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Wednesday. 9.13.06 4:07 am
so i had something to write about, and then i read my warren jeffs piece and got so pissed off again that i forgot. just imagining that picture has made me work ouyt so much harder because im so goddamn pissed at his entire existance. why is he still alive? why are there any pictures of him today with all his limbs and no scars? what the fuck is wrong with these people. warren jeffs is exactly why i'll never be a cop. i would lose my job as soon as i got it.

they should lock jonathon eddington in a room with this jeffs asshole and only give him a dozen paperclips. i am 100% certain he would kill that mother fucker and he should get promoted to president of the hemisphere as a result. and people wonder why im so antisocial and why i have alot of negative things to say. from now on when someone asks "why are you so antisocial" ill simply respond with: "warren jeffs." goddamn i get pissed just looking at the name. i should just refer to it as WJ, which could also stand for "whining jackoff". and i said 'it' because referring to WJ as 'he' would bring down the name of every penis wielder on the planet. not that most guys dont deserve it but still, there are dudes like eddington who would kill him with 12 paperclips.

how do you even let a child molestor become the head of the church? jesus christ you can just look at its face and say "damn, thats a child molestor ::spits on picture::" i guess the only 'logical' explanation for putting a child molestor as head of your church is if you are a child molestor yourself and want to reap the rewards of supporting another one of your own. wow, after all these years i think i finally figured out catholicism.....

and the worst is, these religious assholes walk around like theyre so much better than you because you dont go to any church, namely THEIR church. i guess its hard to have an open mind with your head so far up your ass. (theres a quote for the books). so you are thereby inferior for not buying into their bullshit, or craziness if you will. i honestly look at it like a psych ward escapee ran up to me and said "WHAT!?!?!11 yOu DoN't CuT yOuR tOeS oFf ToO? .... you're stupid!"

listen, i dont care who you are, fully subscribing to any one religion is stupid. lets face it, religion is a subscription. you pay a weekly fee, and get more bullshit propoganda than the pentagon can shred. and for any logical person to subscribe they have to be saying this at a minimum "well, i checked EVERY possible religious outlet there is and this one is 100% correct. i am POSITIVE that these guys (everyday assholes like the subscriber making the descision) know all there is to know about earth and its creator(s) and what will happen to everyone" what i dont get is if you KNOW whats going to happen to me AFTER i die, why can't you tell me whats going to happen to me while im alive, or for yourself for that matter? its easy to make bullshit claims when no one can prove you wrong. here ya go: paul bunyon built a time machine and roundhouse kicked moses in the face. wow, its REALLY easy to make bullshit claims when no one can disprove it.

maybe i should start my own religion. ah shit, i don't meet the criteria: i dont want to sleep with kids. it literally makes my head hurt to think about the fact that some random yahoo can sputter a stream of shit out of his mouth about god and heaven and how YOU should live YOUR life, and then people buy this shit! holy hell. thats like paying someone to punch you in the throat. so if thats the case ill offer this to everyone: send me $5 and i'll tell you where God came from.

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speaking of death
Sunday. 9.10.06 6:54 pm
ok, read up on this asshole:


and if you don't feel like reading, just take a look at this wormy asshole:

fuck this guy by every definition possible. this fucktard is a mormon (problem 1) and has basically forced tons of young girls into marriage and sex with dirty old fucking piles of shit just like fucking jeffs here. goddamn when i see the picture i want to throw my vomit on him and piss it clean. then say he owes me 5$ for it because he wouldnt be worth it.

so now he's going thru the whole court horseshit and will probably get jail for a few years then buy his way out. fuck all that. and before anyone says "yeah you want to give him the death penalty" ... fuck you. thats too forgiving. at least our form of capital punishment. fuck that 'lethal injection' where he has a second of discomfort then goes to sleep and dies not feeling it. did all those young teen girls who were basically raped by disgusting loser pieces of pig dicks under the premonition of 'religion' only suffer a slight discomfort before going to sleep? fuck no and neither should he. listen to me, i have ideas.

step 1. the stockades. put this asshole up in the town square all the girls lived. the dads wont quite be able to kill him, because his horny loser friends who got free rape victims from him would be there to protest and defend him and call him their goddam 'savior.' people really make my brain hurt. so these monkey fuckers will be there, that way all the dads, brothers and anyone else around (i'd fly there) could brutally beat the shit out of everyone who was part of this nasty shitfest. im no psychic, but id bet there would be alot of make-shift castrations in town square that day. and i support it.

step 2. begin torture. a lack of creativity is usually not a problem i have, but i can't come up with enough twisted shit which this guy deserves to endure. you could bury him up to his neck in raw sewage and kick his head in until he passes out. then start to burn him alive but put the fire out with salt water. let him heal up by tying him to a treadmil with nails and glass mounted to the track so he was to run on if for about 36 hours or so. just so the burns elsewhere can heal so he's ready to be castrated with a dull butter knife. wait, i dont know about castration, that would just stop him from being able to have sex which is good but he wouldnt get horny any more so it really wouldnt torture him much. get a wombat or something to bite chunks out of his dick so it wil never work again, but its still there. that way he'll still get horny, which would cause physical pain as is, but then he wont be able to have sex which will torture him more. yeah, fuck warren jeffs. goddamn dickhole.

step 3. dont let him die (or let the public know). the problem will be if this douche face dies, his 'followers' will call him a martyr and refer him to jesus. i know, people will say thats ridiculous and will never happen, but i've seen speeches by peta members who compare themselves to jesus and ghandi for fire bombing a lab where live saving medicines are created because theres hamsters being experimented on. so anyway, if we let this cock sniffer die as a reult, then he'd be praised. i say we keep him and torture him daily and tell him we'll stop (by killing him of course) as he piece by piece comes out and admits he's full of shit, and admits that these mormon cult leaders lie to EVERYONE to try and get extra shit for free by manipulating and using people. fuck warren jeffs. fuck him in the ass with red-hot pokers. every hour on the hour.

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New Hero
Tuesday. 9.5.06 8:47 pm
So my new personal hero is: Johnathon Edington. You can read why here:


but for the lazy like myself, heres the long and short of it. this guy is a wormy, passive lookin lawyer. he lives near some 59 year old guy who was reported before for exposing himself thru his window and crap, oh and he lives with his 80 some year old mom too. so johnathon comes home and his wife tells him that his daughter told her (thats, daughter told -> mom who told -> dad) that the 58 year old guy molested her. then that night, johnathon puts a ladder to the guys window, climbs in, and stabs him in the chest 12 times. besides bounding and torturing for weeks i can't see any other actions you would do.

listen, cold blooded murder is not always a bad thing. sometimes its extremely necessary. its what our country is founded on. all of us who are asked to 'serve our country' are asked to 'kill as necessary.' i think if everyone was like my hero here and willing to stab a man in the chest a dozen times when something fucked up happened, then we'd have alot less fucked up shit happening. if every man knew that if he touched someones daughter, and the father had the free ability to stab him in the chest 12 times, then youd see alot less of it happening.

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new music
Tuesday. 8.29.06 7:41 am
"destroy everything; obliterate what makes us weak. Destroy everything; decimate what threatens me. Destroy everything; so a new life can begin." -Hatebreed.

So i saw hatebreeds 'new' cd today and naturally grabbed it. i quote new because its new to the store here which means it could have been out since the war. but none the less its an awesome cd. havent listened to it enough to compare it to older hatebreed but its first impression is good which is out of the trend that seems to have been going on. like korn's newest cd. i hated it at first, but listrening to it more i found those random addicting songs, like coming undone. god thats such a catchy chorus i cant get out of my head. same with system of a downs last one. hated it, but some of the songs really grow on you and become annoyingly catchy.

also, lamb of gods 'new' album was picked up today. new is quoted for the same reason as above. i like it alot but 'as the palaces burn is marginally better in my opinion. i also liked it a little less when i looked at the cd sleeve (very rare for me because i could give a damn about the people making the music or who they want to suck up to so they can make more music, oh wait, i mean who they 'thank') and in the sleeve the singer thanks his normal bullshit people and then thanks 'intelligent respectable people' and says the other 99.999% are all assholes that killed the planet and worship satan and sacrifice virgins. for those wondering where i start to exaggerate its at satan, but if you read the sleeve you'll see the rest of that shit. so yeah, if he REALLY felt that way, he'd have no problem only accepting .00001% of the record sales right? that would also infer that he is supported by 'unintelligent, unrespectable' people. so essentially hes calling himself an idiot. which is fine, but trying to sound smart while doing it makes you look like a bigger idiot. and the reason the other 99% of people suck (of course not you, the god of all things present past and future) is because they are all whining about 'the other 99%'. i swear to god some people have a thing in their face where their ears close when they talk. that must be the case and we need to get some rsearch done to hlep it. this is why i dont read the sleeves because the bands always look stupid, and say stupid things that piss me and any other rational person off. instead i like to just listen to the music, and even though the singer proves hes a bumbling idiot supported by bumbling idiots, the band still rocks and i like the cd.

these cd's are great because all i hear on the radio and anyone elses music list is whiny sing-a-long bullshit. its cute every now and then but i get so fed up with it after a short period of time. the irony is the happy music pisses me off and the angry music calms me down. like today i heard that shitty song where the chorus (also known as the 'hook) says "whats the hook gonna be? ... man i dont need no fuckin hook on this beat" wow. thats like the lyrics of your SONG saying "im not SINGING" its painfully retarded and i take it as a personal insult to my intelligence because said 'artist' is saying that I am so stupid that I won't catch on. well think again dickface, im on to your "2 minutes to write a 'song' ploy.

again, i quote words like artist and song because neither are applicable in the example shown. drunk crackheads speak more logically, cohenrently, and grammatically correct between malnourished pukings and yelling at homeless people. but yet these people are paid shit loads of money and nearly worshiped as a result of their 'talent'. well i can play that game. look, look at this: "I know wordz, more than byrdz, flows B fr3sh, dey are def, uuuuuunnnnhhh (insert random girl singing about how shes not a gold digger but wont appear on a middle class mans' video)" oh yeah, and i know what you're thinking, and the answer is no, i didnt have a ghost writer or get inspired from a touching life experience or some random norwegian ice fisher who lived a modern day struggle that no one knows about. no, i just chose the most random spew of words, shat them out through my keyboard and the next phase is start writing checks because im bound for millions.

i swear everyday that seems like what the 'music scene' is becoming. ability to play instruments is a skill of the 18th century apparently, but looking gfood, dancing, and wasting all your money on cars for the video is where true inspirational genius is derived. and this is the modern 'culture'. god the idea just made me throw up on myself, but the splashing sound was much better than what i've heard in months. i hope we soon find a new renaissance where true art and expression reign again, so they look back at these times and disown us. i sure as hell would. "what they made a song that said 'can i have it like that ... you've got it like that' 5,000 times in 3 minutes? fuck that they must have been canadian"

and whats with this 'exciting' cross genre horseshit? paying a singer made famous by a pop rock band to sing over your shitty rap song with no effort to lyrical content does not create a 'feat of musical exploration'. not in the least. learning to play the shoestring and playing a duet with a spoon player would be a much more creative idea. fuck id rather listen to mimes than this shit.

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top 10?
Sunday. 7.16.06 9:29 am
Holy shit, how the hell did my vulgar, nonsense ramblings make it to the top 10 on nutang? i made a whole entry of heman and the masters of the universe for buddhas sake. and people read this? well i can write about another sweet ass show; Thundercats. The sweet thing is i bought this korean umbrella that when you swing it it extends, and you can do it 3 times, so ive done the thundercats ho thing about 5 times today at some of the knp in seoul.

thundercats is an awesome show because the 'writers' just dont care. i quoted the word writers because taking ideas from like 300 years of folklore into 25 minutes of animated mayhem. with swords. i do like the idea that each show is mostly independent and can stand on its own without needing the previous episodes to back it up. i.e. you didnt need to see the whole season to understand certain parts of the current show. that way when you make someone else watch the dvd with you, you can skip the shitty episodes and it doesnt matter.

plus, each episode has its own lesson(s). nothing like clothed biped cats with telepathy (cheetara) to tell young human boys and girls how they should live. if i didnt watch it when i was small, and you told me today that was going on, id probably kill myself. but thundercats did it and it was great. and how pissed is Mum-ra? dude slept for 1,000 years waiting for the sword of omens to come to him and here it comes right to his planet and he cant get it. damn id be furious. he sold his soul so the ancient spirits of evil would give him the ability to get the sword and he still cant. can he then shred his contract with the spirits and get his soul back? i would. but then he wouldnt be able to become Mum-ra the everliving. thats a sweet ass name.

and whats up with Jagga? he's like Obi Wan if Obi Wan was a puma. or whatever kind of cat thing he is. but seriously dude is dead. yet he always pops up to give Liono that lesson of the day so he can overcome what ever the challenge is. with the challenge varying from trusting a stranger to fighting an army of gas indunced raging mindless ape-type slaves. but my question is; doesnt he have anything better to do in wherever he went after dying than watch liono? i had the same question for obi wan, does he spend all his dead days worrying about what lukes doing? he told him to use the force to get the death star: helped him in a bind. what happens when luke is stuck on a crossword? does Obi wan give hip 'tips from beyond' or does he only stare down at luke for major stuff. fuck this im goin to sleep.


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Saturday. 7.8.06 7:45 am
Leave was about the most needed thing for me ever. being so far away from home definately sucks so its sweet to go back. not that im whining about being here, i definately made it as much like home as possible and still surround myself with good people like i would back home, but itll never be close to the same. got to see new orleans which was sweet. it was depressing to see all the demolished areas but it felt good to spend all my money down there and if more people do so they can get back where they were sooner. i didnt drink that much but i never do. i did go to the gay bar twice in hopes that i could get free drinks from gay guys hittin on me. is it wrong that im upset because none of em hit on me? the funny thing is, the second floor was the drag show/dance area where you actually need to show ID to get in, all i had at the time was my military ID and the guy checking looked at it completely stupified. it was great. I also got to take Jenny all around harriburg and see some of my friends. unfortunately there was too many people and not enough time to do everything. of course i proposed to her at home too so of course that was sweet. marriage is the way to go, i think its gonna make life so much easier. the problem is i cant decide from the (at least) 5 people i would want to be my best man. so the plane ride back to korea was probably the worst plane ride in the history of humanity. it was non stop from atlanta to seoul, basically half way around the world (which is as far as you can go because if you went farther youd be coming back an it would be shorter to just go the other way). plus, i had to leave home which was the worse. goodbyes suck ass. mom was kind of out of it and still in the hospital so that wasnt as hard. jenny of course cried which always sucks. i appreciate being loved but it sucks to see someone cry when you leave. it was the same with becky when i left the first time. who is also getting married and thats awesome. im tellin you marriage is the way to go. it sucks i didnt get to see her while i was home. i did get to see thrad and his girlfriend before they moved to denver and god knows if ill get the chance to see them again. i love situations like him where he graduated and is moving to somewhere 'better' (for him, i guess) and just all around doin good shit to make their lives better. as painful as it was to leave i know its good for me in that aspect.

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