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Hello :]
Thursday. 4.5.12 4:33 am
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wedding dreams
Saturday. 3.10.12 3:35 pm
Alright, so there has been a recurring theme in my dreams lately, within the past three weeks or so.

The first dream was me getting married. Here, I was getting married to an amazing guy. I didn't know him, but you know when you have those feelings that someone or something is amazing in your dream? Well yeah, I had a feeling he was the perfect guy. And yet, I ran away and left him waiting at the altar, while I ran through the forest and went across some monkey bars.

The second dream was of my best friend, who is now dating the guy I liked for six years (yeah, a waste of time), getting married to him. I wasn't sad or mad at the wedding. Actually, I was more nervous than anything else. I was nervous, because I didn't have a date, I was self-conscious, and wanted to look stunning at their wedding. I showed up hopefully looking nice, a little self conscious, but ended up having a date! My best guy friend. He always pulls through at the last minute, even in my dreams :)

And the third, was last night: I got married, again. It was before my wedding, I was in my prom dress for some odd reason. And I was crying. Crying because I didn't know if my fiance loved me. Crying because I didn't love him, and crying because I didn't want to marry him. My friends were around me, but didn't tell me what to do. They just saw me crying my eyes out. The guy was decent looking, but I felt nothing towards him. I wanted to talk to him before the wedding about not getting married, but he didn't talk to me, and others were holding me back from talking to him. About 5 minutes before the wedding, I changed into my wedding dress, an married him. The reason I married him: because everyone was already at the wedding. I couldn't just say no in front of everyone. And after the wedding, I had this feeling that we would end up in divorce in 2 months.

I have no idea why I'm dreaming of weddings, but it's weird. I have not attended a wedding since I was about 15, and I am nowhere near ready for marriage. Oh well.

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