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Crazy like a bedbug!
Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

My 3DS friend code is 1676-3752-0625, and here is my Mii QR :

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Media Annoyances. (update/edit)
Tuesday. 7.31.07 9:15 pm
Firstly. Everyone's heard about the "self-proclaimed pedophile" who posts about watching children on the internet, and how everyone wants him arrested because it's creepy, but he's not doing anything illegal.

Has anyone paused to consider the origin of the suffix -phile? It usually implies that someone is fond of something. It's like -phagy, for eating. The prefix pedo- means child.

So he's a guy who likes children. He hasn't said anything about being sexually attracted to them (that I'm aware of), just that he likes to watch them. Yeah, he says he'd bang kids if it were legal. That's rather like me saying I'd do hardcore drugs if it were legal, or kill someone if it were legal. I'd seriously smoke pot if it were legal. Whoa. (not seriously)

If you think about it, pediatricians, teachers, daycare workers, and any other childcare professional is usually a pedophile, they do their work because hrm. They like children. Probably not in a sexual manner, but nonetheless. People seem to fail to realize that way back when, kids were banging and knocked up at younger ages. We've stretched out emotional development, so I'm sure kids of way back when were like adults of now.

Secondly, Dave is watching Dog the bounty hunger.

You'd think, that having a TV show, he'd be able to buy his wife a bra that fits. She looks so ... trashy and unkempt, with her bra being god only knows how many sizes too small. She needs to talk to Oprah.

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Culinary adventures.
Tuesday. 7.31.07 5:51 pm
I made rice krispie treats with peanut butters. I used a bit too much peanutbutters, though, so they're more like crunchy peanutbutter treats. Maybe I can drizzle some melted chocolate over them.

They're still tasty, though.

I bought a lottery ticket, won 10 dollars. :D Makes up for the past few times where I've maybe won a dollar after spending two or three.

I had a coupon for b1g1 @ Ben & Jerry's, I got an oatmeal cookie/chocolate chunk ice cream. It's too tasty for it's own good. It was $3.83 for a "regular" serving of it, which is about half the size of a $2.99 pint that you can buy in a store. I'll stick to buying the 3 dollar pint.

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Tuesday. 7.31.07 12:18 am
I'm whoring my blog, because I am awesome. Actually, it's because I want to win a 24" monitor.

I have to write a blog post with the words/phrases "make money" and "hosting Canada", and link to the contest post. Which has been done.

Now that I've cheapened my entry by listing the things I have to do... I'll write a sentence using "contest", "hosting Canada", and "make money".

Once upon a time, I entered this awesome contest. After entering this contest, I went for a walk. I met a horned yeti with blue fur, who told me that his job was hosting Canada. He has to make sure that Canadians have a place to stay, as well keep their websites. Such a unique job, I thought, it must be a great way to make money! Indeed, the yeti agreed with me, he said it was the best job in the world. I set out about my way, wishing the blue-furred horned yeti well.

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More pictures!
Sunday. 7.29.07 7:42 pm
Now that I know how to use Dave's camera, I'm a picture-taking maven!

Ring on my finger!

Ring in the box! I took the box, for show, but I wore the ring out of the store. >.<

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Sunday. 7.29.07 10:48 am
Dave bought me a shiny yesterday! It's pretty and awesome and great! I'll post a picture of it later.

I'm a bit concerned, though, the website says their Protection Plans are non-transferable, so if I need to get it fixed, can I take it in, or can Dave take it in? We also didn't get a "plan brochure", so that worries me as well.

I wonder if we should take it back, return it, and rebuy it with the plan in my name and also get a brochure. All we have is the receipt on the thermal paper that won't be visible in about a week. :/ I should call the store and ask, even though I emailed them.

Getting the ring reminded me of the Green lantern Oath.

I was at The Great Satan yesterday, buying soap and juice, and found a bag of the X13D Doritos. I figured they found a bag or two in the back, because I hadn't seen them on the shelf for a week or two... so I bought a bag. >.<

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Friday. 7.27.07 3:25 pm
A funny, from training yesterday.

I'm sure everyone's gotten the newest spam-virus emails, the "You've received a e-card from [Family Member]!" that then say "[Family Member] has sent you an e-card ..."

Someone actually clicked on one of those. I don't quite understand how you can click on it, because usually it will tell you the person's name, and after a while, someone will say "oh did you get the card I sent you?".

This is going to be fun...ish.

I decided not to go in to train today, as when I was going to go, it started thundering, and I don't like thunder at all. Also, I don't know if my accounts are all set up, so the most I'd be doing is sitting and listening in on calls. I've got 13 more to listen in on, so I'll be busy for a while. Then I get to make 15 of my own. Wheee.

Oh, I've got my number, I'm 02! Yeah!

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