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Friday. 1.11.08 5:19 am
It was fun with a few mistakes.

Dragged myself out of bed because I have replacement classes. Period 2, I headed to the CIMP office and talked to Mr. Steven. I was told that I cannot change out of class because all International Business classes are too packed. My options are: change subject or live with it. I don't know what to do. Opinions anyone?? Then I hangged out with Regina, Amanda and Tse Leng for the rest of period 2. Econs period 3, period 4 and my long break, I spent it with Suyin, Andrew and... err.. I forgot his name. Anyway, then we decided to head on to Pyramid after classes. International Business period 5, sucked as usual. Found out that Xavier and Mandy couldn't change classes too. Which made me much guilty if I just change subject because I am Xavier's teammate after all but I've done a big part of the assignment already. I guess if I were to just leave, it'd be okay as long as I've given him the info.

So after class, I went back to my hostel, dumped my stuff then head on out to meet Suyin, Andrew and Ian. We got into Suyin's jeep and Ian was telling me about Hong Kong then while we were passing Sunway Medical Center, Tse Leng called! It then struck me that I had to meet up with her and Amanda for my IDC assignment! I was like OMG OMG OMG! And then Andrew started with "Tse Leng is going to kill me" scaring me like hell. Then Andrew called her up and invited her to Pyramid with us. I sent her a text to apologise, I suck in apologising. Went to the arcade, see Suyin play while Ian and I walked around. I totally dont know how to play any game there despite being there numerous times with Ivan. I usually watch him play. So I ended up changing 5 bucks worth of tokes for nothing. I should play next time. Then Tse Leng showed up. Thank god she didn't look annoyed at me. I'm so going to do whatever she say for this assignment. I'm guilty for forgetting.

Anyway, I so want to do this again. We should do this again, it was fun.

Hugs To: renaye, The-Muffin-Man, Katrina, LostSoul13, stlcardsgal86, crz4manga, and Dilated.

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Wednesday. 1.9.08 4:24 am
This supposed blog was interrupted by me feeling stupid (meaning my previous post), Iím sorry for the inconvenience caused. XD Just feeling random, donít worry! Anyway, on the last day of my holidays, I decided to chill in my room googling for reviews. Since Iíve decided that I would want Ivan to help me buy a phone and an Ipod, I have to know which model to ask him buy right? Because I havenít decided because the subject of phones doesnít interest me much, I have to ask the opinion of those I know who are up to date in that section. Iím not sure if there are any Nutangers who are up to date in that section though if you are; please tell me because I have quite a number of questions I want to ask. Iíve decided to not settle for a Nokia N-series because I donít think Iíd need the functions. All I need in my phone is a good camera, Bluetooth, music player, FM radio, something with good speakers (preferably loud ones), uh... I guess thatís all. Iíve decided to settle with an Ipod Touch Ė the 16GB one, for the fun of it. Even though I donít really like touch screen because I have sweaty palms and touch screen do have their disadvantages but hey, Iím stuck using the touchpad on my laptop because my optical mouse died. Iím going to let you guys into my mind a bit on why I want a new phone and Ipod when I have no idea and am quite content with my current one. 1) Iím currently using a 6 year old phone which only as the basic functions of a mobile. 2) One of the screws in my Ipod is loose so I can only hear with the right ear phone. I was told that I might as well buy a new one since sending it in for repair would cost the same. 3) My egoistical side is telling me that I should have some new gadget soon or Iíll be doomed the next time another family gather of my fatherís side comes around because I canít bring my laptop all the time. 4) The next few reasons has going to do with my fatherís side of the family so to sum it up, it is to show that just because I donít have a shiny new car, it doesnít mean I canít afford other things. Car isnít exactly an investment. The price goes down by half after it is out of the showroom.

I sold off my MDM4U textbook 10 bucks more than the price I bought it, paid RM30 more for my Economics textbook in exchange for my Accounts textbook, and my sole ENG4U brand new looking textbook and graphic calculator is still yet to be sold. I hope Iíd find a buyer for both of them soon. Well, guess what? Glenn bought an Ipod Touch! Omg! It looks awesome! Though Iíve decided to buy a 16GB one, I have no idea what to store inside because I really donít know. I donít take much pictures, I donít listen to much songs, but the fact that I can use it for the WiFi in campus, I love it to bits!

And I'm so going to change my international business teacher. I can't stand him anymore, he's becoming Bob Lim. He didn't teach at all and he gave us an assignment. Xavier, my classmate and teammate for this assignment, told me that he is going to change class, I am going to too. I don't mind getting another teacher like my Econs teacher, at least I know that he is teaching, giving me some knowledge, not talk to the talkative people in class. Yet, if I change to a period 4 class, it means I can't see Kaede and Andrew anymore... T.T I want to eat lunch and talk with them. Sigh! Anyway, more things next time. Love you~

Hugs To: LostSoul13, renaye, Xboyz, crz4manga, and ranor.

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Because Kaede said..
Monday. 1.7.08 3:04 am
"Women! You should blog more often!" because she's bored reading the same thing over and over again. And she said that being my friend, drives her crazy. You know what? I love her (NO, not the homosexual way, no offence), I love her as a friend. Anyway, I wanted to blog, I need to blog anyway.

First day of second semester, it was fun till I'm in fifth period! It is exactly the same class I don't want to be in. The lecturer, it's too early to judge him yet but based on today, I think he can't control the class. Most of the guys there, I'm pretty sure doesn't want to study. OMG! I don't know what to do now. I think I'll just go and ask to change class with Suyin when she goes to change timetable tomorrow. Or maybe having Suyin in the same class as I am would help a bit. I regret changing my IB lecturer! Damnit!

BTW, read this: FYI: Colourbird is Chinaboy and we were talking about his first day in ENG4U
4u....ms.ford afflict me from today..damn
..ÉnÉ[Éč.. says:
..ÉnÉ[Éč.. says:
dont get you
..ÉnÉ[Éč.. says:
u mean u dont like ms ford?
no...i love her...
so much
very very very much
..ÉnÉ[Éč.. says:
afflicted means either u dont like her or she dont like you
..ÉnÉ[Éč.. says:
which one is it?
im just a slave
i know that word meaning
she asked me out for 10 mins
talking about 4c...
said if i take 4u i will drop 4u automatically
then went back did that stuip test again
but i only got 10 mins

Then I completely lost him. Have no idea what he is talking but don't think it is important anymore.
I'll update more tomorrow, need to go watch House and start laughing at his sacarstic remarks. Thanks for reading!

Hugs To: Katrina, bing bean, ranor, LostSoul13, crz4manga, renaye, and Xboyz.

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I don't want....
Saturday. 1.5.08 7:23 am
... my second semester to start again, YET!! Sigh! What can I do? I signed up for this therefore, I have to do this. I basically still have a lot on my mind but Iím not ranting about it because it is not worth ranting. I think Iíll pass on next monthís Baskin Robbins and number 2,3,4 on my wish list because I think Iím going to get the bag pack and keep whatever extra. Furthermore, I think I need the bag more than anything else right now. I hope I can find someone to buy my graphic calculator which cost me 420 bucks soon! Jeez.. Please please please please~~ My textbooks for International Business and Economics are going to cost me about 200 bucks and my parents wonít need to pay for my new textbooks and I get to keep the extra. Though Iíd love to see all my friends again, I sure donít want to leave this idle lifestyle Iíve adopted for the past month. *gets bricked* who doesnít want to life an idle life?

Thursday night, I watched the last 3 episodes of Charmed season 8 to know the ending. The series is quite draggy so I got bored around season 4 or 5 and Iím watching the ending just to know how it ended and because Drew Fuller is there. I wonder if I should just go download that season where Drew Fuller is a regular in Charmed because then it wasnít that draggy... Yet. Then again, Iím having a hard time downloading episode 12 of Gossip Girl because the speed of the internet connection here is god damn slow. Renaye said that not being able to download is NOT due to the speed of the connection then why I canít even get the download box to open? I could download some anime a few days ago, just that it takes longer for it to finish downloading.

Due to being unable to download Gossip Girl and drool over Nate, I watched Lust.Caution, a Chinese film directed by Ang Lee, which JD said was nice and she went to watch it a couple of times in the cinemas. I got the unrated version from Chinaboy. Well, 15 minutes into the movie, I realised how stupid I was because I canít understand it when they speak Shanghainese (another Chinese dialect) and the Mandarin subs are not helping because I canít read Mandarin! Then half of the time when they do speak Mandarin, I still canít catch it. So I just finished the movie for the sake of it. Hey, I read loads of raw (meaning it is still in Japanese) comics and I canít actually speak or read Japanese but pictures help eh? Anyway, it never hit me that JD went and watched so many times because of Wang Lee Hom! Now it did. Stupid me! Then I watched Romeo and Juliet, 1996 version. Iíve always heard of it but never watched it. Now I know what it is about and I say itís boring! Stupid, stupid me!

Went to Midvalley with Ivan yesterday evening to bag hunt, saw all that is available, Iíd buy one when Iíve saved enough money and decided on which I would buy and of course, sales period, since neither one of the few catches my eye. Watched I Am Legend, found it a little boring, not a fan of Sci-Fi. Anyway, the good news I got was that Ivanís going to Singapore in April and he offered to buy one of number 2,3 and 4 for me provided that I give him the money beforehand. He also invited me to go along with him, since heís going to attend Jasmineís wedding at that time. If I have a week holiday, Iíd totally follow although the wedding will be held on a weekend because Iím afraid of assignments due and stuff like that. Iíll have to see first, if I really want to follow Ivan there, there are a lot of things I need to do like prepare enough money, get a passport, book plane ticket AND permission from parents. Regardless if I can go, Iím totally going to ask him to help me buy something. I think itís going to be a phone because phones now have camera and mp3. Then Iíd buy the camera and Ipod next time. Oh wait! By the time April comes, the price would go down then I can have a new phone AND Ipod for less than a grand (because Ivan doesnít want me to give him more than a grand)! Haha! Waiting does pay off doesnít it?

I and Royce went to Sg. Wang today. When we were taking this bus to KL Central, the bus driver was obnoxious enough to not want to give anyone change, so this guy who came up with us didnít have enough small change for RM2 and since the bus driver refused to give him his change, Royce decided to help him by paying RM1 for his. I think he felt thankful and started talking to us. This middle age Chinese guy whom when speaking Mandarin sounds like someone from China and have exceptionally good English, whoís name happened to be James Bond Jr., chatted with us till we reached KL Central and upon reaching there, he asked if weíd mind giving him our number so that he could contact us later to go out for a drink. Well, I gave him mine and Royce gave him a fake number. She was really paranoid because though someone looks good, they could have ill intentions and she reprimanded me for giving him my number! I donít really see the point but I know she was afraid. After all, we shouldnít be giving strangers our number. Well, I thought because Iíve done this before a couple of times back in the mIRC days so I guess another person wonít hurt. Furthermore, I could always ignore the call or pretend not to know him. I mean there are many ways if you want to avoid a person. Anyway, Iíll leave you guys with a question: what do you guys think of this? Exchanging numbers with the random people you met on the bus, I mean. Shoot me if you want, Iíd like to know what everyone thinks of this.

Hugs To: invisible, Kuri, renaye, hikaru, Dilated, crz4manga, and ikimashokie.

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First post, 2008.
Wednesday. 1.2.08 10:22 am
My only resolution this year is: To have more fun this year than the year before.

Okay, my first post of 2008!! The last things I did for 2007: Watched Alvin and the Chipmunks with Anita and Kethi, ate McD for dinner, read Yakitate!Japan, blog stalk at NuTang, take bath, chat with Estrella and trying to listen for the first signs of fireworks! The first things I did for 2008: Ran out of my room to watch fireworks, watch House Season 4, take bath and chat with Estrella!

What happen when two different Ipods, play the same song at the same time in a car? Both listeners start singing. One is more surprised than the other, stares at the unsurprised one who were driving and asked, ďWhy are you singing this song?Ē When the driver replied, ďBecause my Ipod is playing that songĒ with a smirk on her face, the whole car roars with laughter. Immediately after that, the driver was reprimanded by her mother for not keeping her eye on the road.

I went to Bukit Bintang with Aunt Carol today, for the first time in my life. Yes, Gabby and Jessica and many of my friends could've went there many more times than I have and I have been living in Malaysia for all my life. Well the reason is because it is not a shopping destination for my parents. Got another red and brown top for my Chinese New Year new clothes stash even though I've already got around 10 tops. Well, I'm not that stupid, I'll just wear which every I like and leave the others for later.

Well, Gabby will be going to S'pore at the end of the month to watch Switchfoot with Niniek. The temptation of asking either one of them to help me buy a new phone, ipod or camera.... almost out of control! I mean, how many of my friends go to S'pore every month? Less than none. I don't know if I should ask because I don't really know the price of the things there so it's harder for to give them the money AND they're on a tight schedule. Jeez.. I don't know what I should do. I'm thinking of buying a new bag pack for myself too. One with a compartment to keep my laptop so that I when I go back to Taiping for Chinese New Year, it's less dangerous because I won't be holding my laptop bag so less risk of it gettin snatched at the bus station, which is going to be flooded with people AND I like to travel light. Well if I get the bag, I'll have less money to buy the 3 above mentioned items. =/ I'm going to slaughter my brother for not paying his debt yet.

Anyway, I'm tired and I should better change my sleeping patern since I have to wake up at 7 when my class begins. Have fun everyone!

Hugs To: renaye, crz4manga, and von-nation.

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Last post of 2007
Monday. 12.31.07 12:19 am
It's hard to put a conclusion for the year but I'd have to say that it has been a nice year. I think I did manage to keep one resolution while stuggling with the others. One resolution I've made for 2008 is to have more fun than year 2007.

With me back in my hostel, my second semester officially begins even though my classes are not... yet! It means I need to change my sleeping hours, plan my daily food intake and plan my spending. Well, the management is reconstructing the front gate, which means, Iíd have no place to wait for the bus without burning myself. I got so lazy of waiting at that corner today, I walked to Pyramid. Jeez itís hot! But umbrellas just cramp my style XD Just joking. Iím really grateful if I have a car right now. Then again, with a car, come more responsibilities.

Anyway, I was surprised to know that Baskin Robbins is on 31% off for 30th and 31st December. Looks like I have to put that on my list, other than the 3 days in August. Haha! The line was not short at all, just 15 minutes and I have my ice-cream already. If I knew the price of the half gallon, Iíd buy that instead of a quart. Oh! I changed the dates on my 2007 student planner. I didnít know itíd take so much work!! The ink kept on getting smudged that January looks like some maniac used liquid paper randomly on the page. Well I hope by the time I want to use it theyíre okay or else, Iíd march down to the student centre, pretend to be a new student and take another welcome kit! Though I wonít know what to do with the extra stuff that Iíd get along with the student planner but whatever, Iíll think of something when the time comes.

I got Subway today too.. Still I feel hungry, I donít know why. I guess I should just head to bed, wake up tomorrow morning and eat. Iíve got House Season 4 downloaded, a couple of animes, some mangas and a number of 80ís and 90ís songs to keep me company till school work take over.

With the arrangement of my timetable this semester, Mr Lim is so going to be proud of me. Hah! I got period 1, 3 and 5. I have to wake up early and end late. Damnit! Well, thatís the price you have to pay for being picky with your lecturers.
Oh jeez, I hope Iíd do well in this new semester or itíd be a waste of time and money.

Hmm... I donít know what else to say but Happy New Year everyone!! *cheers* That's all from me this year, thanks for reading and commenting!

Hugs To: renaye, The-Muffin-Man, crz4manga and frostbitten.

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