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Hello :]
so to catch everyone up...
Sunday. 4.10.11 4:30 am
It's been two years since blogging on here, so a LOT has changed.

#1, I am now ninteen, turning twenty in august. Honestly, i laugh hardcore when i say it out loud. Just ask my room mates, they have heard me laugh about this at least three times.

#2, the guy that all my old blogs were about (they are private, but i'll make the public again. it's just, well, he found this site once xD. But I'm sure he doesn't care) is dating one of my best friends. Yeah, i liked him for six years? She liked him for three before they got together? Life is so unfair. But, I'm good with them being together (at least, I WANT to be so much, that I know I fully will be ok with it sometime). Love just sucks sometimes right?

#3, I am in college now, and i LOVE it. I am also in the nursing program! wassup!! I go to school five hours away from home, which is bitter sweet.

#4, I wish I didn't forget about this blog. Oh man, so many good times on here! And so much community ^__^

#5, i've lost 27 pounds in three months :). Yay for healthy lifestyles! Still losing weight, and will keep losing weight until I am a healthy weight for my size :)

yeah, that's about it. I'll come back tomorrow to blog more :D

and how are all of you?

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everything has changed.
Monday. 2.23.09 1:00 am
i know learning this at the age of 17 is late, but i guess i'm just naive.
i've found that everyone will let you down sometime.
no matter how much faith you have in them, it happens.
and even if it hurts, i've learned that forgiveness is the only way to go.

but i know that in this world of painful times, I have God, who will never let me down, and I cannot let down. He's past, present, and future, so how could he ever fail me?

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