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Contesty Things!
This spot is totally for all of the "post a link on your page/blog/thing to enter the contest!" sorts of things.

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The shakes! They have stopped!
Sunday. 12.23.07 1:58 pm
So now it's time for a real entry.

Nothing much has happened in the week or two or three that NuTang has been NoTang.

Finished up finals, came home for break. Nothing too exciting.

Well. The first day I was home from break, I was walking to find coffee and a newspaper in the ghetto.

I went from this end to that end, no luck on decent coffee or the newspaper my dad wanted.

I scurry across a busy street, into this creepy shop. I scurry out. I scurry back across the busy street, only to have my ankle roll when I get to the other side.

I now have a lovely scar on my knee, and a wound-thing on my hand. They were quite bloody when I first got them.

I couldn't think of a less loserly story to to tell, like how I got into a fight with urban ninjas, or I was trying to fly by throwing myself at the ground and missing... No, I cross the street, my ankle rolled, and I fell.

I'd have been alright if it weren't the main road for the area.

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Sunday. 12.23.07 1:07 am
There is nutang! Woot!

Though, I can't seem to read anyone else's blog. :/

Oh well, I can continue rambling on about things... like how I totally just beat Pokemans.

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A trip to NJ. Some almost death,
Monday. 11.26.07 11:03 am
I went to NJ with Dave for teh Hawliday.
It was fun.

My flower has started to bloom, but I don't want to take it back to campus because it grows mold in the dorm. :/

I was watching the news in NJ, and apparently Lindsay Lohan shopping is news. How absurd.

I went shopping for unmentionables and ended up buying the same damn unmentionables I already have. No pretty things, no plungey convertible doodads. Bah. Stupid boobs not knowing what they want to do.

I forgot. While we were driving back from NJ, we'd just gone through a toll of some sort, this woman pulls out from off of the shoulder, and stops in the lane. With traffic going at least 50 miles an hour. Dave's sister honks and swerves, and the lady starts badmouthing us through her window after we give her a friendly salute.

Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive.

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Christmas music!
Tuesday. 11.20.07 4:52 pm
I went to get my hairs done today, and the radio was playing xmas songs. :/


Anyway. I realized that I don't know any Xmas carols all that well, and wondered if I were to have kids, would I instantly know them the second the kid's feet had cleared the canal... It would be funny, Doctor going "ZOMG PUSH!", husbandy person going "ZOMG BREATHE!", baby going "WEH!", me going "FROSTY THE SNOWMAN!"

Anyway, my favorite Xmas song is "Last Christmas" by Wham Why? Hear it for yourself! It's SO emo, it's great! So much better than "yay! merry! joy! zomg false joy!"

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Monday. 11.19.07 3:49 pm
So over a month ago, I wrote about the BEST. IDEA. EVER.

It's over a month later, but I have not carried out the BEST. IDEA. EVER.

I will divulge it here, regardless.

The BEST. IDEA. EVER.? Well, I'm sure most people have seen KY lube and how it resembles hand sanitizer... (if you haven't, take my word for it, haha)

Well, I figure, it would be hilarious to put hand sanitizer in a lube bottle that still had the lube labels on it.

Sit in class, whip it out, put it on your hands, and then offer someone else hand sanitizer.

Obviously you would want to make sure the bottle is sterile first...

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Friday. 11.16.07 12:13 pm
Because there's no one around to gloat to, I will gloat here.

I can totally wear my old khakis!


They don't fit straight up, they don't give me biscuits...they're roomy...

the only problem I have is that the waist is a bit low, so I'm paranoid my bum is going to fall out.

I will have to have a picture taken today, in my pants, so I can show off how awesome it is... Here is larger me. There is angry gut hanging over pants.

Eventually I will have picture of smaller me. I'll make Dave take it when he gets in.

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