thursday. 2.14.13 7:24 pm
I went to a local restaurant for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was a bust.

The three S-es of food poisoning: The Sweats, the Shakes, the Shits.

Hoo boy. Won't be going to that restaurant again.

My insides are loud.

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Very superstitious
Wednesday. 2.13.13 9:26 pm

Today's video. Brought you courtesy of bad dancing, 70's Spiderman Villians, and earworms.

So I should make a meaningful post. But I am sore. Pole dancing is HARD.

Boss's boss is in for the week. Terrifying.

Jazz Hands is hanging out on the bed cleaning herself. Good ol' stinkbutt. Charlie is hanging out in the bathroom. No idea why.

I wish I had some fizzy water.

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12345, 678910, 11-12!
Tuesday. 2.12.13 7:23 pm
Titular reference

Anyway. Today has been long, as poor Dave has been feeling unwell. I stole him a cookie from work.

I have sent my brother on a quest to buy me a Lego train. So close today, they claimed they had it and it wasn't there. I should call and get the store to hold it.

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