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Hello :]
Wednesday. 6.8.11 8:03 pm
sorry I've been gone so long again i really didn't mean to leave nutang!

See, finals came up, and I had to totally focus on foundations of nursing and my bible class. After that, I had to pack all my stuff and head to San Diego, where my parents were going to come and pick me up.

My parents were supposed to pick me up on May 15 from my brother's house. Sadly, my dad changed his mind, because he didn't have enough money to rent a car to come and get me. So what happens? My dad has now decided to pick me up on June 18, and I am stuck here in San Diego with my brother and his family.

Don't get me wrong, I love it here! But it isn't home. The worst part: no internet! I am blogging right now in the library, where I am happily updating my facebook, nutang, and maybe catch up on some of my favorite gaming websites.

another thing is, I have really different views from my brother (and sometimes my sister in-law). Call me niave, but I've always liked to see the best in people. But I feel like he always see the outside appearance of people, or one action of a person, and they instantly label them as a bad person. An example would be racially profiling people. We were driving, and this asian girl wouldn't let us get into her lane. He says "asian drivers just don't care about other people on the road". Or if this black person doesn't act ghetto, he is totally surprised or something. Or when an old lady almost hits our car, he said "I hope he goes to hell".

I mean, seriously? And when I stick up for people and tell them that it's a stereotype, they say to each other "she's still young, she'll learn". Okay, maybe I will learn one day that people are sometimes heartless to me, but I do not want to blame it on race. Nor do I want to think that just because they are horrible to me means in general they are horrible to everyone. I understand, the world is made up of flawed people, but it doesn't mean that is it OK to curse people because they rubbed you the wrong way. Especially, if it's over petty things.

I know I mess up sometimes, and blame things on race, or get angry at a person because they treated me wrong, but I would never hope they go to hell just because they did something to me. That is more heartless than what they did to you. I love my brother and sister-in-law. They are fun people, and they are really caring and nice to people that they do know. I am not saying my brother sucks or anything, he's really cool. But he just needs to cool it on his racist jokes and his prejudgments sometimes.

Call me crazy for having faith in people, but I really do. I want to love people like Jesus loves me, and maybe that is why I have so much more patience for people. I'm glad I grew up in a church that has reminded me constantly that everyone makes mistakes, and that I should be able to extend grace to them, just as I would like to have grace given to me.

Well, I have a week left, so it won't be too bad! Other than these petty opinions my brother and sometimes my sister-in law have and also not having internet, I really am happy that I am staying with them. Taking care of my nephew can be a handful, but his cuteness makes up for it ^__^

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Friday. 4.15.11 1:20 pm
so last night, I went to hollywood to go clubbing. Honestly, not a great idea, as much as I thought it would be.

I've only been clubbing twice, (this being my second time), and I do not think I ever want to go back. The first time was fun, at a gay bar where everyone was pretty much just dancing with each other, and it looked pretty consensual. The second time, beign yesterday night, was horrid.

I am not want to freak dance anyways, I really just like dancing, with no body parts on my behind, or in my front thank you very much. But it's fine if other people do it, just not to me.

But last night was fun, it really was. Up until ofcourse, we saw a girl and this guy dancing hardcore. At first we were like "eeww, how can a girl dance like that with a guy?!" Then we saw her face, and how dazed she looked. We also saw her trying to push the guy off, but he would keep dancing with her. She was too weak to push him off, so she just kept dancing with him. Then what does the guy do? bring his friends and share her between the three of them to dance with her!! URGH!

So my room mate pulls her aside, and just asks her if she is ok. She says she is, but that she can't find her friend. So we told her she can dance with us. As she does, the guys pull her back, and we find her friend. I try to pull the girl back, because the guys were dancing her away from us, and she was trying to push them away again. So then her friends saw me trying to pull her away, and the friend asks me "what's wrong?" and I tell her that she is drunk, and that I didn't think she wanted to dance with those guys. So then, her friends decided to take her home.

It was just really disgusting, to see pigs take advantage of a girl when she is drunk. yeah, she made a bad decision, but that was really rude of the guys to force her into dancing with her. After that happened, the club was ruined.

However, walking around Hollywood was AWESOME. It was beautiful, and the weather at night was nice. It wasn't too cold to walk around, even if it was 2 in the morning! :D

It was beautiful, and my roommate and I promised that we would go back to Hollywood together!

And here is a picture I took of Hollywood that night:

And to end this blog, I would like to say, that my expectations of clubbing was shattered. But that's ok, it just reminded me that I should never go back! :D

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