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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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Saturday. 2.23.13 9:34 am
My back is about to give out. I walk, and suddenly OH CRAP I'M ON THE FLOOR.

I may have to stick to stretching for a week or two.

I have broken three nails in the past week, all on my right hand. My fingers are painful. :(

This hotel is nice. My friend's block had sold out, but I was able to get a corporate discount... all I had to do was flash my badge. Oh boy oh boy! They just kind of glanced at it, I'm tempted to stick my old badge in the car as a "I need a discount!" sort of thing... >.>

I feel like I've sold my soul to GE.

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Oh noes!
Friday. 2.22.13 6:21 pm
I am packing to go to MD again this weekend.

My back is sore.

I have terrible music stuck in my head.

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Thursday. 2.21.13 8:52 pm
I came home today, and the house was to' up!

The beasts got all over the place, the kitchen is a mess. My hair ties were under doors, the paper towel was shredded... damn.

I bought some half off angry pink heart day chocolates. They're pretty tasty.

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How did I not have title here?
Wednesday. 2.20.13 9:07 pm
I ate too many curly fries last night. oof.

This night, I poled too hard. Tomorrow I'm gonna be stiff and sore and bruisey. I think I know why my back is grumpy, it's poling. And also, my hip POP.


I am tasked with planning a lunch. I was going to have it at TEP. PAN. YA. KI. But when I got there.

When I (SNAP) got there. They told me. Lunch doesn't start until friday. FRIDAY.

I had gotten my hopes up.

Guess now I'll have to find something else.

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Tuesday. 2.19.13 8:31 pm
I wanted some some curly fries, so I bought some curly fries.

They had a broken keyboard, I bought a broken keyboard.

I have the WORST selection of songs stuck in my head now. None of which are safe for mixed company. I feel dirty for having them stuck.

Own Drugz (What? I don't even. Line of the song: Gas in my car, I got gas in my car. You can smell it when I'm passin' your car) (How do you rhyme car with car?! How... I don't even.)

I've got a problem too: This song. It's stuck. I don't even know why.


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18! and some
Monday. 2.18.13 1:18 pm
My cat, she is up to no good. None at all.

Yesterday I left the party. I tried to take a shower Saturday morning, but had to consult the internet. WTF.

Yesterday I set out, to go on my work-related but not work-sponsored field trip to Mt Storm Power Station. I was hoping to see the lake and the plant, but it was snowy. Very snowy.

Instead, I took many pictures of what I could see.
Wind Turbines.
They're rather large. Unnervingly so.
The weather was terrible.
It was very windy. (Video)
A coal train to the power plant.
Plant entrance.
The dam that makes the lake.
Even from far away, they make a lovely WHOOMWHOOMWHOOM sound

The road down to the power plant was a lovely drive, harrowing and with whiteout conditions.

I think maybe three cars passed me the whole hour I was tooling around the road.

Then on the way back, I passed Triple K Dr. I was terrified, so I sped away.

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