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Tuesday. 7.4.06 6:07 pm
Leave was sweet. Probably the best part was getting engaged. I love Jenny alot and was kind of hesitant about it just yet. but then i decided to go for it and i think its one of the better decisions ive made. Ive heard a ton of horror stories of guys wives' back home or even their girlfriends here with them. The trick it seems it getting married to someone you dont have to worry about that. which is the case and its awesome. Ive been all giddy-like since ive been back. i told pretty much everyone here so far and their all excited. Mom and dad and even jen were also excited about it and thought it was a good idea. Its good that im doing this so i stop whoring around korea. plus then i can get money for housing which would really help jenny out. so when you read this i love you and will try to find out this week about what all we need to do with all that.

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Best show ever
Monday. 4.17.06 6:50 am
without a doubt: He-Man and the masters of the universe. no other show so blatantly homosexual could have made an era of straight men. whats not to love about the show? its a cartoon, it had a few hot chicks, and every problem was settled by throwing a big ass rock. they were trying to shape a civilization with that idea; its failure is the biggest failure in history.

ive heard people complain about stuff like missing details: where did he get the sword, how did he know what to say, etc? who gives a fuck? he wears a loin cloth and rides a huge green tiger and punhes holes through walls. what else do you need? plus they have a bad ass bad guy. Skeletor fuckin pwns your soul. and not the fairy one from the new series. im talkin 80's style high pitched shitty plan makin skeletor. dude travels back in time to destroy greyskull. i think if you had a time machine youd stop the creation of grey skull or just rule the world from an early point. there in is the beauty of the show, it would make sense but they want to show heman put boot to ass.

another fine point of the show and previous philosophies of our civilization. everyone can not all get along. fuck barney. some people need to get punched in the face by a half naked blonde man. who of course looks nothing like the mostly clothed blonde man Prince adam. he doesnt even wear a mask or change his hair and yet eternia does not know he mans true identity. i love it. movies and shows today try to put so much into the logic of the identities and the plot without reverting to this prime example shown by he man: who needs semantics when it kicks ass? he man always has an easier way to solve the problems but he usually opts to throw a big fucking rock any how. and i wouldnt have it any other way.

i am upset they dont have more (any) of he man banging all the broads he saved. hes gotta be a masters of the load shootists too, he needes to be doin somethin about it.you can see the look on the girls' faces too, right after he man wrestles a 40 foot dragon with his bear hands, they have that look like "he mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... mmmmmmmmmmmmm" thats how all the ladies look at me too, but sorry your best already got me.

i think the thing best aspect of the show (second to the rock throwing) is the cheesy one liners. like when man at arms throws the rope at beastman and it wraps him up and he man says "looks like he's all tied up at the moment" or when he kicks skeletor into the water and says "why dont you cool off?" god i love that. plus his unbelievably fake man voice makes the jokes all the funnier. and also how hard he laughs when someone else makes a shitty pun in his stead. i dont think anyone laughs as hard watching masters of the universe as i do and its solely because of the cheesy jokes. and the rock throwing, and the scanldy clad characters, and the ridiculously cheesy plots, and...

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new movie
Wednesday. 3.29.06 6:32 am
actually a good movie i saw. i saw it once but was too small to realize half the goodness contained within, plus i dunno if i slept thru it last time or what cause there was alot i didnt remember. all the same, the movie in light is Disneys (big suprise) Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I rmember not liking it, which is probably why i havent seen it in so long, because part of the theme is that beauty is only skin deep, and an ugly person can still be a great person and all should love him equally. unfortunately thats not the tune the world steps to. the world hates ugly people. and even at the end of the movie when he proves how great he is, he still doesnt get the girl. now i cant complain too much, at least not any more, because in the past year ive seen for myself that the good ugly guy can get the hot girl. may be part of why i like the movie more now.

but on that subject, esmerelda still picks a great guy. tho she didnt pick quasi, she got the guy who defied orders, which is hugely against his character, because he wanted to do the right thing. thats one of the forms of honor i look up to the most because im huge on following orders, so i understand its that much harder to defy them. and you see him follow some orders he didnt really want to but could deal with the slight disagreement because of the order. then he had to kill the innocent and said fuck that and started ruining the bad guys shit. which is very commendable so he definately deserved the girl.

i love that guy, phoebus, necause he embodies being the shit. its rare to see a character in which i agree with every action he does. hes a soldier, a damn good one at that, his reputation of being the shit preceeds him where he goes *ahem brigade commander. excuse me. then hes just like fuck this, im gonna save me some people. and i hesitate to use the word innocent because everyones an evil sinner in some degree. but it doesnt mean every deserves to be burnt alive because of some prick who hides behind his mask of richeousness.

another great quality of the movie because they make the villain so hatable. i love a pure solid hate. the bad guy was a douche, but he flat out hated gypsies. again, hes a dick to kill em all, but you have to admire that dedication. i would think hed have an equal amount of love and if he found an outlet for it he wouldnt be such a dick hole. but these mask of richousness assholes are the worst. the idea of killing off all evil is so contradictive it makes my penis want to curl up inside. there will never be no evil. ever. as frodo here shows, the more you try to eliminate evil, the more evil you become.

and disney usually isnt religous, but the whole church is safe theme, and the fact that when he qouted the bible saying '..and he smited the evil doers' the ledge he was standing on just happened to break, are some strong religious tones. cant say christian because they never mention jesus. so props to disney for pulling in religion but not really crossing any lines. disney makes a clear line of good always beats evil, but thats because its a cartoon and not real life. the bible tries to make that impression but its not possible. again, i think an all powerful being would come up with a better way to make his people not sin than to flood them all. and the fact that he chose noah to live makes him an elitist. which is fine because i am elite, or 1337 if you will. but im not a full diety. yet.

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Wednesday. 3.1.06 7:16 am
listen; when someone says "i am tired of not being treated like an adult" then chances are, youre not acting like an adult. anothier indicator is throwing a hissy fit becuase youre not being treated like an adult as opposed to taking responsibility or otherwise fixing whatever aspect of you is not acting like an adult to spawn your treatment.

this comes up because there is someone in my office, named X, who was whining about it today. the problem is hes a 12 year old trapped in a 20 year olds body. which im the same way, but not when it comes to work. if a 12 year old could gather the info i do and produce the highly acclaimed reports i do, then that 12 year old should get a goddamned medal. but X is a guy who is big on the idea of entertaining himself and hoping everything is done for him. obviously im no fun godzilla, we all know i love to have a good time. but when theres a stack of stuff to do that the office is working together to do, its probably not the best time to look up dragon books online. grant it, its X's first time out on his own, and he's trying to enjoy his newly given freedoms, but its painfully obvious because he doesnt take time to do things that need to be done, like cleaning, or accomplishing ANYTHING at work.

my main gripe is i have to do my work (which i have brought alot on myself because of the initiiative i showed immediately upon arriving, which im fine with) but i have to finish his as well. then at the end of some days, i have to sit in a meeting where chief gives all of us a speech about 'some people' not contributing. its one of those deals where its painfully obvious who hes talkin about and its not me. but i hate stopping work to hear about this asshole not doing any work. kinda defeats the purpose. and i know the reason, its so X isnt pointed out individually. but the last couple months chief just says, "X youre not doin anything" and he still doesnt realize theres a problem.

and X will get promoted as fast as anyone else just for lingering around. fuck that. ive stopped so many promotions back home at work because people just didnt quit and expected more money without workin for it. fuck that. when people stay late all the time, do 2 or 3 meets a day, do more reports in the first 2 days this week than X has done since august, and X simply 'shows up' he shouldnt get promoted. luckily my command isnt retarded so him getting promoted over me will never be an issue. it just doesnt make sense that he will automatically be promoted at some point.

but fuck all that. i still refrain from giving him shit (again it would be like making fun of a 12 year old, oh big man to make fun of a 12 year old) the irony is i think it offends him more because i make fun of EVERYONE. i will sit in chiefs office and insult him like hes my subordinate. but i will not make fun of X at all. its not worth it. i follow a much better plan. being the shit at what i do. and ive been fully ingaged in said plan. which is why my plan gets stopped to hear a spiel about being useless when we know who its directed to and its stopping me from being useless. speaking of my excellence i bowled a 211 today.

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Monday. 2.20.06 7:15 am
listen to me myspace people. i dont do surveys. this is one of those subject i tried to be polite enough and say "no i dont do 'em" but you fuckin badger me with this horse shit "oh crossley youre so different we want to see your results!!!1!!"

ok, even for those who are not computer science majors, most surveys have about 6 pre-described solutions. so NO MATTER WHAT you are grouped in with one of 6 'all covering types of people'. thats fucking retarded. if you credit me for being so unique; than the idea of me doing a fucking survey is retarded. im apologize, i am insulting retards by bringing that type of thinking up to their level.

plus most people who do 'em lie about their answers anyway so they can get the answer they thought would be 'one-eyed pirate ninja'! its like that paper thing kids used to make with the numbers and you move it that many times and whichever you flip up would have youre future. sure tis cute and CAN be entertaining, but its not fucking nostradamus. its a piece of paper with 4 random futures a couple of 8 year olds came up with. so i understand for some people its cute and entertaining, but riding me to do the same thing because you believe it as absolute truth is about as smart as putting a muzzle on a cripppled lemur with aids and making him the emporer of the world.

its the same with astronomy and psychics and all that crap. before i rip into it, if you believe it and it works for you then by all means do it. but dont call me dumb because i dont. the idea that someone you never met, has never seen your face, doesnt know if you gave em your real name or not can out of no where tell you everything about yourself and predict your future is like believing in santa claus and we all know my whole stint on that. again, i believe in things i know other people think are silly, but they work for me and i dont push them on people. heres how it should be:
"hey brian check out this psychic, she really worked for me"
"no thanks; not my thing"
"oh ok, lets get some cheesesticks"
if that was the situation than fine, no problem. but no, im hassled and even insulted about these fucking surveys. they show nothing about a person. the questions and answers are so formulated:
"if someone was running at you with a knife drawn, would you:
run away
growl like a pirate
make cookies
write a poem
hug them
and those are your only alternatives to determine what kind of person you are. listen, if they had a "stab the dickhole in the face" option than maybe id fill it out, but i think the first time they dont have an answer that is your answer its impossible to get a remote survey about what kind of person you are. especially when the types of people being surveyed are represented by a type of shoe. "what color of vomit are you???/??" (haha the / is a new one for me) ..."oh your "GREEN VOMIT" you like to party and flirt but you wouldnt do anything to hurt yourself. you also eat vegetables at some times.

come the fuck on. if someone told me i am one of these random 6 types of people i would automatically say they're full of shit. just like we're all one of 12 signs. so this weeks forcast for this one particular sign applies to 1/12th of the world. which is roughly 500 million people. nothing could ever apply to 500 million people unless it applies to everyone like "you will have lungs today." to say 'this will be a profitable business week for you majestic cancer' would apply to starving somolians as well. again, its cute to do i guess, i can somewhat understand the fun in doing it, but to change your plans as a result is fucking retarded. to say "i cant see you, im 94% hamster and you're only 44% hamster" is about as stupid as saying "i sleep with a new guy every week but im gonna be a chaplain"

i want to clarify im not bashing people for doing surveys, but leave me the fuck alone about it already. ask me once, i politely say no, then badger me because you think im gonna change and you're out of youre goddamned mind. the idea that a program can determine who you are is fucking inane. people who have known me for years cant figure me out, but a high school sophmore with ten minutes on his hands found a program that can tell everyone who i am? thats as dumb as Saw 2 (refer to my review on Saw 2, very enlightening).

and i understand why some people do it. they're trying to find themselves; they want to seem more creative than they really are; they want to feel like part of something; whatever their reason is. but i know poeple bullshit the answers, which is fine, but dont take the results seriously. when you say," i wont do that because im 50% lilac" when your answer to the question "{what would you do if bob sgat was robbing a bank? " with the answer "i would fly around and blast him with my super cool laser eyes" than dont base a real life decision on it. i know it may sound like im making this shit up (and i am the specific questions) but it happens which is retarded. and again, i dont care what other people do, just leave me alone about it and this is exactly why. fuck surveys.

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The Rea
Sunday. 2.19.06 12:59 am
first off i want to start by mentioning my most recent culinary breakthru (laziness): you make hot dogs, and with the boiling broth left over, make ramen or cup noodles. its like hot dog flavored ramen and less time of boiling water. outstanding

so anyway im walkin around downtown today and its amazing. i would describe Korea as america's little sister. with down syndrome. they have the good idea of being urbanized and the entire country is wired. but they also got the bad aspects of our society. like everyones an asshole. plus they have all the billboards for fashion of american people. yet all day i was the only american i saw. so youd think they want to dress/look like us. yet i see a ton of people with canada shirts on or german flag patches. grant it i love the germany patch, but canada? what the fuck did you smoke this morning that made you decide to put a canada shirt on. "all i remember is i fell down the stairs and when i woke up i was in this canada shirt" still not a valid reason. point being they wear all these other flags and lables of other countries but never the US. or korea which is even funnier. fuckin canada shirts....

the cool thing about being american is that everyone hates me. so they leave me alone. even the mormons that pass out fliers at the corners and subway stations. you see people change their walk route to avoid being handed a pamphlet but those savvy mormons always get 'em. where as i will walk right next to them and look them in the face and they dont even offer it. i love it. and today i saw the korean marilyn manson. it blew my mind. he was really pale, had the medium length black hair like in the mechanical animals era, the big stupid yellow sunglasses, and was femine as all get out. i wanted to start singing beautiful people to him but i dont think he would have understood.

the cool thing is i got 4 ties for $10. korea is much like america in that respect. everyone says korea is so much cheaper than the US, but its not anymore. you have to look around and find the deals. the same ties were on sale downtown for $15 a piece. thats retarded. sweet the dogs are done.

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